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There once were four Princesses.

Each had the magic of a unicorn, the flight of a pegasus, and the strength of an earth pony.

Celestia brought the dawn, Luna raised the moon, Cadance sparked love in everypony's heart, and Twilight spread friendship.

Together, these wise and powerful ponies ruled Equestria in golden years of peace and prosperity, protecting it from any who would bring harm.

But one day, it all changed.

One day, the stars fell.

Destruction rained throughout Equestria and beyond. It was beyond what anypony had seen before.

The four princesses would not let their ponies suffer any longer. Together, they cast a massive shield over the land.

The stars hit the shield, and flashed harmlessly into nothing.

Their ponies had been saved, but at a cost.

The four princesses gave their lives defending Equestria, and their souls ascended into the heavens.

But they never stopped watching over us. 

Once Princesses, they are now Goddesses.

To this day, Celestia still brings the sun, Luna still brings the moon, Cadance still brings love, and Twilight still brings friendship.




It was a fairly quiet night when Equestria ended. With the deaths of the Princesses, Equestria found itself in pieces. Ponies who always had a higher authority now had to govern themselves. To the west, containing the Everfree Forest and much agriculteral land, was New Equestria. The east, a hotbed of culture and invention: The Lunar Republic. Between sat the military and mysticism capital of The Solar Kingdom. To the north, a line to the past in The Crystal Empire. Together, they formed the Equestrian Union.

Ponies were not the only ones to survive Starfall. Thanks to the massive shield the four Princesses generated, the Griffon Kingdom to the far west survived partially intact, though rebuilding for them was a long and hard process. The Changelings, living underground, were mostly unaffected. However, 20 Years After StarFall, they invented Artificial Love, a product that they could survive off of without the need to infultrate Ponykind. A mere three years later, the drive to mass produce it gave them an industrialization movement. Seven years after that, they formed the confederacy of the United Hives. They hopes to begin proper trade and diplomacy with the other nations.

They would not be formally recognized as a sovereign state until 625 ASF.

Between Griffon Kingdom and New Equestria lies No-Mare's-Land. It was plundered for resources, and a pit for banishment. It was also the instigator for the Pony-Griffon War of 611 ASF. After the war, it was considered a neutral zone that neither Pony nor Griffon may set hoof in, except for exploration teams both parties agree too.

To the north of that is the Dragon Lands. Efforts by the Griffons to invade during 345 ASF failed miserably; It has been left alone ever since.


The Nations of Starfall


New Equestria

Formed under the image of Goddess Twilight, this agricultural power lays claim to both the Everfree Forest and the Saddleveil Plains. Nearly 70% of food production comes from this nation. Sometimes forgotten is the Industrial Strip, west of the Everfree. The cities there are heavily industrialized, with factories producing everything from weaponry to bootstraps. Ponyville is its capital, much of its government resting inside the Castle of Friendship (which also holds the Grand Library of Twilight, the largest library in the world).


The Solar Kingdom

Formed under the image of Goddess Celestia, this nation provides most of the military for the Equestrian Union. Its capital of Canterlot is also the source of the greatest mages this side of Starfall. This nation runs a tight ship, most of its Kings and Queens rule with a tough but fair iron hoof.


The Lunar Republic

Formed under the image of Goddess Luna, thus nation is a culture hotbed and is the source of many popular novels and comics. Its capital of Prance doubles as the capital of fashion, and though some consider the nation's residents snobby they are just as welcoming as any other ponies.


The Crystal Empire

Continuing its existance under the memory of Goddess Cadance, its Crystal Ponies are considered survivalists to match the hardiest of Solar Soldiers. It has spread its influence throughout the icy tundras of the north and the forrests of the north east. Its capital of Cadance is home to the most advanced, and impractical, of inventions.


The Griffon Kingdom

The Griffons are fairly gruff and unforgiving. They long held a grudge against the Ponies for settling in some of their land after Starfall while they were still recovering. They are frugal, nutorious penny pinchers, and very loyal to their King. They did warm up a bit the centuries after the Pony-Griffon War, however.


The United Hive

Changelings have had to deal with racism ever since they formed their own government. The Queens meet together to make important decisions for their hives. A lot of ponies feared and loathed them throughout the First Millenium, only waning when they fought together during the Pony-Griffon War. They are quick thinkers and known for creative and unconventional solutions to unusual problems. Changelings also do great espionage, as you'd imagine.


The Ice Kingdom

Formed in 1000 ASF as a joint effort by the Equestrian Union, Griffon Kingdom, and United Hives, this colony was the first major attempt to recolonize the world. In 1100 ASF, it was allowed to form its own government under the Equestrian Union.


Important Ponies

The Council of Friendship

The Council is the ruling head of New Equestria, it is made up of six ponies: The Heirs of Harmony. The Heir of Magic, the Heir of Loyalty, the Heir of Honesty, the Heir of Kindness, the Heir of Laughter, and the Heir of Generosity. Each pony is chosen by their predecessor based on how well they represent their Element, and is represented by the cutie marks of the original council: Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. The seventh throne, Twilight's, is placed up higher than the others and is considered sacred. Most tasks are relegated to various Ministers, who also serve as advisors for larger decisions.


The Lord of the Sun

The King/Queen of the Solar Empire is often looked upon for their integrity, strength, and courage. Power is passed down through lineage, though his various Dukes and Duchesses can overthrow him if his/her performance is unsatisfactory.


The President of the Lunar Republic

The President is elected through popular vote, and serves as a head for the country. They serve above a congress of elected senators from each city who work on the laws and regulations for the nation.


Princess Flurry Heart

Daughter of the Goddess of Love, Flurry has sole rule over the Crtstal Empire. She can be fairly childish at times, and is quick to anger. However, she knows what's best for her ponies.



Discord has not been sighted since the events of Starfall. Many forget his reformation and view him as a villain of times past, a few worship him and his ideals. While the vast majority of Discord Worshipers are perfectly harmless, they have recieved no small amount of persecution over the years. Discord is not RP-able.



1) You may app for canon ponies (except for the Princesses, obviously), but except for Flurry Heart they are restricted to the early years of Starfall.

2) You can come up with your own RPs for this universe, but you must run them by me first so that I can make sure it makes sense of the context of my universe.

3) There are four main events to RP in: Early Starfall (the immediate aftermath), The Pony-Griffon War, the Colonization of WhiteScar, and the Changeling Rights Movement (in 1990's to 2000's ASF). You can also do simpler non-world-changing RPs between these points if you wish.

4) Character applications follow the main format of this forum, but with one addition: Era. You must specify what point your character lives in. You don't need to use the year specifically, just which of the previously mentioned events your character is alive in.


Accepted Characters:

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