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Connection Issues? Report in!


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If any of you have been having connection issues, please report it here so we can collect more information to forward to IPS.


Bug Reports should contain the following:

  1. Time, time zone, and date that the problem was encountered.  If you have several documented cases of this occurring that would be helpful as well.
  2. The error message displayed when you were having connection problems.
  3. Operating system of your computer
  4. Browser used
  5. Your ISP.  If you feel that reporting your ISP would compromise your anonymity, please PM your report to the admins instead.
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Not sure if this is still active, and if not I apologize, but if it is:


12:06 AM, 22nd of September, I am in the eastern timezone

Error message was a standard 'the website is not responding'
Operating system is Windows 10, browser is Chrome, ISP is...Bell I think?

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