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Long Guo Comes to World of Equestria!


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World of Equestria: Land of Dragons


Welcome everypony to the new World of Equestria: Land of Dragons lore expansion pack! This is a momentous expansion to WoE and I hope you are excited for it as we have been making it! Here I will be detailing additions, changes, and bug fixes that have come in patch 9.0.0!


Four New Realms!
The first new exciting bit of information is the inclusion of four, count ‘em, four, New zones for role play and exploration! Each of these new zones has a wealth of new areas as well as plenty of opportunities for users to expand using the new Unofficial Lore option!


WiP Map:




Long Guo, loosely translated as Dragon Country, is a sprawling and beautiful landscape filled with both the exotic and familiar! From small, quaint towns, to a beautiful capital city, to an awe inspiring city amongst the clouds, Long Guo has a little bit of everything for everypony!


Long Guo Locations:


  • Long Kong - Star of the East: If ever there was a melting pot of the east and west, Long Kong is it! Despite being among the newer cities in Long Guo, the city bustles and grows with each passing and brings in trade and tourism alike!


  • Springblossom Town - Home to Nature’s Bounty: Proving that big things really do come in small packages, the tiny little town of Springblossom brings to the table one of Long Guo’s most beautiful wonders that only comes from there, Shimmersilk!


  • Fenghuang Valley - A Sanctuary of Enlightenment: A wonder of balance in nature, it’s little surprise that the ascetic monks of the Harmonious Path have chosen this area as their home to find balance, inner peace, and expand their being—mind, body, and soul.


  • Lake Huahuo - Sacred Lake of the Elder Serpents: Nestled high, high in the mountain range known as the Ancient’s Abode this lake, named after the founders of the Long Guo Empire, is a breathtaking site to those who can make the treacherous climb through the mountains and brave the storms that the Serpent Dragons that keep watch over the lake create to keep the unworthy away.



  • Mount Faba - Tomb of the Tyrant King: The final resting place of the tyrannical King Faba, self-proclaimed ‘God of Order’, Mount Faba is filled with dangerous traps, mysterious messages, and hundreds of monstrous terracotta statues! What mysteries could lie in the depths of this wicked dragon’s tomb?




Situated between Long Guo and Equestria, Neighpon is a string of islands that range from habitats for mystical creatures, quiet traditionalist villages, magictech cities, and of course, ninjas and samurai!


Neighpon Locations:

  • Kyoma - A Symbol of Heritage: A place of tradition, the capital city of Neighpon stands upon the plains (one of the few in the country!) of the island of Horshu. Having survived invasions of kaiju, warring clans, earthquakes, and the eruption of Mount Kaminichi, Neighpon as stood the test of time! And after the devastation wrought by Viking Caribou ravaged the land, the First Shogun of Neighpon united the land, allowing the city to rise time and again like a majestic phoenix.


  • Polohama - A Spectacle of Progress: Lights, glamour, and magitech abound in the city of Polohama! Standing as both Neighpon’s most populated and most advanced city, Polohama is a haven of new! Ensorcelled billboards, magley trains, Goremu, and of course Neighponese Idols! There’s rarely a dull moment in the bustling city, so if you like things busy and bright, Polohama is for you!


  • Mount Kaminichi - The Mountain of Purity: A mystical volcano that dominates much of the island of Horshu. Many Neighponese venerate the mountain which has inspired art in its many forms! But a great many mysteries surround the mountain and its nearby woods, the Forest of the Forsaken. Disappearances, mystical imbuements, strange visions. What will you see in the smoke of the mountain? And will you make it back to tell the tale?


  • Ryushima - Where The Dragon’s Blood Runs Strong: Founded centuries ago by qilin and longma, regionally known as kirin and ryuma respectively, who did not wish to live under the rule of the new Long Guo Empire, Ryushima today is a quaint and quiet collection of villages and ports, mostly unassuming and plain. But if one looks hard enough, you may be able to catch sight of one of the few ninja clans that still operate on the island as mercenaries for hire!


  • Dosanko - Bastion of the Homeland: Settled northwest of Neighpon’s home islands, Dosanko a cold and harsh island with even colder winters. For the most part, fishing is the main livelihood of the island, but it is also home to a significant military presence, due to its close proximity to Whitescar. From here the Neighponese Military can swiftly leap to action against any Viking Caribou threats.


  • Poninawa - Mystical Friendships Beckon: Not as traditionalist as Ryushima, but not as technological as Polohama, Poninawa strikes a balance between the nature of their forested island and the bare necessities of some magitech. The reason for this may not be apparent to the average traveler, but one meeting with the mystical Yokai will show you why it’s best to not have anything too magically reliant on the island!




Laying to Long Guo’s southwest, this region is a collection of hundreds of islands! Some inhabited and some very, very wild!



  • Wingapore - The Sovereign Island: Wingapore is a beautiful city state with black sand beaches and tropical rain forests! A hustling and bustling attraction for both tourists and trade alike with imports and exports from Long Guo, Hesperia, Neighpon, and beyond!


  • The Fillyphines - Islands of Plenty: The most populated chain of islands in Polyneighsia, the Fillyphines are filled with rich ancient history, trade, delicious foods, and rumours of mysterious creatures! Great for those who want a getaway or an adventure!


  • Stottinsberg Islands - Slave Islands: The islands of Hidzume and Shiza are volcanic islands, home to the native Polyneighsian deer population. As well as the rebel caribou slavers that keep them under iron-hoofed rule. Though the Caribou’s Highking has banned slavery, the caribou here scoff at his wishes and refuse to change. Rumours circulate about escaped slaves who are looking for aid to free their friends and their islands. Perhaps some willing adventurers can help!


  • Neighoa-Iti - Isle of Enchantment: A small and mostly empty island with a tiny population, Neighoa-Iti has several strange qualities about it. Such as beautiful forests that glow at night, fruit that affects the minds of those who dine upon it, and pools of water that is rumoured to slow the aging process of any who drink it. (Neighoa-Iti will be released in a content patch in the following days)


  • The Mareaes - Isle of Idols: Despite being the locations of both the start and end of the Long Guo-Neighpon war, over all the Mareaes islands are rather non-descript. The part that draws tourists the most are the massive Mareaes Idols. Large carved stone statues depicting pones, qilins, longma, and more. So old are these statues that none living today know where they came from or how they were made! (The Mareaes will be released in a content patch in the following days)


  • Tailiti - The Island of Beauty: Easily one of the most beautiful islands in Polyneighsia, Tailiti is the premier tourist destination for wealthy and influential ponies from all around the world! With gorgeous beaches, a serene atmosphere, and a wonderful view from the nearby dormant volcano, it’s little wonder that visiting Tailiti is on the bucket list for many. (Tailiti will be released in a content patch in the following days)


  • Scoltra Islands - Lands of Resource: Filled with many natural resources, the Scoltra Islands were a prime target during Neighpon’s colonization efforts. Despite the resistance, the ancient Scoltra Alliance was brought to heel. Even today as a rebellious as they can be Scoltra proves to be pivotal to Neighpon, with its many factories, mines, and fields. (Scoltra Islands will be released in a content patch in the following days)


  • Ironwreck Island - Tonnes of ‘Fun’: Easily Polyneighsia’s most dangerous island. Ironwreck isn’t just home to numerous sunken vessels that dot the oceanbed around it, but also plays host to numerous giant beasts known in Neighpon as Kaiju! These vicious beasts keep all but the most foolhardy adventurers away and have been known to seek vengeance on islanders who disturb them. But rumours still persist of friendly beasts the lay on the island too. Will you be able to confirm these rumours? Or will you be the next course on the menu?




Founded long ago by Aquellia’s long range colonization efforts, Hesperia is a harsh and dangerous land filled with outlaws, poisonous creatures, gigantic rocs, and many nasty beasts. Even the waters aren’t safe, being filled with large jellyfish, ponyeating sharks, and monstrous krakens. Hersperia is not a land for the faint of heart, but for those who like their travels filled with thrills and their laws...lacking.


  • Airbourne - (Information on Airbourne will be released in a content patch at a later date)


  • Waterhole - (Information on Waterhole will be released in a content patch at a later date)




Situated on the eastern coast of Equestria sits a little unassuming seaside village! With quaint shacks and a nice little market by the shore with plenty of friendly faces. Beneath the waves though, lay an awe inspiring wonder of a city, Melodia the home of the sirens!




Four New Races!: To go along with all of our new locations, we are also adding four new Officially Sanctioned Races to our World of Equestria Lineup!


  • Qilin - Mystical as the Moon: One of the two races collectively known as the Long Sun. Qilin, also known as Kirin in Neighpon, are a race of draconic ponies who are gifted with dragon breath like magics! With patches of scales across their bodies, as well as underbelly scales, it’s no wonder that the anterled Qilin are sometimes called ‘dragon ponies’.


  • Longma - Spirited as the Sun: The other member of the races known collectively as the Long Sun. Longma, or Ryuma in Neighpon, are winged ponies with dragon like traits, such as scales across their bodies and where a pegasus’ down would be, varying curved horns, and access to breath magic!


  • Serpent Dragons - The Ancient and Wise: Known to many as the Long, Ryu in Neighpon, Serpent Dragons are a race of beautiful, majestic, and powerful dragons capable of great breath magic, breathing underwater, flight without wings, and their ancient art of pearlcraft. This race of dragons, for which the country of Long Guo is named after, is truly a sight to behold.


  • Sirens - Musicians of the Deep: One of the aquatic races of the deep, Sirens are renowned for their magical, beautiful, and sometimes alluring singing voices. But don’t let old mares tales fool you! Sirens aren’t all wicked songstresses leading sailors to their doom. Just like the land bound cousins they visit, they can be as varied as anypony else!




We here can’t wait to see what you, the players, can do with this wealth of new content! Not to mention how eager we are to see what you can do with both the new Unofficial Lore option, as well as our new AU Section: The Multiverse for alternate takes on the world at large!


As always, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best experience we possibly can! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to message us! And feel free to stay tuned after the break for a list of ‘bug fixes’!




Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Princess Celestia would sometimes be erroneously listed as ‘Best Princess’ in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Flash Sentry would sometimes end up shipped with Twilight Sparkle. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Buffed the magical output for The Great and Powerful Trixie, she should now correctly be able to out magic anypony who gets in her path.
  • Fixed those holes in the changelings. Get it? Bug fixes.
  • Reinstated Pluto as a plant.
  • Finally finished reticulating splines.
  • Removed Ponybrine.
  • Fixed an issue where Robikku remained undrowned for longer than an hour.
  • Finally put that thing back where it came from.
  • Added Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria.
  • Removed Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria.
  • Re-leashed the Kraken, future unleashings should happen far less often.
  • Pinkie Pie’s ‘Fourth Wall’ breaking capabilities have been increased. She can now see you. Right this instant. She thinks you’re silly.
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