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  1. The orange mare in front of her gave an enthusiastic greeting, which wasn’t odd for an Apple, but Rarity felt a warmth inside of her, she beamed. ”I hadn’t realized there was an addition to the orchard. I simply cannot wait to see it!” Her friend seemed to be a bit hyper, but she calmed herself. ”I’m always delighted to visit yo- the orchard. I simply love the orchard.” What an amazing save, she totally pulled that off. She decided to brush it off and ignore the pounding of her heart. Rarity smiled as she followed Applejack, her eyes tracing the pony beside her. The way to the southern end of the orchard seemed familiar, but then again, it was an orchard. There are apple trees everywhere, they are bound to look alike. Perhaps Rarity had been focused on the trees or simply ignoring the obvious, but she managed to miss the warm smile Applejack was displaying. Rarity didn’t turn from the sunset until she was spoken to. While it was rude of her to ignore her friend, it was easier this way. ”That’s very kind of you dear.” She moved the pie onto Applejack’s back careful to keep it balanced before dropping her spell. ”Shall we continue?"
  2. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Vanity Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasus Eye color: Deep raspberry hue Coat: Pale Lilac Mane/Tail: Her beautiful mane is bright quinacridone magenta highlighted with rose streaks and is done into loose curls with a section of her hair tied back with a black bow. Her tail is long and curly. Physique: Vanity is taller and slimmer than most ponies her age, and has a more modelesque face. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: Hasn't received her cutie mark yet. Though, she does like to style manes and tries glamourous styles all the time. Unique Traits: Wears false eyelashes History: Vanity was born in Ponyville, to two very prideful ponies. Her father had served in the Royal Army and her mother had been a nurse and both took great pride in helping others. Her parents tried to get her to focus on realizing her talent was helping other ponies, but that wasn't really Vanity. She liked to help others, but sometimes they could be so aggravating. Vanity began to act out at school, during her only time of freedom before her parents realized that Vanity needed to just be Vanity. Soon after her parents relinquished control, Vanity assumed she would get her cutie mark, but after three months of trying what felt like everything, she lost hope. It wasn't until another pony in her class taught her how to braid manes, that she began to find a love for mane styling. While Vanity still hasn't received her cutie mark yet, she still continues to search for her talent. At school, she goes around and asks for suggestions and even helps with bad mane days. Character Personality: Vanity, as her name implies, is self-absorbed. She views herself as an important pony and often forgets other ponies have differing opinions. She doesn't like getting herself dirty, especially her mane. She only has a few friends that she enjoys hanging out with but tolerates almost everybody. Vanity doesn't always think about herself and offers to do her classmates' manes. She is known to be a bit rude, but what pony isn't? Vanity tries different mane styles on other ponies daily to see if a specific style will yield her cutie mark. She refuses to believe her cutie mark could be in anything other than manestyling. Character Summary: A blank flank pegasus from Ponyville, Vanity is an adept manestylist who believes her cutie mark has to be in styling. She finds herself to be an important pony and often forgets about others, even coming off as rude. She practices manestyling on her classmates.
  3. The beautiful unicorn peered at her reflection, her newly applied mascara and eyeshadow were starting to set in. ”This is going to be a simply marvelous evening with Applejack. Perhaps I should bring a gift?” Rarity asked herself. She checked her hair in the mirror one more time before leaving. On her way through Ponyville, Rarity could hardly contain her excitement. A romantic walk- no a simply platonic walk through the Sweet Apple Acres. When did she get like this? It had only been a few years since Rarity had befriended the orange mare. Simply friends then, simply friends now. It had taken some time to adjust to Applejack's standards of comfortability, but she did. Maybe that was when? She had been so oblivious to her own feelings before now, and by the time she had realized it, it had been far too late. She was pulled from her thoughts by the smell of pastries. That would be good for this evening. Once Rarity had retrieved a pie, it was blueberry, she carried on her merry way towards the orchard. The citizens of Ponyville waved to her and bid her good evening, she enjoyed the cheery air about them. Her violet hair bounced along as she walked, nearing the beginning of the path to the orchard. ”Here’s to a lovely evening, Rarity.” Despite her own feelings, Rarity was determined to keep their friendship the same. Better safe than sorry. As she continued, she was able to make out Applejack, and she slightly picked up her trot. ”Good evening, darling. I hope you don’t mind, but I picked up a pie.” Rarity levitated the basket that was carrying the pie in front of the other mare.
  4. Star nodded her head as the filly talked, her pink mane bouncing as she did so, ”I totally understand why you would prefer the cuter animals, though I find all animals to be of my liking! In their own way, all animals are cute, even the weirder ones...sort of.” Star looked to her bag when the filly mentioned having enough supplies. Star knew that they would have their own supplies here, but she didn’t want to use all of their stuff and then leave. ”I just enjoy helping animals. Whenever I receive the opportunity to help an animal out, I have to take it. If I didn’t and the animal's condition got worse I would never forgive myself. My special talent is that I’m supposed to make others feel better, and by helping animals and helping ponies find the right pet for them, I’m doing just that.” Star felt strange explaining her passion to other ponies, but she figured if anypony could relate it would be somepony like the filly in front of her. At the mention of helping, Starshine perked up. ”I would gladly help with the birds, after all, it’s what I’m here for! I’ll let you take the lead. Just tell me what the birds need and I’ll hop along to it. This will make great practice if you ever plan to own a vet or shelter of your own. It’s how my mother taught me to operate.” Star knew exactly what to do but, as she mentioned, this would make great practice for ZipporWhill. The birds most likely needed to be fed, maybe bathed, or they may even need to have their talons trimmed. Star was sure ZipporWhill didn’t need the extra practice, but it never hurt.
  5. I would love to, but I'm a bit swamped with school to take on another RP right now. When one of them finishes, I would be more than willing to! I'll be sure to let you know when I'm good to go
  6. Before Sapphire busted into the warehouse, she drew her sword using a levitation spell. With her weapon at the ready, the pale pony bust through the door to find not even a single pony, but instead a supply room of sorts. As she began to sort through boxes, she found food and water, ”Nopony will mind if I take these, because it’s for the good of Equestria.” The blue-maned pony justified to herself as she stuffed her saddlebag with rations. She began sorting through other boxes, making mental notes of what could be nefarious items if she had no idea what they were. Suddenly, an earthquake shook the room, almost causing her to lose balance. While she didn’t lose her balance, she lost her concentration and dropped her sword. It hit the floor with a loud clack which was drowned out by the continuous shaking. Once the vibrations ended and the dust had settled, Sapphire immediately noticed the titanic sized….what was that? Sapphire hurriedly exited the building, grabbing her sword on the way out. She took a long drink of one of the canteens she had “borrowed”, before racing towards the behemoth that had sprouted from the ground. Her hooves hit the ground as she quickly headed towards the large structure that had suddenly appeared. Her sword remained sheathed as she pressed on, near the grounds of the contraption, troops could be seen. ’Could they be Equestrian Guards?’ Sapphire took a few more gallops before she returned to her thoughts, ’No. That can’t be them, there would have been a warning or a newsletter...who are they?’ It didn’t take Sapphire long to find out. She approached the patrol group less than cautiously, nopony said a word as the group apprehended her. It should have been harder, but it took a single touch with their equipment to stun her. Defeated and unable to move, Sapphire was at the mercy of her captors. if it hadn't been for the temporary stun, Sapphire would be putting up more of a fight, hopefully, they would go easy on her.
  7. Star's attention was drawn from her invitation as a filly spoke to her, Starshine took in her features first, noting that the young pony already had her cutie mark. Triple paw prints, which means that her talent must have something to do with animals. "Oh. Actually, I was invited here to help out at the animal shelter, though it seems you aren't expecting me...how odd." The puzzled mare reread her invitation, before putting it away, she returned her attention back to the filly at the mention of her suitcase. "That's right. I've only ever been in Ponyville a couple of times, though mostly for short visits. My suitcase is actually filled with a bunch of supplies, I forgot that the shelter might have it's own. You see, I run my own vet clinic and it functions as a sort of shelter." Star realized she had been babbling when the smaller pony called over a dog. Star was forced into a sense of awe, as the most adorable dog came over to the pair. "Nice to meet you, Ripley. I'm Starshine!" Star put out a hoof for the canine to sniff, before petting him lightly. "I almost forgot to introduce myself to you, as I'm sure you gathered, I am Starshine. Though I normally go by Star. I don't believe I caught your name, though." Once the introductions were made, Star set her suitcase off to the side hoping it wouldn't be in the way. "Alrighty, I'm all ready to get to work! Just point me in a direction and I'm there." The darker mare's enthusiasm for animals was certainly showing through, as she was almost bursting with joy. She had her mother watch over her clinic while she was gone so that the animals wouldn't go without food.
  8. Ω Celestial Sapphire Ω //Active Threads\\ Ω New Age, New Edge Ω //Completed Threads\\ //Relationships\\ Swift Squall: Unknown as of now
  9. Ω Starshine Ω //Active Threads\\ Ω Star's Vet Station in the Stars Ω //Completed Threads\\ Ω Winter Wrap Up 2016: Plant Team Ω //Relationships\ SteelEagle's AppleJack: A kind warm hearted pony that Star had the pleasure of meeting during Winter Wrap up. She respects AppleJack for her kindness. Carrot Top: The pony who offered to be her partner after Twilight left for the other teams, Star shows great gratitude. Princess Twilight: Star may never get used to having a loyal friend, but she sure does love talking to Twilight and probably won't stop bothering her about Alicorn life.
  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Inky Rose Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Persian blue Coat: Light persian blue Mane/Tail: Inky Rose’s mane is styled into braided pigtails, and her tail is long with small waves. Her mane and tail are dark gray-violet with lighter gray-violet streaks. Physique: Inky is long and lanky, with a slim waist. Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: A black rose dripping with ink. When Inky received her cutie mark, she had barely just broken into the world of fashion as a designer. She was always found inside a boutique or clothing outlet, and then she would scurry home to draw the outfits she had thought of. Every afternoon, she would sit at home and continue to try to perfect her designs. After hours upon hours of working to no avail, suddenly, a new found sense of creativity and drive flooded her body and drowned her room with light. It was then, that she found her cutie mark. Unique Traits: Inky prefers dark fashion styles, and will never be seen without gothic style clothing. She prefers to walk leisurely and fly quickly. History: Inky Rose was born in Cloudsdale, but her family moved to Manehattan shortly after her birth. Inky’s family moved there to pursue their passions of performing. While growing up, Inky was surrounded by art of all forms, but she was always infatuated with the edgier pieces. Inky Rose’s love for fashion grew as she continued to see the cultural importance it held in Manehattan, she would often visit boutiques for inspiration and then hurry home to flesh out her own designs. Once she found her true calling in fashion and earning her cutie mark, Inky Rose’s mostly gloomy look on life changed and caused her to become more confident. Near the end of her adolescence, Inky started to create and promote her outfits, even participating in Fashion Week, where she was complimented and accepted into the fashion community. When debuting a new clothing line, Inky will model the clothes herself, just so that her face is still known. Character Personality: Inky Rose has a typically gloomy attitude, even when working on things she loves. She is often blunt and to the point. Inky retains low energy and hardly picks up her pace even when she’s in a rush. Character Summary: A fashion designer pegasus from Manehattan, Inky Rose fell in love with fashion at a young age. She takes pride in her work despite her glass half empty attitude. She speaks in a slow, almost tired, tone and only moves quickly while she flys, preferring a slow trot.
  11. Celestial Sapphire walked upon barren land, the blazing sun had prevented most vegetation from growing. Her hooves ached after walking for miles, but she knew something was wrong out here. She could feel it with every fiber of her being, and if there wasn't, that would surprise her. The Borderlands were the perfect place to perform evil deeds because nopony was ever out here, except for today. Celestial Sapphire took it upon herself stop evil in its tracks years ago and not even the scorching sun would stop her. Her sword, strapped to her side, was ready to be put to use. The last time Sapphire had put it to use other than as a doorstop was almost a year ago. The pale mare flipped her hair as she trodded up a hill. Upon reaching the top she could see, in the distance, a small camp had been set up. "Hm," Sapphire smirked, "I knew it!" Sapphire would have just snuck around to verify the deeds being done were evil, but after finishing two canteens of water a couple hours ago, she was dehydrated. So, she just walked right on in. Should she have been there? Probably not. Was she walking around like she owned the place? You betcha. Nopony has ever said Celestial Sapphire has thought things through. Sapphire planned to live up to that as she walked around the outside, searching for a door she could enter, having approached the back. She was totally good at breaking and entering. Maybe she was wrong about this place, most evildoers have henchman guarding the grounds but, why else would anypony be out here? They'd have to be dumb to wonder out here for nothing...oh, wait.
  12. Starshine's pink mane fluttered in the wind at the train stop. Using a simple levitation spell, Star carried her suitcases off of the platform she arrived at. Tucked away in her suitcase was an invitation to the animal shelter in Ponyville. Just thinking about the animals that were waiting for her made Star giddy. She couldn't wait to take care of them! The light breeze that carried through her mane, causing it to lightly flick her face, reminded her that she needed to focus. Star had only ever been in Ponyville a couple of times, mostly on the outskirts, and would need to be observant if she was going to find the shelter. Starshine began trodding through the streets of Ponyville. All around her were buildings of different shapes and sizes, some were curvy and ornate, others rectangular and formal. Overall Ponyville was a diverse place, so it was no surprise that the building themselves were unique. Star scanned her area, she recognized the fields where she had helped during Winter Wrap-Up awhile ago, but that was really it, aside from the obvious landmarks. It took Starshine another twenty minutes before she finally asked somepony for directions. The mare gave her exact directions, before hurrying along. It took Star not even three minutes to find what she was looking for. Star, upon seeing her destination wheeled her suitcase behind her, packed with supplies, at an increased speed to reach the shelter. Once she had walked inside, Star wasn't exactly sure what she was supposed to look for. The invitation hadn't really told her which pony she should talk to, so Star stood there, a confused look on her face. As far as she could tell, nopony seemed to aware of her presence, and nopony seemed to recognize her as their guest... Was there a specific pony that she was supposed to meet? Had she arrived too late? Too early? She released the levitation spell on her suitcase handle. She unzipped it and pulled out her invitation, and then rezipped it. She left it floating in front of her as she reread.
  13. Alrighty, I don't mind starting. I'll work on that now!
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