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[Cloudsdale] A Birthday Invitation [OPEN to anypony]


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((Open RP. Characters needed to play lead roles. PM me to play a role, or just post.))


Remington had just woke up. It was three in the afternoon, and he had just remember the exciting day that was before him. As he walked over to his cloud dresser, he swapped on his wrist watch and looked at what time it was. "Oh, man! I'm gonna be late!" Rem hurried out of his bedroom cloud through pillars of condensation that kept his home levitated, scurrying as fast as his little flightless body could go. As he ran, he reminisced on yesterday's blessings.

Yesterday, Remington had received an invitation to a birthday party from a filly at school. Inconceivably, the invitation came from a filly Remington thought was very pretty and nice. The charmer that Remington was never kept him bashful for long as he was friendly with almost everypony, even the schoolfillies that all of the colts were too busy practicing their acrobatic moves in the air to bother with. While the typical colt stuck their tongue out and teased rudely the fillies at school, Remington would be there to ease the situation and show the fillies his romantic, yet unconditional, love for them. Remington never really tried to be a "lady's stallion," he was just always gentle and warm-hearted to everypony.

Remington reached his friend's cloudhouse. They had been friends for as long as Remington could remember. As the invitation said it was an open invite party, he decided to see if his best friend would want to come as well, even if it was a filly's birthday party. All sorts of ponies were sure to be there. After all, the filly who passed out the invitations had parents that spoiled her in anyway possible, so the party was sure to spare no expense. Remington peaked through the cloud doorway. "Hey buddy? You there?"


((Madden's story is continued from Music of Empty Halls))

Madden breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his day's stress leave him. Madden had just talked to one of the most talented ponies he had ever seen. And instead of it being a typical young pegasus athlete, it was a mare with a beautiful singing voice. He had planned on her filling the spot that Sapphire Shores couldn't, singing the national anthem at this year's Best Young Flyer competition. But before he could trust her to sing if front of thousands of screaming fans, the Wonderbolts, and the Princesses themselves, Madden needed to see if she could handle a smaller engagement.

Madden fluttered his way to the South Auditorium to check on the preparations for the event.

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