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King Thorax [Ready]


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Thorax new form ID S6E26


Name: Changling King Thorax

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Transformed Changling

Eye Color: Ranging from light violet to deep purple, no pupil is visible. 

Coat: Most of Thorax's body is a pale yellow green. This color covers his head and part of his neck and his legs. As a transformed changing he has many intricacies in his body structure. His neck begins as pale yellow green and this color blends with orange as it moves down towards his mid section. There are three crystalline diamonds adorning his neck, each being a part of his body structure. His midsection resembles a beetle with sparkling forest green plating on the underside and red purple top casing that opens to make room for his wings when in flight. 

Mane/Tail: He has no mane or tail so to speak thought his sparkling dragonfly like wings trail behind him when he is not in flight. 

Physique: His stature is tall, befitting a creature of his rank. He towers above pony kind in much the same way as Celestia. He is built of tough stuff, his body is encased in a shell like plating. This plating is more flexible in sections such as joints that need to be able to move freely. Thorax is very strong in presence and in physique. 

Residence: The main Changling Hive once ruled by the fallen Queen Chrysalis 

Occupation: Ruling over the Changlings in a kind and just manner as their King. Friend to ponykind, and to a certain baby dragon. 

Cutie Mark: Thorax has no cutie mark, but does have symbols of his leadership role. He has a small jagged horn jutting from his forehead. Behind this are two large rust orange horns, resembling the mandibles of a a stag beetle. 

Unique Traits: 

As is the namesake of the Changling, Thorax can readily change his appearance with a perfect mimic of whatever his subject happens to be. He had been known to take on the form of crystal ponies, baby dragons, and other creatures as needed. One of his favorite disguises is that of a crystal pony named by Spike; Crystal Hoof. Since taking on the role of the King of the Changlings he has not been as interested in changing his form.



The Changling knew he was different. In fact from the moment of his hatching Thorax knew he was different from the others. What was a Changling who wanted friends to do? Changlings don't do "friends". He was quickly shunned during his formative years. Since his kind do not have parents, opting for a system of care takers, he had no one to latch onto. For most of his kind this developed in the Changling an innate hunger. A desire to find and feed off of love. This emotion was absent from the hive and as soon as a young one had matured enough to leave their home, Changlings descended on the world of Equestria to obtain what they desired most from those who could exude the emotion. 


Thorax knew this hunger the same as all the others. He greatly desired to feed off of love, to consume the warmth and kinship that bubbled up from the ponies in the world around him. However, unlike the others, Thorax desired more. He desired something lasting. He desired not only to feed off love, but to experience it for himself through friendship. No other Changling had the understanding of creating love on their own. They were rooted in one thought process, to consume. Thorax however, had seen a different way to live. 


The former Queen Chrysalis mounted an all out attack on the center of love and friendship in the land, the Crystal Empire. The Changlings, driven not only by their unending desire to feed off love, but  also by the iron hoof of their leader launched into the fray! That day pony and Changling faced each other on the battle front! If the Changlings could win the Crystal Heart, the source of all love would be theirs! However, this was not to be. Six brave heroines stepped in to vanquish the Changling hordes, proving themselves stronger with their elements of harmony than an amount of wrath Chrysalis could throw at them! Thorax's eyes shown in admiration of the six. He wanted wat they had! He didn't want to suck it away from them, he wanted to join in on it!


His fellows had seen what Thorax did during the day of the battle. He had stepped aside, backed down, and worst of all, turned away from their Queen's demands. Thus, being misunderstood and rejected, Thorax was forced from the hive. 


The young Changling spent many moons alone. He wandered the wastes to the Crystal mountain ranges. His whole being longed for satiation, if only he could get near enough to draw the love off of another. However, even strong than this desire was his calling, to create love! To form a friendship with another. However, how could a Changling hope to get close enough to another to offer a hoof in friendship instead of offer a hiss and an angry expression?


Eventually his chance came! In the form of a baby dragon, the number one assistant to the Princess of Friendship herself! Thorax discovered that by acting as a reflection he could get close enough to interact with Spike. As was always the case as soon as the dragon realized what he was, Spike recoiled in terror from Thorax. However, since he wound up in a dangerous situation in his attempt to escape, the baby dragon and Changling had a chance to come to terms. Spike soon realized that Thorax was different from the others. The Changling was overjoyed!


It took some encouragement, and the innocent trust of a baby dragon, for the Princess of Friendship herself to see the good in the heart of a Changling! Soon after being accepted as a member of the Crystal Empire the call to protect this new home and friends came to him. Together with the most unlikely of comrades Thorax lead the recuse attempt to save all of the powers of Equestria from the hooves of the evil Queen.


It took a lot of courage, and a lot of teamwork between very different sorts of creatures, but the intrepid group was able to get their chance to take down Chrysalis in her throne room! In an act of true friendship Thorax disguised himself as Starlight Glimmer, taking the wrath of the Changlings onto himself to spare his friend. This act unlocked the true power resting in the most humble of Changlings!


Thorax was transformed by the magic of Friendship! Transformed to his true self. Freed from the shackles of love hunger. He was a friend to another! He had created love on his own! The curse of the Changlings was broken and they were now free to choose friendship and experience their true calling!


It was only right that the one who showed them their new path in life take on the role of their new leader! Thorax assumed the role of the King of Changlings graciously. His first act being to open up a line of trust with the ponies nearest to their Changling Kingdom, the Crystal Empire. The Changlings now enjoy the trust that comes with honored friendship. Ponies and Changlings travel from the Crystal Empire to the Changling Kingdom without worry of threat. The Kingdom itself has been transformed into a lush landscape, mirroring the hearts of its now full and happy citizens.


Character Summary:

Thorax is soft spoken, kind and wise. He is a dear and trusted to friend to all those he encounters. He speaks slowly, only after considering his words. The King shows wisdom that goes far beyond his years. He also has a fun side, loving to joke and play with his friends. He has a firm bond with the leaders of the Crystal Empire and with Twilight Sparkle. 


Only time will tell what will become of the new king of the Changlings. One thing is for sure, a Changling can change!

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