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Broken World (OOC/Sign Up)


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We all know the story of how Celestia beat Nightmare Moon.  But not all futures remain the same. This is the story of what happened if the Elements of Harmony couldn't be used,  and both Princesses were forced to fight it out.   As the princesses fought,  the Fiends of Tartarus escaped.  In a last effort to save the ponies,  Starswirl and Commander Hurricane as well as Clover the Clever journeyed to an ancient site.  There they constructed a Fortress of Sorts,  and sacrificed themselves to revive the King of All Monsters,  Sombra and have him take down the Fiends because the Fiends were Monsters,  and they believed him more than powerful enough to do so.  To do this, they forcibly made it impossible for King Sombra to be evil with magic,  binding him with a Geas.  Now the Good Sombra and his allies have to save and restore the world to normal somehow,  while at the same time fighting off the fiends of Tartarus and many other ancient evils. 


So how will you survive in this broken world? 


The Good Guys:  

- King Sombra (Me) 

 -  Council of Harmony

      - Generosity (Open) 

      - Magic (Open) 

      - Kindness (Open) 

      -  Honesty (Open) 

      - Loyalty (Open) 

      - Laughter (Open)


-  Other Ponies 


- Nightmare Moon (Open) :     Reformed because she realized she needed ponies alive to support her,   she created the Shadow Moon Kingdom.   There,   she takes care of her subjects and tries to make sure they're safe from harm.    Of course,  her actual power is limited.  She lacks the numbers to engage in battle. 

    - Nightmare General:  (Open) 

    - Minister of Magic (open) 

    -  Minister of Science  (Open) 


Sunset Shimmer:   Sunset Shimmer has returned from the Mirror.  Upon seeing the chaos of Equestria she travels around with a group of ponies and tries to do as much good as she can to make amends for her mistakes,  and restore Equestria to normal.  (Open) 


Twilight Sparkle:   The Arch Mage under King Sombra.  She's not the Element of Magic,  and has never been Celestia's student.  She's still learning magic,  although from King Sombra himself this time around.  (Open) 


Applejack:  Applejack lives in Refuge but has never met Twilight yet.  She grows the crops with her family.  She witnessed Granny Smith get murdered by Corona Sun and has pledged her loyalty to King Sombra.  (Open) 


Rarity:  The head of fashion for Refuge.  She and Sweetiebelle are the tailors of Refuge.  They've pledged loyalty to Sombra. (Open. ) 


Fluttershy:  Fluttershy is the head medic of Refuge.   She was found by Sombra injured in the Everfree and healed by him.  (Open. ) 


Rainbow Dash:   Rainbow Dash leads the Shadow Bolts,   a team of aerial rebels that have been battling Corona Sun and the others,   but hasn't met her friends yet.  The Shadow Bolts consist of Griffins,  and the Former Wonder Bolts.  Their uniforms are black,  with gold and purple lightning bolts.   This consists of Pegasi, Griffins, Earth Ponies,  and Unicorns as well as any other species that wishes to join.  (Open. ) 






The Bad Guys:


-  Doom Tusk:  Doom Tusk  is a boar  who is about a Piglet in size.  But he has a powerful spell called Subjugation that allows him to control those who are evil. This spell also allows him to jack their bodies,  and use them.  His knowledge of other spells is limited,  but he has an army of boars at his disposal. 


-  Corona Sun:  A corrupted clone of Celestia that was created by an evil mage.    Corona Sun possesses all the powers of Celestia,  but none of her kindness.   She rules the oppressive Eternal Sun Empire that operates out of Canterlot,  and controls a good portion of Equestria.   Her soldiers are forced to swear loyalty or have their families murdered in front of them by her personally.  (Open.) 


-  Grogar:   Grogar has come back to conquer Equestria with legions of dark magic golems and an arsenal of magic spells.  (Open. )


-  Tirek:  Tirek owns his own section of Equestria, namely Appleloosa.  There,  he's training an army of Unicorns and Earth Ponies so that he can enslave all of Equestria and put them on top.   (Open. ) 


- The Fiends:   The Fiends of Tartarus.  Each of them embodies a specific element.   There's one for Earth,  Water,  Fire,  Light,  Darkness,  Gravity and Sound as well as many other Elements.  Defeating a fiend means that the pony who does becomes an Alicorn.    (All open. ) 




Neutral Parties:


Discord -   Freed when the chaos began,   Discord is loose.  He's unhappy that his chaos was pre-empted.   But he's content to watch. Still he can be bribed by any of the sides to lend a talon every now and then.  (Open. ) 






Changes to Canon: 


Twilight and the Others have never met.  Twilight lives in Refuge,  while the others are there.  except for Dash and Pinkie. The Elements of Harmony aare nowhere to be found,  probably destroyed when Celestia and Luna went all out.  Discord is out there,  on the loose.   Tirek and all the foes Equestria has ever faced have returned and become menaces once more,  and Nightmare Moon has redeemed. 







 -  Refuge: A massive floating city that is the home to the Neo Equestrian Empire ruled by King Sombra. . Refuge grows it's own food and has all sorts of defenses including advanced magical barriers that could block hundreds of Alicorn level magical attacks.  Refuge is the Home of Pony Kind and constantly moving.   Ruled by the Good King Sombra,  and his council of Harmony,   Refuge goes around and rescues ponies from slavery and tries to restore Equestria. 



-   Canterlot:    Canterlot has become even bigger than it was before. Ruled by the Tyrant Corona Sun and her army of minions,      Canterlot has become a bastion of darkness.  Over Equestria the sun doesn't set much because of her,  and the unicorns she has under her command.  This covers most of Equestria. 


- The Shadow Kingdom:  A land created by Nightmare Moon for her followers.   This Kingdom composes the former bad-lands.  This is shrouded in eternal night,  but the crops here grow,  and Nightmare Moon rules as a Kind Empress.  


- The Crystal Empire:  Abandoned by the Crystal Empire,  this land is fought over by  the Eternal Sun Empire,   the Shadow Kingdom,  and Refuge as well as many of the other Fiends.  Where the Crystal Ponies are,  no pony knows. 


- The Old Lands:  The Old Lands have yet to be colonized by ponies again,  but hold a lot of magical secrets. 


- The Changeling - Equestrian - Zebrican Alliance:     Lands outside of Equestria that were once Zebrica and the surrounding lands.  These are ruled by Master Tirek and the changelings,  along with representatives from each species.   






1. All Forum Rules Apply

2. No Godmodding

3.  No Metagaming

4.  No power playing

5.   Keep OOC to the OOC thread and IC to the IC thread



Joining Form: 



Age: (Colt/Filly,  and the other pony ages.) 

Gender:  (Male or Female) 

Race:  (Equestrian Races.  Later humans will be welcomed,  but for now ponies/similar species only.) 

Power Level:  (Weak,  Moderate,  Advanced,..etc.)














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