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Name: Gridlock aka Officer Lock

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Aerion

Pelt Color: Very dark grey fading to black as the fur travels down his legs. His wings are black.

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Lock’s mane is brushed forwards into a large spiky shock. Strands of his forelocks tend to fall over his eyes and down his face. His tail is hock length, he uses gel to style it into spiky ends. Both mane and tail are dull black with a shock of electric yellow running through them.

Eye Color: Electric yellow

Cutie Mark: A black and white checkered flashlight with a yellow beam of light pointing towards Lock’s head. The beam ends in pool of light a bit away from the light source.

Physique: He is fairly lythe which gives him a great deal of agility. Lock’s figure is light weight and he is not well muscled but this suits him just fine.

Residence: An upper story apartment in downtown Manehatten

Occupation: Gridlock’s public job is as an officer in the illustrious Manehatten Police Department. He works for the intelligence department, specializing in gathering information for the force.

Unique Traits:

Lock is an aerion in maintains all the basic features of his kin. His eyes are a bit sensitive to strong sunlight and he is usually found with his sunglasses either over his ears or resting between his ears.

He lives a double life which is explained in the history section.



Gridlock grew up in small aerion colony in a far off section of the Whitetail Woods. His mother and father raised him together though neither of them invested a large amount of time in their offspring. His father was away often time as he worked as a cab driver in Manehatten. His parents taught him all the basics of life but since neither were very emotional creatures, Gridlock often found himself left to his own devices. The young areion often found himself wondering if he was even wanted by his parents, especially since his name reflected a situation his father was not very keen on.


Still, Gridlock made it through his early years with few scars. He attended classes taught by an areion elder in their village during his early years and when he was old enough he transferred his life into the city of Manehatten. He had always wanted to move to the city, ever since he was a young one. His cutie mark was one of the factors that let him know that he was destined for the city.


One day he was playing with his friends near his home in the Whitetail colony. They were engrossed in a game of make believe. His friends were pretending to be the bad guys but Gridlock just didn’t seem to take to a bad guy role. Instead he decided to play the cop. When his friends worked up a plan to “rob the bank”, take the collection of shiny rocks they had all collected and placed in a box, Lock decided he would do what he could to protect them! He found it fun to try to figure out what his friends were planning and soon enough he had devised a scheme to trick them and keep the treasure safe.


Only after they were done playing did the friends notice the mark that had appeared on their friend’s flank! A flashlight lurned on in the darkness. The beam of light faced forward, towards Lock’s head, making a pool of light before it. Lock was good at searching for clues and putting together pieces of plots. From that moment he knew he wanted to be a part of the MPD!


Once he had moved to Manehatten, he joined the force and worked diligently for them for a few years. Then came his first major bust! With the clues he was able to piece together a heist operation that was organized under the regime of WRAITH.


Once the bad guys had been put away, Lock got to thinking. WRAITH was a mastermind of crime. Thought they were sometimes caught, overall the ponies involved in the operation ended up making lots of bits and having a degree of control and power if they were able to move up the ranks of the operation. With his calculating mind it didn't take Lock too long to realize that perhaps there was a more lucrative business out there.


After arranging for a meeting with WRAITH representatives Gridlock took on the role of being a leak from the MPD to WRAITH as needed. Though this connection isn’t always needed, Gridlock has been able to use it to his advantage on multiple occasions. Mostly for small time operations at this point. Eventually, as trust in him grows he will be part of larger operations.


Character Summary:

Gridlock is a pony living a double life. He is able to maintain this position almost flawlessly. Being a sneak and a charliton comes all too naturally for him. It is almost as if it was bred into him...which it may well have been. His demeanor is calculating overall, and he is quite careful in the ponies he chooses to associate with. He does keep a wide circle of associates though none of these know the real Gridlock. He isn’t even sure who the real Gridlock is at this point. To this end his name fits him extraordinarily well. Because he has chosen to live a double life there is a backup in his mind when it comes to knowing exactly who he is or what he wants.


To those in his MPD circle he is intelligent, smooth, and overall genial. He knows how to have fun with his friends and can be quite social when the mood takes him. He enjoys a good laugh and can be witty. These characteristics have landed him many friendships. Though many ponies call him friend, he has a hard time saying the same of anypony he knows. This is mostly because they don’t know the real Gridlock.

To his contacts in WRAITH he is cold, calculating, and efficient. He has yet to have botched a job and readily leaks the intel he is asked for. He doesn’t call anypony in WRAITH a friend, they are a means to an end for him.


Gridlock has spent a lot of time trying to force himself into thinking the choices he has made are the right ones for him. This is a difficult task that he struggles with constantly. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, he is addicted to his turncoat lifestyle. He looks forward to his meetups to spill information and the bits transferred into his account for his trouble aren’t really the reason why. He gets a rush out of the job and that’s his favorite part of the payoff.


He has recently realized the meaning behind the coloring of the flashlight on his flank. He is mixed up, much like the two colors on the flashlight. Two contrasting lives, lining up along side of each other like the pattern on a checkerboard. It is possible that this is not the real meaning behind the coloring, but at this time Lock feels like it is.


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