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doubts about avoiding a Mary Sue


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I'm working on a written piece about EQG Sunset Shimmer, well, the point is that at certain moments she becomes the only multiverse Sunset Shimmer and due this gets god-like powers, she actually dislikes the idea and after resurrecting many killed off characters,(Killed by her version of another universe who wanted to be the only one) she eventually loses the power or divinity concept for good.

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I don't really understand.  Are you posting this for us to give thoughts on the idea?  For us to tell you if this is a Mary Sue story?  I assure you that it's not, as most Mary Sue stories are an "Oc in Equestria", with the OC being an alicorn-and the story being written in horrible grammar.  That's the stereotype, at least.  I don't think there are enough specific Sunset Shimmer yet to make any creative story of her's a Mary Sue.

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A Mary Sue is a character who is boring and hard to like because they encounter no challenges in story. 

If tvtropes.com is correct the term comes from a Star Trek story where a woman named Mary Sue joins them and does everything perfectly gaining the love and admiration of the crew. 

A Mary Sue is not defined by there power in the actual plot. (By that logic batman, cloud strife and John wick would all be sues, seeing how they are the most powerful person in the story and rarely if ever fail there tasks)

a Mary Sue is defined by how they are challenged within the actual story, do they succeed effortlessly at all they do? Are they essential flawless and not challenged by the plot at all? 

Let's look at someone who some people consider a Sue but I disagree-superman and compare him to the Sue herself 

most storys yes superman doesn't have someone who can match him, he's the man of steel. But he deals with people like Luther who are much smarter than him. He struggles with what to do with his nearly limitless power and this gives him lots of pain "am I am human or kryptonian?" Not to mention some storys do actually give him someone who can match or beat him, like dark side, doomsday or batman! 

Meanwhile Mary Sue joined the enterprise and with ease did better than everyone at there job. She displayed no struggles and always seemed in control of every situation. She might of had internal struggles but we the reader don't know any of them. She has no flaws and every thing the plot throws at her she seems to defeat effortlessly. 

So in short superman- most powerful being I his world but has struggles and conflicts. Not a Sue 

Mary Sue - most powerful being in her story, has no struggles or conflicts. Is the definitive Mary Sue 

In the end when trying to write a character I always try to remember a quote from one of my favorite video games 

otacon; "nothing is perfect; unless it has a flaw"

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good, but take in account that in fact my grammar is terrible ( when I pick-up speed I begin mixing languages, consider this: here, a "Discussion Forum", could be translate literally as an "Arging Forum" as if we are cutthroat slinging  maniacs) also Sunset Shimmer when she's in equestria as a God? Demigod?is an Alicorn, but at the end she would be the usual Unicorn I know I would be hated when I update the story with Alicorn Sunset, many would Damn my teeth Likely I'd have to put the Alicorn to pasture for good on the same update... also, just checked the story, yep, Grammar is terrible, so, I'l need to...


Edit the released chapters, after all I am kinda a "Then" addict.

Work on new chapters, edit them before updating.

Pad it, 12.000 words are too few, I was aiming at 100.000 minimum, but not like Tom Clancy did (where a Character took 10 pages to open a door because he had weird memories of his childhood at Wilmington, Delaware, were his nana sited him)...

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