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"Spike!" Twilight glanced around, looking for her assistant. She found the baby dragon nearby, napping with his head down on one of the Castle Library's desks. The Princess trotted over and nudged Spike. "Come on Spike! I need you to send this parchment to Long Guo for me!" She smiled.


"Wha- Huh? Twi-? Long Guo?" Spike rolled over and blinked a couple times. "Oh! Ok! Yeah I'll send it for ya Twi!" Spike reached for the roll that was levitating near him. It moved out of his reach.


"Now, if you would be so kind as to listen while I read this over? I wouldn't want my very first official letter to the Empress of Long Gou to have careless spelling errors or anything would I?"


"Of course not!" Spike sat bolt upright, his eyes twinkling. The dragon was always there for his closest friend. "Read away!"


"Will do number one assistant!" Twilight cleared her throat and began;


Dearest Empress Yue,


Greetings from Canterlot! I'm so thrilled to be able to share correspondence with the highly honored Empress of Long Guo. I am hoping that these letters will strengthen not only the bonds of friendship between our nations but between us as well. 


I will begin by asking you how you enjoyed your trip to Canterlot. Did you meet the ponies you wished to meet? Did you get a good taste of the culture of ponies in Equestria? Was everything as you hoped it would be? I for one was so happy to meet you and welcome you to Canterlot Castle. This particular gala was a perfect one for you to attend as we had dignitaries from many foreign lands among us. I hope you made lots of wonderful connections and many friends. I also hope that the phoenix you were presented with is thriving in his new home. I know the mystical bird you gifted to us is doing splendidly. Fluttershy just loves to get to know new creatures, and you gift is truly special to us all!


Were you able to make more stops in Equestria before heading back to Long Guo? I hope you were able to make lasting memories of the jewels of our lands. I would just love to visit Long Guo some day. I have heard your lands are unique, fascinating, and exceedingly beautiful. What would you say are the nicest parts of Long Gou?


Of course there will always be many pleasurable topics to discuss in our letters, however perhaps we can have some correspondence on the business side as well? I have been a Princess in Equestria for long enough to get settled but I am still getting used to my new role. There are so many choices as far as what to focus on. I know that my goal is to focus on friendship and build it up throughout Equestria, however I'm not always exactly sure on the best ways to go about the task. What was it like for you when you first took on the role of Empress? Did you always know you would fit the role of Empress? What were your first few weeks like when you took on the role?


I have many more questions to ask you, but I suppose this is enough for our first letter. I hope to hear from you soon!


Your Faithful Friend,

Twilight Sparkle


"Well Spike, how did that sound?" Twilight asked as she rolled up the parchment.


"I think it's a letter fit for an Empress!"


"Good! Go ahead and send it!"


With some green fire and a small puff of smoke the letter was on its way to Yu Yue!

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Night had fallen on the grandiose Imperial Palace in Huangjing. Empress Yuè was in her private chambers, using what precious little time she had to herself during waking hours to meditate. As ruler of an entire country, she no longer had the luxury of engaging in the frivolous joys of youth. To maintain both her effectiveness as an empress and inner peace of mind, meditation was absolutely essentially.


Thus was Yuè sitting in a meditative pose, silently chanting a mantra, when she felt a tingling sensation in her throat. The Qilin opened her eyes; she knew what was coming. She deeply inhaled once, then gently exhaled, expelling a stream of magic dragonbreath from her mouth that quickly materialized into a wrapped scroll!


Yuè picked up the letter with greatest urgency, only to be intrigued to see written characters of foreign origin. The royal Qilin remembered: the Grand Galloping Gala... Princess Twilight! This was a letter from the alicorn herself!


Once Yuè took the proper time, she resolved to write back at the earliest opportunity... which would be tomorrow night. The hour was late, after all. And so the night after, Yuè endeavored to show her Equestrian friend the proper honor she deserved by writing up a response:



To The Respectable Princess Twilight,


My heart is filled with great joy to have received a cherished letter from the most illustrious Princess of Friendship. In the name of the friendship between ourselves and our lands, I will gladly answer all of your many questions.


To begin with, my experience at the Grand Galloping Gala was rewarding, if not entirely according to plan. As you are no doubt aware, our Fenghuang and your Phoenix did not initially get alone, creating a scene that frightened off all of the guests. However, I was assured afterwards by Princess Celestia that such incidents are not only commonplace at the Gala, but that they give her great amusement. I found that a rather strange notion; no Imperial sovereign of Long Guo would ever dare lose face by letting a banquet degenerate into chaos. Perhaps that is the privilege of being an alicorn blessed with ten thousand years.


You will be pleased to know though that I forged many bonds during the Grand Galloping Gala. I was even reunited with my sworn sister from many moons ago, Lián Mei. My brother and I were once very close friends with her until her family moved across the sea, and we lost touch with one another. Imagine our surprise when we met Mei again, and we learned that she had made a good life for herself in Equestria. Although Mei and I are separated by vast distances, it is our hope that our sacred bond of sisterhood never dies.


It assures me to know that our phoenixes, Fu Feng and Philomena, have established a harmonious connection. It is a good omen that the connection between Long Guo and Equestria will remain strong, no matter what hardships come our way. Aside from the Fenghuang presented at the Gala, I entrusted my brother Prince Lián to hoof out additional gifts to you and your friends. Lián and I hope that you have found them perfectly satisfactory.


Regretfully, my time in Equestria was too short for fully appreciating the wonders of the Maneland and its rich culture. Regardless, it was it a great honor to have walked the commerce-driven sidewalks of Manehattan and the cobblestone paths of your own town of Ponyville, however fleeting my visits may have been. In many respects, your country is simultaneously completely different from ours yet completely the same. One day, I shall have to come up with a plausible pretext for a deeper exploration into Equestria's treasures.


Asking which parts of Long Guo are the nicest puts me in an impossible situation. Like a mother who refuses to favor one child over the other, I cannot bring myself to lavish praise on any single area of my beautiful country without neglecting the rest of the land. Furthermore, to truly answer your question with accuracy, I would have to travel through every square inch of the Dragon Kingdom; a feat that I have yet to accomplish. I will say this though; there is one spot in Long Guo where I feel you and your friends would feel most at home. It is Spring Blossom Town; a charming community in the countryside flanked by scenic mountains. I went on a visit there once with my late father to inspect the Shimmering Silkworms raised outside of town, and I was heavily reminded of it during the brief time my entourage spent in Ponyville.


Like yourself, I too have only been recently invested with the responsibility of leadership. As I never expected to succeed my late father on the Dragon Throne, I feared at first that I would not be up to the task. There were many things my advisers needed to teach me within an accelerated timespan of several weeks: vital matters like the Rites of Court, the nuances of civil bureaucracy, and the management of armies. I depend heavily on my advisers for counsel even now, but rest assured, I refuse to let my ancestors down by failing to learn all there is to know about how to rule justly.


I am greatly honored to be worthy of every single question of yours, Princess. While it is my fond wish to extend you the same courtesy with inquiries of my own, dawn fast approaches, and sleep beckons to me. Please forgive my gross oversight, and may I hear from you again at your earliest convenience.


I end my words with respect.


Your Sister in Spirit,

Yù Yuè


With her last remaining strength in the pre-dawn hours, a barely awake Yuè blew a puff of magic fire, sending the letter on its merry way to Twilight. Given the time and distances involved, hopefully the letter wouldn't arrive at an awkward time.....


OOC Gift Info:


Gifts for the Mane 6 (and Spike):

  • Twi: books on all sorts of Long Sun subjects.
  • Rarity: shimmersilk
  • AJ: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malus_prunifolia
  • Flutters: giant panda (+ bamboo for feeding)
  • Pinkie: hooftrap
  • Rainbow: ink wash painting of Sonic Rainboom
  • Spike: Long Sun jade


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The Princess trotted down a corridor of the castle with Spike at her side. She glanced down towards her tummy ruefully. "Oh wow Spike, why did you let me eat so much?"


The baby dragon rubbed his belly and let a small burp escape. "Whew! Why did you let me eat so much?" 


Twilight sighed. "Pinkie Pie breakfasts are so good but they have no end! I've never seen so many pancakes!"


"I know!" Spike exclaimed as they continued on. "And can you believe that topping assortment?"


"It was one thing to have chocolate covered oat nibs and whipped cream but six types of sprinkles?"


"And don't even remind me about the licorice bites and toffee crumbles!" Spikes tummy rumbled a bit unhappily. "I think I need to sit down,"


"Me too! Oh good we're here!"


The two entered the map room. Twilight sat down on the chair with her cutie mark and Spike selected Rarity's. "I'm sure she won't mind." The little dragon sighed softly. 


"I'm sure Rarity would be ok with you sitting in her chair Spike." The Princess gave her friend a side long glance. 


"Well yeah I know but I want to make sure Rarity always has things the way she wants them."


"That's so nice of you Spike!" She smiled.


Spike blushed. "Come on Twilight! I told you not to tease me about that anymore."


"Ok relax Spike. Your secret's safe with me and the others."


"Ok good! It's just that I don't wan-" Spike burped. "Hang on.." He burped again. "Oh wow, I think I'm going to be sick," 


After another burp and some green flames a scroll magically appeared. 


"Oh so that's what it was!" Spike sat down. "I feel so much better!"


Twilight levitated the scroll over. She unrolled in and smiled broadly. "Oh my gosh! It's a reply from Yu Yue!"


It wasn't long before she had read the letter.


"I think I'll write back now. It would be nice to sit still for a while after such a big breakfast!"




Dearest Spirit Sister Yu Yue,


How wonderful to receive a correspondence from you! I am happy to find out you enjoyed your time at our Gala. I am convinced that Princess Celestia likes a little chaos at the events she attends out of repetition. Since she is an alicorn of thousands of years I assume formal affairs must become more than tedious.  It is a wonder how her and Princess Luna are able to present themselves with such a calm demeanor after living such elongated lives! Though I suppose this is a gift of their vast wisdom. Seeing the centuries come and go must eventually cause one to find a very deep value in many of nuances of life.


I am also pleased to hear of your reunion with your worn sister. What happy circumstances lead the two of you to be reunited! Being the Princess of Friendship nothing gladdens my heart more than to see old friendship bloom anew! In my experiences it seems that when ponies bond themselves together in friendship as sisters there is no force strong enough to break that bond!


Oh your gifts! How could it have slipped my mind to include note of them in my last scroll? They are wonderful! Applejack planted the apple tree you gave her in a place of honor in the acreage of Sweet Apple Acres. She hopes to propagate the tree and eventually have enough to produce a new type of cider from the juice of the newest type of tree on her farm. Pinkie Pie has modified the hooftrap to turn it into one of her newest pranks. Pinkie and the hooftrap combined with Rainbow Dash's ingenuity with pranks adds a little excitement to any pony's day. Fluttershy adores the new pet you gave her! She has yet to tell me what she has named the panda, however Applejack offered to grow bamboo for it in a special section of her farm. Rainbow Dash hung the at of the rainboom you gifted her with right her in the royal map room in the castle of Friendship! I can see it from here. It is a work or beauty and adds lovely color to our throne room. Rarity is in the process even now of turning the shimmersilk you gave her into one of her fabulous designs. Last but of course not least, I adore the books you gifted me with. I love all books but especially those that were given to me from friends. Right now I am reading "Rising Sun, A History of Warlords and Leaders". I find the past of your region compelling in many ways! I am wondering which of the books you gifted to me is a favorite of yours? Do you enjoy the written word as I do?


Your description of Spring Blossom Town makes it sound so similar to our home here! Of course the silkworms are a difference but I do feel were would be quite at home visiting. I would very much love to explore many parts of the Dragon Country and must at some point make the trip over. The legends and stories around your lands make it a most intriguing place. I feel it would be a grand adventure to explore the land of dragons!


I am glad we can understand each other when it comes to learning our roles. I must deal with many of the same issues you do, though I must say my workload does not comprise as much. This due to the fact that myself, and two other Princesses rule our lands together. I do hope to learn even more about my position. I am intrigued to see how the Princess of Friendship and continue to reach out a helping hoof to the other nations nearby us. I have become very interested in foreign affairs, and meeting you has been one of the most wonderful blessings in this endeavor thus far!


I will leave my scroll to you with a few questions as I did before. It intrigues me to know of you and the life you live in the land of Dragons. What was your younger life like? Where were you raised? Did your father take you on many inspection trips as he did to Spring Blossom Town? 


Your Sister in Friendship,


Twilight Sparkle


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Empress Yuè sat on a modest throne within a lavish yet secluded office, pouring over the latest imperial documents. There was more paperwork to sign off on than usual today, so that meant the Empress would be stuck here til dinner. She was much more drowsier than usual too; she really could have spent most of last night sleeping instead of writing by lantern light.


In was during this time when Twilight's second letter arrived; an unusual sight for the servants standing at attention given that nobody in the Court dared send correspondence directly to the Empress. Yuè quieted the murmurs around the room and started reading Twilight's message. As always, the Qilin waited until nighttime to start composing her reply...



To The Sisterly Princess Twilight,


Thank you for your kind reply. I have found that true friendship is a rare commodity; one to be treasured and nurtured with all the love found in one's heart. By the sound of it, you have been blessed with the gift of many unbreakable bonds of fellowship. No princess, queen, or empress on this earth deserves to be envied as much as you.


Hearing about the good use of all of the gifts you and your friends received brings me much joy. Rising Sun is considered by many, including myself, to be the seminal work on the history of pre-Imperial Long Guo. Although I cannot say my love of books is as legendarily passionate as yours, the act of reading is but one thing that I have found capable of sustaining the Fire burning within me. I've read my fair share of books; chief among them is the classic novel Warriors of the Lotus Marsh. Based on the true exploits of the Lotus Warriors, Warriors is the classic tale of a band of outcast heroes uniting to rebel against a wicked and corrupt Imperial Court.


Based on what I just described, you might find it surprising that an empress like myself places a story that celebrates rebellion at the highest rank. For me however, the greatest virtue that a sovereign requires is a sense of justice; that wrongs are righted, and that every citizen is treated equally by those who rule over the land. When rulers let injustice run amok, it takes admirable courage for a gallant hero to risk themselves in restoring Balance to the World. Thus I have always looked up to those who use the martial arts for noble ends as one of many examples to follow.


If you ever do wish to visit the Dragon Kingdom, I implore you to bring your friends as well. You and your sisters in fellowship will all be given a royal welcome at the Imperial Palace in Huangjing, complete with an opulent banquet and all the entertainments a mare can ask for. If not for my royal duties, it would have been a great honor to personally guide you through our land. I'm sure though that I can convince Prince Lián to accompany you in my stead; nobody can ask for a more filial brother than he.


May your endeavors in reaching out to the other nations prove as fruitful as it has with Long Guo. Although I do not presume to be an expert on diplomacy, should you ask, I will provide you with insights on the realms of Neighpon and Polyneighsia to the best of my humble abilities.


Concerning your final inquiries, Lián and I were raised together in the Imperial Palace along with our elder step-siblings. Like every other foal of the Imperial Family, we were fostered for a time by the Matron of Longri-La, and it was due to her tutelage that we are endowed with the Heart of the Dragon, making us the equals of the wise and noble Long. Unlike the typical children of nobility however, both me and my brother elected to study under the monks of Fenghuang Monastery upon earning our cutie marks. Until I was recalled back to the Imperial Capital to sit on the Dragon Throne, I learned the principles of the Harmonious Path and the art of applying it in the service of others.


From what I understand of your life story, you too made a similar choice once your destiny was laid out before you. You studied at a prestigious school, did you not? You were also for many years the personal apprentice of the heavenly Princess Celestia herself. What words of wisdom did she impart to you? There are many more questions that need to be asked, but for now, this will suffice.


I end my words with respect.


Your Honored Sister in Spirit,

Yù Yuè


Only half the night was spent finishing the letter this time around; a mark of pride for Yuè. This meant Twilight could get her letter even earlier than before!

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"Whew! Finally some time to myself!" Twilight exclaimed as she flopped down on her bed. The Princess had been hard at work for quite a while tending to the various duties required of her. "I thought I'd never get to the end of that list."


Spike downed the rest of a bowl of gems. The baby dragon wiped his mouth with the back of his claws and spoke while flopping down into his own small bed. "I know! That really was a lot for you to take care of," He smiled. "But as usual you pulled it off just fine!" 


"Well, all you have to do is stay organized Spike. Take my lists for example. Because I was able to cross reference all the needed activities with the ponies I promised to audience I-"




"Oh Spike!" She smiled. "Well, you are just a baby dragon after all."


The Princess sprawled out and then after a while took up a quill and parchment. "I haven't written my own letter in a long time..."


Dearest Empress Yue,


I hope this letter finds you in a cheerful state. When I think of you I often imagine you with a smile on your face. You seemed so pleasant when we met I can't imagine much would take away your demure nature. It has been a while since I have last written though I know you understand that the duties of one in our sort of position do take up time and energy. However, it is of the utmost importance to me that our correspondence is kept up and as such I find myself writing you this letter.


Thank you for your most sincere answering of my questions. It is wonderful and so very interesting to learn about the life of one raised in a land quite foreign to myself. Your tutelage in the ways of the Harmonious Path  reminds e somewhat of the tutelage I was given under Princess Celestia. Learning to wield magic from the Princess of the Sun was the utmost of challenges and learning from her was a cross between terrible power and gentle grace. 


The Princess did indeed impart many words on me during my times of study but none so great as to my thoughts on myself. Everything I need to be the pony I am called to be resides inside of me. It is a process of unlocking this inner strength that continues throughout life. There is no end to the learning in these areas. It is the deepest form of art and magic, I could go on but perhaps this will suffice?


On to other interests. We recently celebrated a special time in the history of our lands Nightmare Night! It may sound frightening and its origins indeed were, however it is now a night for fillies, colts, and all who are young at heart to have fun! We dress in costume and collect sweets. It is silly of course but also a wonderful time to bond with those who I rule. It is my firm desire that those in my lands look to me as more than a ruler. This I suppose comes with the territory of being the Princess of Friendship.


What of you and your relations with those whom you rule? What sort of leader do you strive to be?


Twilight blinked. She was beginning to get sleepy.


I hope it does not offend you that I cut this letter a bit short. I find myself tired out fro my activities today though I very much wish to send you this letter. Our friendship is quite important to me! 


May you continue to be guided in wisdom in your role as Empress! I hope o hear from you again soon!


Yours in the Sisterhood of Friendship,


Twilight Sparkle


The Princess rolled up the parchment and placed it on her bedside table. In the morning she would have Spike send it to her friend across the seas. 

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Thanks to pressing matters, it was several days after receiving Twilight's letter before Empress Yuè got a chance to write her response. Eventually, her schedule eased off enough to grant her afternoon leisure time, allowing her to sit down and write:



To The Cherished Princess Twilight,


Words cannot express my delight at reading your words again. There is never a need to apologize to me for the lateness for your responses. While friendship is something that must be held dear by all rulers, we must always prioritize our royal duties above all other desires. A sagely ruler who properly attends to the needs of his or her subjects will often find that have ample time for their leisure or spiritual development, for they they do not let lingering problems fester into crises.


It is also said of the great sage rulers of old that they, alone of all beings, recognized how unintelligent they actually were. There is always something new to learn; another insight of the mind, or of the forces and cycles which govern over the material world. That you live by the same timeless wisdom only increases my admiration of you.


Nightmare Night sounds like a festive occasion indeed, and the manner in which you mingle with your people is most unique. According to our traditional custom, it is frowned upon for the imperial sovereign to treat his or her subjects in a familiar manner. There are some voices (most notably my brother Lián) who advocate for change, but in general, the prevailing opinion in the Imperial Court remains that I cannot be properly revered and worthy of respect if I sully my image as the Heavenly Daughter of Dragons.


No matter what tradition dictates however, I wish nothing more than to serve the Long Sun and all others who dwell in our borders. I will do all in my power to hear the people's concerns so I can act as necessary. It is my hope that I am remembered as a worthy successor to my late Father; that I will go down in the annals of history as a guardian of justice and harmony.


May fortune continue to smile down upon you in Equestria. I am always eager to learn more of your experiences as a Princess of Equestria.


I end my words with respect.


Your Friend in Sisterhood,

Yù Yuè



With night falling and dinner soon to come, the qilin mare blew magic fire on her finished letter, sending it on its journey to the Princess of Friendship.....

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