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[Lore] Ironwreck Island


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Ironwreck Island - Tonnes Of 'Fun'


Polyneighsia! A vast majority of its islands are filled with friendly faces and gorgeous sites. Ironwreck Island is not one of those. From a ship’s lookout post, nothing looks that out of the ordinary about the large island, other than perhaps its seeming lack of inhabitants. It has everything that a tourist trap would need: clean sandy beaches, a dense jungle filled with beautiful and vibrant foliage, a wonderful view of the sea. But there's a very good — and very LARGE — reason why islanders and sailors alike avoid this large island.


Purportedly discovered by Neighponese sailors during the Pre-Classical Era, Ironwreck Island was just as beautiful then as it is today, seemingly untouched by pony hooves or griffon claws. When seen from above, however, one gets the first hint of what horrors and dangers this island holds. Shaped like the footprint of a massive, claw-footed creature, Ironwreck Island plays home to the region's largest and deadliest creatures. This diverse lot: monstrous reptilian creatures, gigantic moths, and monolithic abominations of all sorts, are universally known in Neighpon as kaiju.


Few expeditions to Ironwreck Island have been made due to the plethora of kaiju around land, sea, and air. Most records mention ruined forts and holdouts reclaimed by the jungles along with countless shipwrecks of both pirate and military vessels that lay just beneath the tides. Some documents mention friendly kaiju residing on the island alongside the vicious, though few explorers have ever made the trip to confirm any of this information. Fewer still have returned.

While many of the kaiju spend their time on the island going about their own devices, history shows again and again how nature points out the folly of ponies. In past centuries, when explorers and would-be despoilers meddled too much on the island, a gigantic resident would find its way to Neighpon, elsewhere in Polyneighsia, or even Long Guo to get revenge, and then some, on those that would dare to trespass.

But neither gale nor beast can stop some intrepid few. Those that hear the tales of sunken treasure and have no fear in their hearts — or perhaps no brains in their heads — think nothing of setting sail with a salvage crew to scour shipwrecks for gold and glory. Perhaps they may even find something worth taking home. The questions remain though; will they return and is the risk worth the reward? Beware Ironwreck Island, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

~Beasts And Beyond: Dangers and How To Avoid Them

Ashley ‘Ash’ Ravencrest

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