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Star's Vet Staion in the Stars


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{Credit to Zeig for this picture!}

Starshine looked up at her apartment, then down at her adoption center. The box levitating next her let out a soft meow, earlier in the day she went out to get some pet food and turn in her rent, and couldn't help herself. She had put the stray cat in the box carrying the forty pound pet food. She opened the door and walked inside, setting the box down and allowing the cat to pop out, the furry tom cat rubbed up against her. Star moved him to the back and released some animals for feeding time.


After a while a filly came in, she was browsing the animals with her mother. They walked over to Star, ”Oh, hello how may I help you?” the filly inquired about a bunny, and Star happily obliged. She brought out a chocolate colored bunny and smiled, she gave it to the filly, who then placed the bunny in her mane. The mother filled out the paperwork and bought some food. The duo left as Star said goodbye.


After they were gone, Starshine spent an hour without a single customer. She faceplanted into the desk, but immediately popped back up with a ”Ow, horn! I may just break out into a musical number for fun, oh great now I'm talking to myself, this is just perfect, I've lost it!” A few passersby who happened to look in walked away much faster. She brought out a few different animals, a desert fox she had been taking care of for her mother was one of them. It had a broken paw that she was mending, it had gotten to the point of where it could walk. Star replaced the bandage and set him in with a few kittens to play, she waited for customers who had not yet come in and probably never will. She started levitating random objects.

She put out food and water, picked up droppings, and cleaned up the rooms where they stayed. Star headed up to her apartment, and did some chores, she came down regularly to check on the animals. She played with them for awhile until she got tired, and put them to sleep so they could rest, and then took a cat nap at her desk. The mare slept until the bell on the door let out a trio of chimes, ”Wha-What, oh, I’m up. How may I help you?” She said with a smile as she popped up.

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[I'm hoping I'm allowed to join, I couldn't find an OOC thread for your roleplay]

Glass Cache trotted into the store, glancing around the store. At first glance she didn't look like a pet owner. Bags hung under the earth pony's eyes, and her hair was ruffled to a comical "Just got out of bed" style, despite it being the afternoon. Glass browsed quietly within the confines of the store upon entry, sweeping her gaze over the multitude of beasts. however, despite her interest, it seemed none of them grasped her attention properly. She walked up to the counter from her looking and spoke to the young mare, who had an attractive line of drool down her face - sleeping on the job beforehand, Glass noted with disapproval.

"Do you have any.. - The mare paused to find the word - "... Parrots?"

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Starshine was quite surprised to see a customer, and by the looks of it she definitely preferred comfort over prim and proper. Star couldn't say anything though, she was almost always in comfortable attire, she smiled at the customer until she heard her request. Star's bottom jaw almost dropped, she smile at the mare again, Star beckoned for the mare to follow her to the back rooms, and opened the door for her. ”I apologize for my unproffesionalizsm, you see nopony has ever asked me for a parrot. I'm actually suprised, if I haven't mentioned it before.” Star waited until she answered before she closed the door, with them on the in or outside.

"Are you looking to own a pet or surveying your options?" Star was hoping she was, those birds had been there for awhile, and one less means a lot less feces to clean. Star though about it and giggled, what can she say, she's a foal at heart. She was saving up for a special gift for herself, and the more customers the better. While her polociy about free adoption and check ups probably isn't the best, anything to make animals and their owners. "Also, I work on tips and you buying supplies.

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