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Sweetie Belle (Ready)

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Name: Sweetie Belle

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Varying shades of pale green

Character color: On first glace some might say her coat appears white, however if one is to look close it's actually a very pale grey.

Mane/Tail/Other: Sweetie's mane and tail are half pale pink and half lavender. She keeps her locks puffy, fluffy, and curled up at the ends in a entirely too sweet do. Her mane and tail just add to her ability to be just too darn adorable!

Physique: The typical filly pudginess is evident however, Sweetie Belle has started to grow up a bit lately! He figure is slowly taking the shape of a young mare.

Residence: Ponyville with her mom and dad, though she is rarely ever there

Occupation: Student at Ponyville Elementary and full time Cutie Mark Crusader for life!


Cutie Mark: Unlike most ponies Sweetie Belle received her mark with her two friends Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. Their marks look similar though they have distinct aspects reflecting each pony. Sweetie's mark has a red, pink, and lavender striped shield in the background. This coloration symbolizes her link to her two best friends. In front of the shield is a purple five pointed star. The star represents her far reaching goals and her ability to dream big for herself and for others. In the foreground of the mark is a lavender musical note. This note represents the way that music is tied into her life. She isn't just good at singing, music is in her heart. 


Unique Traits:

This little filly has a voice of silver. She can charm the birds from the trees and make even a stalwart pony tear up as she brings forth a melody. Though she has natural skills with singing and composing music these abilities have yet to be honed into anything more. Though her singing may not have real training, this filly has music in her heart! It's what gives her the jubilant, bouncy nature she enjoys!


She also has a limited amount of ability in the field of magic due mostly to interactions with the Princess of Friendship.


Sweetie's voice tends to squeak when she talks... it's anypony's guess if that will change when she becomes a mare.




Born to loving parents in the upper middle class, Sweetie was loved from the start. Although her parents lead extremely active work and social lives the little filly was never without. This was mostly due to the fact that her big sister Rarity was always there for her. Rarity was perhaps a bit put off at first, but with her generous heart there was no saying no. Especially after she looked into her baby sister's sweet gray eyes. Sweetie grew up knowing three parents, her mother, father, and her second mother/big sister.


Sweetie grew up sheltered for the most part. She didn't get to go outside as often as she would have liked. Many members of her family had an aversion to being dirty and therefore tried their best to keep the adventurous little filly squeaky clean. As she grew from a foal into a little filly the name Sweetie Belle proved to be prophetic in nature. Though her speaking voice was a bit on the squeaky side, her singing voice was as sweet as a silver bell!


When it was time for her to start going to school she had a difficult time at first. She had grown so close to her sister that it was hard to be away form her, even for a school day! However, as time went on it got a little easier. She felt proud of herself and so grown up. However, as events sometimes unfolded in school she was soon a target for a share of bullying. She hadn't gotten her cutie mark yet and many other little fillies and colts had! She began to try to keep to herself, often playing and eating lunch all by herself.


Then one day she met a little pegasus with some big problems! Scootaloo was a filly in her same class and for some reason Sweetie had never gotten to meet her! It turned out that Scootaloo also stuck to herself. She not only had wings that didn't work quite right, she also had no cutie mark! Sweetie befriended Scoots almost instantly. The two were overjoyed to have a friend that understood and struggled with similar problems! Having another filly by her side gave Sweetie much more courage and soon enough she and Scootaloo were integrating in with all their other school mates. Sure they still got bullied sometimes, but it didn't hurt when there was somepony to stick up for you!


It wasn't too long after that the friends ended up at their rival's Cutesienera! They were happy to stick to themselves for most of the party until they spotted a pony they hadn't met before. The butter yellow earth pony seemed to be struggling and soon it became clear that she was also a blank flank! The three instantly took to each other and soon the Cutie Mark Crusaders was formed!


Sweetie had many awesome adventures with her closest friends over the next few years. She grew so much as a filly and in figuring out more about who she really was! Then one day the CMC found themselves in a situation to help a fellow classmate and friend and also help their one time rival, Diamond Tiara, on the path to becoming the pony she really wanted it be! On that same day all three fillies earned their cutie mark!


Her sister was so proud! Sweetie's heart was so full! There is so much in store for her future and Sweetie is ready to face it with her friends and a song!



Character Summary/Personality:


Sweetie Belle is exactly what her name says...sweet to the core and completely adorable! She's such a positive filly there's hardly a pony who wouldn't like her upon first meeting. She's a really great friend and very loyal once she's taken somepony into her friendship. She can keep upbeat even when things are looking down. She is also great at encouraging other ponies.


Sweetie is great at singing and has a knack for composing songs. She doesn't have any formal training yet, but as her cutie mark displays music is more than just a hobby she happens to be good at, it's something that runs through her heart! Her way of living life, her bright eyes, and bouncy nature are all outward signs of what rest sin her heart!


As far as her friendships go, there's three that are of the utmost importance to her. One, with her sister Rarity. She loves and looks up to Rarity and nothing made her heart soar more than her sister telling her how proud she was of the new cutie mark! Two, with Apple Bloom. She looks to Abby for leadership and direction as well as for her solid friendship. Three, with Scootaloo. The adventurous and exciting pegasus keeps Sweetie on her hoof tips and makes life interesting!


Even though she's super adorable, even the cutest of ponies has their downfalls. Sweetie has been known to have a vindictive streak. Often letting her jealousy and/or anger get the better of her. On one occasion she sabotaged Rarity to the point where she almost lost her most important client. All this over a streak of jealousy! It's in these times that her emotions tend to cloud over her true nature. Once she snaps back to her senses and sees things clearly she is able to make much more rational decisions. She has been getting better at controlling her emotions but...these things tend to take time.


Sweetie Belle has been doing lots of growing up lately! After receiving their marks the CMC has taken on the new direction of helping other ponies discover who they really are! This process sometimes leads to ponies discovering what their cutie marks really mean. Other times it means getting their marks! Sweetie Belle is super excited for the future! Discovering more of who she really is and helping others do the same! One thing is for sure, through all of life's roads, she'll always have the Cutie Mark Crusaders, her very best friends!





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