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Multiverse Rules and How to Use


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Welcome to the brand new Mirrored Worlds and Alternate Timelines forum!


Have you wanted to roleplay EQG? Or a world ruled by Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, under the cloven hoof of Discord or Tirek? Or what about the war against Sombra, ponies in space, or anything else your imagination can come up with regarding ponies? Here is the officially sanctioned RP forum for you to run wild. 


1- Make an official topic for your AU in the Out of Character Discussion Subforum, located here. Tag it as AU Official. This thread works as your pitch to potential players as well as the OP of an OOC discussion for it. How you wish to run your AU is up to you. To use an example: I create an EQG AU. Using elements from the movies I create a base, but make my own, unique additions. This topic lays out the rules of the AU and keeps a list of all ongoing RPs in the AU as well as accepted apps for it and connects to lore written for the universe.


2- Keep all IC threads in the forum, and all the OOC ones in the OOC forum. OOC topics allowed: AU Official threads, AU Lore for various AUs, and general discussions and thoughts about AUs and threads. Continuing with the EQG example: Three ongoing RPs in the IC forum that are tied into my AU, the previously discussed AU Official Thread, and two pieces of Lore also in the OOC section.


3- IC threads must be marked [AU=Name] with Name being the shortened version of whatever AU is being played. Tags also function well. Example: [AU=EQG] A Fun Sun Run, tagged as AU EQG.


4- All threads must follow the forum's rules regarding prohibited behavior, language, and content.


5- AUs are not Crossovers. While it is perfectly fine to be heavily influenced by something, direct references to specific elements found in other media is not allowed. Take a Superhero AU: You can be influenced all you desire by DC comics, with our AU reflecting that in general. However, the use of specific terms- Justice League, Gotham City, etc- are not. Crossovers belong in their own Free For All section. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the staff or myself and we will be pleased to answer!

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