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Guten Tag Chaos [Complete]


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While he seemed a lazy cat, amongst the many parts that made him up, Discord was the apt traveller. Chaos didn't just stay in one place, afterall. What a ort of madness was that? Where ever there was peace: Discord would be there to unsettle it. Where there were standing places that ran a little too perfectly… Discord was there! Nothing was quieter and more peaceful than Hoofenheim, far on the Eastern edges of the Epoonie Range. Discord was no slouch with his cartography. When you were a god whose primary purpose was afflicting change it was easy to assume his was the interference that caused the move in the first place and he was just checking up on things…


Or not!  


One never knew with the rowdy, backwards and difficult to understand spirit. He had an agenda most of the time, but it was far beyond anything a mortal could comprehend anyway. Sometimes there wasn't a reason for change other than for it to simply occur. Though, in life, little to nothing was a simple task. Amongst the visitors and travelers the chaotic god would appear in the sea of the moving pones, granting them quite the spook!


When a near five, and a greater half, foot tall, chimeric chaos god appeared in a rabble, it was certain to jump hearts! It did not help he had a hiker's pack on his back the size of a baby elephant with tin cups and rope dangling from it. Cozied up in bright, green lederhosen, a white blouse, and a dark green gamsbart hat the spirit looked ready for a party. He threw out his arms in laughter.


"Wonderful!" He cried. "I haven't been here since the, well…" he manifested a calendar in his paw and claw, a pair of bifocals appearing on the end of his snout. "Since a thousand and ten falls ago." He marked off his dates with a purple pen with a Twilight topper.


Of course the town wasn't there, much else had been, but what? What reason could he have to visit a mountain range other than the perfect yodeling echoes?


The effects would vanish, lederhosen and all, leaving the spirit in his natural coat of feathers, fur and scales. He floated off the ground, wings tightly tucked against his back. Dashing around so startled ponies, and more annoyed ones, he zipped through the crowd. The town was quite quaint and lovely. Oh he did love the sweets they had too! Not too fond of the drinks, he couldn't get enough of the festival treats when they were abound. As chaos did his mere appearance disrupted a number of the citizens and visitors. Vanishing in a customary flash of white smoke he would reappear at neighboring vendors, nosing about for his favorite treat.


Rest perched on his haunches his face would smoosh press against the glass of a window as he pondered his vast amount of choices. In a quick, and disruptive movement, he wiggled through the ponies like a cloud snake and loomed over the counter. Pulling his lips back in a dark, hungry grin he bore down on the poor shopkeeper who started up at the disfigured spirit.



Mere moments later Discord was outside with a bag full of treats in one arm, burdening him as he shoved a delicious apple strudel into his muzzle. He was here for festivities and causing a ruckus, and that was what he was going to do. Far from the annoying drawl of Twilight's obnoxiously strict tutelage of Glimmer, or Celestia's inane lecturing on him practicing self control, he would do as he pleased today!

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Hoofenheim truly was a calm and quiet town on average. The occasional ruckus wasn't uncommon mind you, but the arrival of the chaos spirit certainly was causing quite a bit of a stir! Ponies were rushing more than usual to get their shopping and chores out of the way to avoid the shenanigans and mischief that would surely ensue thanks to his arrival.

One young pony however knew not such fear! Brave, bold, fearless, maybe just a bit silly as well. The one they call Sir Tin, Hero of Equestria!...And by they, he calls himself that. Tin Soldier was a common sight around the sleepy Germane town. A source of amusement for the older ponies and an adventurous albeit it a little...quirky friend to foals his age. Always going on about dragons he's fought and creatures he's befriended. Most of which didn't sound remotely real, but the saying goes, kids will be kids.

As per his adventurous personality, Tin was not one to shy away when any perceived 'danger' lurked about! And by the way that the townsfolk were acting, this strange mishmash of a creature surely was a danger! Stealthily, or as stealthily as a young colt could be, Tin stalked the dragon...rabbit...bird...goat...thing...through the streets of Hoofenheim! What dastardly plan did he have up his sleeve? Tin watched the suspicious beasty from the clearly superior hiding spot of 'behind a lamp post' as he...perused vendor stalls...the fiend?

Well Sir Tin was never one to judge a book by its cover for good or for ill, no sir! Perhaps the fair citizens of Hoofenheim were startled by something or someone else! After all, no one who like apple strudel and other sweets could be all bad, right?

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He was not without manners. He was a highly intelligent and snobbish chaotic doom-bringer, but when it came to apple strudels he was no mum and grossly shoved the snack down his fang-filled muzzle. Sharp canines, brutally jagged incisors gave way to more pony-like molars. But Discord was hardly the sort to turn to meat! His diet was strictly vegetarian and porcelain! Porcelain was quite useful in a dragon's diet, being a draconequus, it would be no undue surprise if he could breathe fire. Hen ever showed signs of it, but his stone-eating habits were a bit under measured. Porcelain was just ground stone after all. Strudel after strudel he would empty his bag until it was no more. Crumbling it down to a ball he stared at the brown paper ball, white brows arching up. With his grey brows and beard the old chimeric sorcerer seemed quite wizened, an elder of great wisdom! With a shrug he opened his jaws and popped the paper ball into his muzzle, eating that too.


The unsettled ponies did naught but delight him! His feathers ruffled as he pushed to stand to his hind legs. "I can see you are unused to standing before greatness!" He hissed in delight and pomp, pressing his eagle's claw to his feathery chest. "I must say it is quite unwelcoming of you too..." His eyes narrowed, claws giving a snap.


In true form Discord manifested a statue of himself in the square and gave quite a heart laugh before flittering into non-existence. After a moment he would reappear in the arms of -- well, himself! He lay cross in the statue's outstretched arms, the spirit giving it a momentary glare. A sour taste in his muzzle caused him to softly tsk in annoyance. Foul memories of rude and unabiding pigeons made him grouse at the sight of his stony visage. Snapping again said statue would be reduced to a pile of silver-scaled snakes and slither away in various directions. After the serpents scattered, and a pony or two as well, he landed on the ground, leaning forward in a most reptilian pose. His head cocked to the side, his hinds legs spread apart awkwardly due to their altering sizes. His tail did to support him when he stood. The large manticore paw was soft, but it hid a dangerous set of claws. He was a general mess of parts.


Glancing back he noticed a young colt staring at him. "And who is this? Not fleeing to the high ground are we? You are either brave or foolish, or are just shocked silly with seeing a celebrity~" He held out his paw, a photograph appearing with his black and white headshot with his crooked signature at the bottom. "Discord, lord of chaos, at your service." He grinned that toothy, Cheshire grin.

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This strange dragon-like whatsit was certainly...well, strange to say the least! Eating paper bags, summoning large vainglorious statues of themselves, floating around without a care. But they didn't seem particularly dangerous, which is exactly what baffled the colt! So many adults were shirking in terror or fleeing to the safety of their homes, while others just stood around in abject confusion. The only seemingly 'dangerous' thing that the old wizard – and that's what Tin was certain the creature was at this point, a very strange and jumbled up wizard – did was change the statue into large silver salamanders...or were they baby wingless wyverns? Surely not just plain old snakes, no sirree!

Tin stood there watching, pondering as things went on. It wasn't until the creature, who introduced himself as Discord...a Lord no less, how interesting, addressed the colt that the pegasus remembered he was even really hiding behind a lamp or stalking what was supposed to be a possible threat. Hopping gallantly from behind his perfect hiding spot, Tin bowed and stood up proudly. "Hail friend, and guten tag! I am Tin Soldier, Knight of Germaney! What brings you to fair Hoofenheim on this beautiful day?" he asked with a smile and a tilt of his head as he glanced over the photograph that was held out before him. The padded practice lance the colt carried on his back didn't particularly lend itself to him being any sort of Knight, a few of the nearby adults seemed to giggle quietly at Tin's introduction, as though it were fairly commonplace.

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The mismatched wizard curled back his lips, chuckling as he raised his head in a rather cocky fashion. The foal was quite brave. While clearly not infantile n his growth stage, they seemed old enough to not comprehend danger when they saw it. Oh it's what made youth wondeful. Ceaseless recklessness was a trait he often adored in their innocence and, moreover, one he drove ruthlessly from adults who all too notably forgot their place. Yes his presence alone was enough to instill chaos in the sleepy town. As a spirit of disharmony it was his duty. But there was something more behind it.


It was no simple sense of dismay he looked to bring to the town. Reformed his games had less of a catastrophic result, as of late. The shift in power would likely bring guards or soldiers that stood to protect the miner's paradise from serious threats. He was one, or bot, depending on his mood. This colt seemed to appear him with no fear, and even proceeded to introduce himself as a knight. Pricking his ears the harmony menace let a cackle rumble feom his chest.


The titter of the crowed piqued the spirit's curiosity. "A knight are you?" And it clicked.


In a flash the disenchanting hobble of parts shifted and twisted until he was decked in a familiar velvet red cape with fine clothes and buttons that seemed to glitter like gems! He sat primp and propped, a claw pressed to his chest as his paw pushed between his haunches she he had a perfect posture, at least what a noodle serpent of scales and feathers, hold. He looked like a boble, as if that Lord title was befitting to such a crazed spirit.


"Well it seems I've come to the right place, if you are indeed Sir Tin." He rolled the sir with great enunciation. "As you may have heard there is a dreadful beast that requires your attention, after all a lord in need of a young knight's prowess is hardly uncommon." At least he hoped feudal lordism was still a thing. He was old, but he wasn't that backwards!


The mangle of parts could see this turning to a fun day. Who would have thought he could have ten apple strudel and a show! But quick, quick, what task could a lord send a young knight to do to prove his tenacity and spirit? Celestia would certainly not find great amusement if he conjured a dragon on a town. A chocolate rainstorm in Manehatten (don't ask), but dragon conjuring was probably a bit more extreme. But what was convincing, yet downright amusing?


"Ah, my eviiiil twin has taken the deed to my estate into one of the nearby mine caves! He is due to bury it and remove all sign of my wealth!" Of course not without the dramatic flair that Discord was known for.


A flash of lightning cracked overhead as clouds rolled in, only to vanish with the passing crescendo of his melodramatics.

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Young Tin nodded emphatically. "Verily I am, sir! I do my best to aid the country of Germaney in any way that I can!" the colt seemed sincere in his convictions. The crowd however was growing a little bit...worried. Surely Discord wouldn't do anything bad to him though. After all, word had reached of his 'reformation'...that didn't stop them from fearing though but neither did it encourage them to jump in on the young pegasus' behalf.

When the jumbled creature conjured forth such regal attire, Tin's eyes lit up before he bowed formally. Clearly this Discord really was a lord! What a rare honor indeed! And he had come searching for him? Surely not, perhaps someone like him, any good Knight would do, mustn't be too full of himself, it wasn't knightly! "Indeed I have m'lord. Though I've not seen hide nor hair of the dastardly creature!" he replied to the regal and clearly not lying at all 'lord' before they continued. "The fiend! Not only could that harm your own wealth, surely that would hinder the livelihood of others as well. That simply cannot stand! Into which mine has the villain fled, that I may attempt to dispense justice forthwith?"

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Discord was many things and was known by many more names and titles. Be it the Lord of Chaos, Spirit of Disharmony, or simply put menace, his reputation was as varied as the Everfree was wide. His influence extended across Equestrian where he was, perhaps as other names. Discord was the most well known of them. The slinky, troublemaking serpent had a habit of disrupting the status quo, turning the average and mundane into inconsistent and extraordinary. Those who lived to the tick of the clock found themselves visited by his treacherous disruptions and pushed from the steady paces if their limitations and comfort zones, in a effort to introduce them to the enormity that was the expansive world and it's treasures.


Some say his powers were fueled by the chaotic plunder he committed. In a sense, it was true. Forgotten and sunk into stone the power of Harmony had kept him sealed for a thousand years, allowing him to stew in his anger and process his unequaled capacity. It had been mere chance, one he did not let push him to folly again, to underestimate the capacity and stubbornness of the alicorn. They had their weakness and would never stand to match him again… but too with a thousand years came chance to realize how utterly Boeing a one player game truly was. If his chaos did not pressure change or challenge mediocrity… why commit to it?


It had been something he came to question due to Fluttershy's more compassionate nature. 


The Herald of Shenanigans was not out to hurt ponies, it had never been his goal. He wanted to play, to have somepony to challenge. He was thrilled by the accepter of this game and would make it a challenge. The adults became forfeit in his advances to play a role. A knight at the behest of a lord? Well he would need peasants of that t'were the case! He could borrow Celestia's peasantry for a while. She wouldn't mind. Not if it was in the spirit of a game... 


The overlord of wit vanished, dispersing his outfit, before reappearing floating, and beside Tin. "Oh, well youthful knight, one cannot proceed to the medley of the crisis without first evoking the knowledge of the local peasantry of this most perilous figure. Who is to say what dastardly compatriots this handsome crook had under his hire that would pervade in your attempt to stop him!" Ever the drama queen, the spirit would make the quest worth its weight in salt, if not drain it of every ounce of entertainment from it.


The spirit chuckled and floated back, a rolled parchment appearing in his paw. "Before you lies a great quest! The villagers should know where my fiendish evil twin hides." Discord snapped his claws.


Scripts appeared in the hooves of citizens here and there, the map marking their location. It seems the adults would be roped into DIscord's little play, but what did he have in mind? Well Tin seemed quite a brave sort, but it was important he learned his limitations and what truly made him great. Sometimes a foal's games led to the most wonderful discoveries and it would help the adults to remember they were once foals with a dream too. The first 'peasant' was the local baker, which Discord had procured his treats from. He stared at his script and signed. When Tin approached him he would have to give him a detail about the old well and that he saw the shady figure skulking there at sone point. Of course it wasn't hard to describe Discord's 'evil' twin...

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Tin was nearly beside himself with excitement, but held it in, for so long he had wanted to preform really real knightly duties! Not to say the grand services he gave Hoofenheim weren't a noble cause, he was the only knight in the realm after all. But to be able to aid a Lord in need? That was on a whole different level! And here he was, map in hoof ready to embark on a possibly perilous journey to save not only the good name of the clearly kind Lord Discord, but also the peace, civility and livelihood of Hoofenheim! Saluting proudly the young pegasus nodded. "I shall do my best! By your leave, m'lord." as gallantly as the colt could he trotted off, checking his map.

The first stop was, well, just nearby, the baker! Penny Loaf was a kind sort, even if they probably had their work cut out for them today thanks to chaos incarnate deciding to play around with the town's 'knight'. Tin proudly made his way into the bakery and smiled. "Hail, Mr. Penny Loaf! It's always nice to see you!" he said making his way to the counter. "Pray tell, have you seen any strange goings on as of late?"

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Discord was beside himself with amusement, though seeing as he presented himself having an evil twin, shouldn't he? The spirit of chaos this particular conundrum. He did not want to make a lair of himself, even if it was just a game. All parts had to be in place. A game didn't work if you failed to set up the board beforehoof, at least that is what he learned from Spike. Not that he would admit learning something so basic from a baby dragon. Yup, they just had ways of seeing things that was too obvious to adults. Ick did that mean he was thinking like an adult? that had to stop post haste


!While he felt too much Discord was never such a thing he needed to be able to handle himself. When Tin raced off the spirit reached into his mane and plucked a single, split hair, from the stiff comb. Dropping it to the ground he reached into a vest, which he manifested on, in that moment, and pulled form it what looked to be a small, white tea cake that read: 'Eat Me." He set it down beside the bit of fur, which came to life and munched it down. After a moment or two the pluck of himself grew to a half-sized him! All perfect, menacing, and, most important of all: easy to control! It may have been only half his size, but with a gorgeous black top hat, with a red ribbon, and a most vile, villainous mustache~ he was ready to stoop to all sorts of villainy in the name of fun!


Warping out the spirit of chaos reappeared in what appeared to be a green military helmet and vest, the helmet covering over his eyes. "Alright, you know what to do!" He ordered.


The mini-him giggled, giving a mock salute, before it zipped off. Though half Discord's size it still had enough chaos magic to start turning parts of town into his evil headquarters, perfectly fit with a number of caged in citizens to be sold off to market! Of course some were quite scared, while others felt it was going to be a long and taxing day until Tin could figure out how to beat this game, whatever it was... The most dangerous aspect of the game was that Discord may not know when to stop. He had a bit of difficulty finding a limit for he was not a pony. He could not always remember that they had a limit to their patience and stretchability. 


Penny loaf gave a sigh but smiled at Tin. He looked down to the paper which was his script. "Ahh!" He provided with limited conviction. 


Discord appeared around a corner, glaring at the shopkeeper. It wasn't a good idea to ruin his game, or the fun the foal was having. Folding his ears down the discordant spirit's red eyes gave an annoyed glow.


"Ahh!!" He offered with greater, more legitimate fear. "Noble... and mighty Sir Tin! I have been vexed by this dastardly, yet handsome twin to the great and mighty noble Lord Discord....?" He glanced up to leer at the spirit who cackle d before vanishing. Penny sighed, but continued. "It seems he had stolen all of my bread which was to go to the orphans." Though all his stock was there, but details.


Though the moment he thought that his entire store shelves were emptied. Standing across the way was Evilcord™ with his evil mustache and top hat! He had the stack of stock in his arms and cackled. "You'll never catch me!" And off he floated with the goods, leaving Penny Loaf to sigh deeply. He would vanished into the next area, the bookstore~! Well a villain had to be the learned sort! Inside the books had come to life and formed a --- book dragon. The store owner had her face pressed to the desk. There was really no stopping this. She looked to her paper, though more like lifted it up and recited it as she lay limp over the top of the counter.


"Oh, who will save our knowledge? Cue Ti-- oh... I'm not suppsoed to read the part? Uh, sorry.." She added. 

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This truly was a journey for a knight of his noble stature! There was a real villain and everything! How dastardly! Stealing all of poor Penny Loaf's stock! There were at least forty cakes there! That's as many as four tens, and that's terrible. Tin shook his head, disappointed. "Foul denizens of evil care not for the tragedies that they unfold upon the common folk...Fear not, good Penny Loaf, I swear on my honour that I shall do my utmost to retrieve your stolen goods and end this terror!" he said, galloping towards the door, but screeching to a halt before he left. "Oh and if you see my mom tell her I may be late for dinner." with that, he was out the door in a flash.

Just round the way, the maniacal miniature was perpetrating another act of peril upon the peasantry! Alas he was moments too late in cornering the culprit, just in time to see the beast he had created! "Yeegads. Truly that is no way to treat the works of historians and sages. Has this fiend no appreciation for literature?...Or maybe he just hates homework as much as I do..."

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The shopkeeper waved off the lad, chuckling lightly. How was he going to tell his mother such a thing with a straight face. Telling somepony their son was galavanting around with the spirit of chaos wasn't something a doting parent cared to know. As soon as Tin left the goods were returned, to the relief of Penny Loaf. That wasn't something he cared to explain. The spirit was having quite the fun time with his game. It was more than he could have hoped. His reason for coming here had been, at most simple, to entice the sleepy town into a frenzy. But to come upon a foal.. well, ser knight, willing to cave to the temptation of adventure was too much to refuse.


Once upon the bookstore, the book dragon let out a roar before turning its head and breathing a stream of paper that snap-latched to a bookshelf, cocooning it. Book spines along its back served as sturdy ridges. It's plating was comprised of hefty novels, ensuring it's hide could not be pierced. It's underbelly was made of soft paperbacks. Now that was the obvious weak point, but to damage books?! Atop the encased shelf the mini Evilcord™ appeared, rubbing together his paw and claw. Hunched in his trademark evil top hat, the dubious actor of villainy cackled.


"There is no way you'll defeat him, foal. He has knowledge of hundreds of years in his belly! Good luck defeating him, for while you waste time here, I will be off to end recess at the schoolhouse. Soon you'll have nothing to do after lunch break! " He threw his paw and claw overhead. 




"Ahem…" he looked to the bookmare who fumbled with her paper.


Squinting she would observe her line. "Ah!" She gasped. "You'll never get away with this Evilcord™. Ser Tin will protect the sanctity of our town!" She pushed her role rather hard, being quite into it now.


Evilcord™ looked on with a bit of awe and shock. She had seemed so quiet.


She giggled a bit. "Oh, this is quite fun. I haven't had this much excitement in a while!" She would admit.


Evilcord™ shook his head, refocusing on his actions. "Myahahaha! And so that is how it is!" He pulled his dark cape over his head and fled the scene.


The bookmare psst'd towards Tin to get his attention. She would raise her hoof to hide the pointing motion of her other, to indicate what looked to be an out of place book on the Book Dragon. If Tin could knock it away, the beast of pages may lose its form's stability and come undone! There were other ways to defeat it as well, but what would the brave ser knight do?!


As for Discord himself he levitated over the schoolyard, sipping on some chocolate milk from a tall glass. The pink crazy straw curled about only for the end to hover lightly over his lips between tastes. He was laid out as if rest in a hammock, his paw tucked behind his head and his hind hoof crossed over his right talon. The miniature Evilcord™ appeared with a writhing bag and entered the schoolhouse. The teacher seemed a bit annoyed to be roped into these shenanigans. Time better left to study, yet the spirit was distracting young foals and letting their imagination run rampant.


A hoof was shook at the spirit. "No harm better come to the colt." Tin was well loved, a goofy youth who had dreams.


It'd not do well for such leisures become broken. Such a cruel game may dishearten the colt if he were unable to pass the spirit's games which were, notoriously, fraught with danger. Discord perked an ear, sipping loudly on his drink. There was another moment of silence before he pulled back the glass and rest it atop his stomach.


"Harm? It is simply a game to test his...desires. If he wants to be a knight he'll face his trials. Or are you telling me you rather be the one to break his dreams of grandeur? I must say it does seem intriguing." The teacher stared at him in confusion. "You encourage his behavior yet, come the time he act, you try to coddle him. Are you going to have faith in him or crush his hopes?" A tough question to be presented.


Far be it for Discord to discourage the adults desire for recourse over the colt, but it was also beyond him to deny the chance to see how far they would let him go. Some members of the town seemed to regard the game as fun and harmless, but there were others who were wary and knew whom they dealt with. Releasing the spirit has been the decision of the princesses…yet it was difficult to change perception so old…

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"Ahh, at last the fiend shows himself!" With a flick of his wing, Tin pulled the training spe-er...the gleaming golden spear of justice from his back and pointed it towards Evilcord™. "Surrender now, villain, and perhaps mercy will be shown." as the young pegasus had expected though, the maniacal mischief maker was hearing none of it. And now he was threatening recess? How does one threaten a concept such as a break really...I mean sure he could destroy the recess equipment but that would just be rude!

The colt shook his head from his pondering as a sudden 'Psssst' came to his ears. For the briefest of moments he had forgotten about the dragon! Now who was rude? Forgetting about an adversary mid fight. Tsk tsk. Either way, the kind librarian was quick to point out the weak spot of the colossal menace! It seemed that our villain a bit ramshackle with his work and left linchpin for the beast's form out in the open! With a grin of thanks towards the kind librarian, Tin scuffed a hoof on the ground and glared at the dragon. The dragon glared back. Tin glared back back. The dragon glared back back back. Tin gl-threw his spear and knocked loose the book with relative ease!

The 'vicious' book dragon stood up and glanced behind it, staring at the book that had been knocked loose. Ironically it was a book on how to build sturdy foundations. Before the beast could even let out a roar of anger, its form crumpled to the ground in a pile of knowledge. Sighs of relief escaped both Tin and the librarian as the young colt wandered over to pick up his spear. However, a small pile of books began to rumble, putting Tin back on alert. From within the pile clambered out a...tiny miniature dragon that seemed to be made out of pamphlets rather than books. The little thing seemed rather frightened now! "Aw, be at ease, dragon."

Putting his spear onto his back once more, the colt knelt down to the little origami dragon and offered a hoof. "If thou dost promise not to cause any more trouble, I shall not turn you into Lord Discord, yes?" the little paper beasty blinked and glanced at the hoof before nodding emphatically and leaping onto the hoof. The colt chuckled and made his way back to the counter where the librarian sat. "Here we are! Take good care of our new ward, I shall return as soon as I am able! But justice has yet to be served!" gently the pegasus sat the dragon down onto the counter and rushed forth from the library.

The fiend made his next destination crystal clear, and so without wasting time Tin made haste to the schoolhouse, he hoped that he wasn't too late!

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"He's headed this way." The teacher looked up and could easily see over the hill.


The spirit of chaos was lounges on the spine of the school house roof. His manticore's forearm was propped behind his head, hind hoof res over that reptilian knee of his. His eyes were slid closes, making the dark marks of sleeplessness more obvious against his lighter, grey-brown fur. Discord, who had been sipping on some lemonade sputtered, the glass dropping from existence. He rolled to his side and, if not for his levitation magic he would have rolled clean off the res shingles. Spreading his wings he gave an unneeded flap, length shifting as his muscles tensed. His forelimbs were tucked against his chest, back legs dangling down.


"Well," he chuckled. "He defeated the dragon sooner than I thought he would..." The old wizard of chaos cocked his head and stroked his beard thoughtfully.


"Dragon?!" The teacher shouted and moved forward, only to snap back.


The teacher was strapped against a spinning dart board. They had their forelimbs locked to their side.. A bizarre contraption sat in front of them. Wooden planks and arches roughly nails together, looking akin to a better mouse trap. The chute was slightly angled, and were one to follow along the top had a bucket of icy water hanging by a rope. The rope was pulled taut and ran down to the ground where a magnifying glass sat over it. Evilcord™ was putting the finishing touches on the trap, rubbing his gloved paw and claw together. Discord floated over the teacher.


"Oh don't worry, he's in good hooves." The spirit mused. "Don't forget our treat for the colt." Evilcord™ blinked, parting his muzzle in wonder.


He let out his evilest Evilcord™ cackle. Discord warped out, waving his paw. The teacher rolled their eyes. All the miniature spirit clone needed was to remove the cloth from the glass to start toe trap. Turning the top hat wearing menace wiggles his digits summoning a shadow pony. This shadow was Times exact build and height, a spear as well! It reared up and stomped down, scraping it's hoof in the grass. Once Tin himself had come close enough the mini villain threw his arms up.


"Myahahaha!" He cackled. "You'll never escape my trap!" Evilcord™ have the teacher a stern look. 


"Criminal!" They neighed sharply, more than willing to yell at the irresponsible spirits clone. "How dare you disturb the sanctity of education! Triple homework for you!" They scolded. 


Shadow!Tin and Evilcord™ jumped back, hugging each other in fear. The minicord narrowed his eyes. He was the villain! He pushed Shadow!Tin out of the way and jumped to the magnifying glass, pulling away the cloth to reveal the sun to the focused glass, upon the rope. Shadow!Tin moves to stand, its expression twisting. It was clear concern that the battle may have been poorly decides upon. Evilcord™ couldn't be bothered though. 


"I shall head to the mine where my good twin thinks he can hide the family fortune from me. With the great and heroic Tin unable to defeat his shadow, his most troublesome sides, I will win! Myhahaha!" And with that Evilcord™ bound away to the mine, the teacher rolling their eyes.

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School! While it certainly wasn't his arch-enemy by any means it wasn't his favourite place in the world. Tin didn't consider himself a scholar by any means. No he was more for action than study, but he knew it had its place. Which is why he simply could not allow this evil to root its claws of madness into the hallowed halls of learning! Upon his arrival, Tin was of course met with the gloating and maniacal laughter of Lord Discord's evil twin once more! The patchwork perpetrator was proving to be a slippery sort, but justice and good always triumphs in the end!

What came as a surprise to the colt however, was that it seemed Evilcord™ had made a twisted Tin twin! It glared at the real do-gooder counterpart with a disdainful grin but made not a move. "Foul trickery after foul trickery..." Tin mumbled to himself as he shook his head. As villains often do, the top hatted menace made his escape, leaving his lackey to do his dirty work once again. "I do not wish to fight you unless I must...uh...me...not me...you." Tin shook his head, this was going to get confusing. "Stand aside, there's no need for a quarrel..." while the colt tried to talk sense into his doppelganger, he carefully glanced around. Surely there was something near by he could use to disarm the foul trap the teacher was...er...trapped in...without there having to be a scuffle...

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Had Discord a goal for this game it would certainly be to quarrel. Thus far all of Tin's challenges had a propensity to face an adversary to contest his power as a knight. But what of the mind? While a knight's body needed to be honed to withstand the weight of plated armor and the hefty ballast of a weapon upon one's back, their mind could not be forsook! To be devoid of the laws he must uphold turned him no better than the villains he chased and the unwritten code in which he needed to memorize held place among the honored titles of vassals and kin who tilled the soils and cut the rocks of their land. 


No this challenge was more attuned to his sense of logic. Why defeat an enemy when you could convince it to defeat itself. After all this was Tin's shadow. How much darkness could a foal have in his heart? No it seemed, most certainly, a case of bad habits. If Tin could reveal to himself his imperfections, he would end the fight before it began. What was Tin's greatest weakness? There was a simple way to be rid of the better mouse trap. It looked to be held together by a single screw. If it was removed the chute would move off alignment and bonk Shadow!Tin. 


Discord watched as Evilcord™ filled the minecart with treasure. Various ores, some rugs and treasure boxes. "Well I think that is plenty. After he arrived we can finish the game." The spirit was standing on his hind legs, adjusting his costume. "If he passes this last test I can reward him."  


The half sized evil spirit paused and looked to Discord, his grey brows furrowed. He narrowed his eyes, red pupils giving off a glow brighter than the larger sized 'Cord. All around rocks began to move and piled up on top of each other creating imp-sized rock golems, surrounding them. Discord pricked his ears and looked around. The larger spirit opened his muzzle to question the Evilcord™, but the mini 'Cord snapped his gloved claws and a golden lasso appeared, snapping around the chaos lord's torso and muzzle And ensnared him. Flailing about he fell to the ground! 


"Kyheheh!" The tinycord cackled. "I don't want the game to end! And you're not going to stop me. Toss him in the cart so he can't interfere." Discord struggled in his binds. "Oh how terrible for you. That lasso is enchanted and you won't be able to break it with your magic for it is made with your magic! Kyheheh!" The tiny rock golems tossed Discord into the minecart and pushed it into the mine. Evilcord™ left clues that would lead Tin to his lair!

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Tin's showdown with his shadowy doppelganger was proving to be yet another staring contest so far. But unlike that of the fight with the dragon, there was no loose spot to target on the evil lookalike. Nor did he seem the type for negotiation if his silent sneering at the colt was any indication. Alas, not all wars can be won with words.

Cautiously Tin began to circle around his opponent, drawing his spear. To which the shadow reciprocated, mimicking the colt step for step. When he lunged forward, so too did the clone, their spears clacking off one another to no effect. It truly was like fighting a mirror, one that was evil and laughed at you every time something you tried failed, but still a mirror none the less! To Ascend and be closer to the stars, so to speak, one must be able to defeat their darkest inner self. Tin knew he was not infallible, sometimes he'd be too focused on the goal ahead to take in his surroundings.

That was it wasn't it! Of course, if the shadow was a mirror of him, it would have the same flaws! Once more the pegasus began to circle round, putting Shadow!Tin just in front of contraption. Meanwhile the teacher was likely growing dreadfully bored and mentally preparing themselves for an icy shower. With a leap forward, Tin and his shadow's spears clanged together once more! But when they leapt back, his counterpart smacked flank first into the ramshackle trap, rattling several nails and screws free. Grumbling and mumbling the Shadow!Tin looked back just in time for it to fall apart on top of him. The minion lay defeated, little birds actually swirling around the top of his head. Gosh chaos magic is strange.

Swiftly Tin flew up and sat about freeing the teacher. "Forgive me that I had not arrived sooner!" he began, shaking his head. "Perhaps if I had, you would not have been trapped in the first place. But I cannot waste time to wax poetic of my shortcomings though they may be many!" once the teacher was safely on the ground, Tin struck a heroic pose and glared off towards where Evilcord™ had mad his escape. "Evil still lurks the town, and one must needs vanquish it! And you!" Tin pointed down at his dazed doppelganger. "Trouble not the teacher or other citizenry lest you be bested once again.

Rearing up dramatically, Tin bolted off to the mines. This would surely be the final showdown! Maybe. Unless the villain would run off, again.

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Tin was quite valiant in his efforts to face his opponents. Most adults would crumble in the face of their own darkness, unable to admit the weaknesses that made them imperfect. An adult often forgot it was these imperfections that made them unique and powerful. Not that the chaotic spirit would ever admit their tenacity and stubbornness being a direct result of their flaws. He was still remiss to recognize his inferior traits as he always saw himself above ponies. Perhaps when the old wizard found somepony else that… It was a trait he had to correct, though wasn't going to any time soon. For now he continued his games and suffered the follies of his ego. He hadn't expected his more menacing traits to consume and turn on him, but now Evilcord™ was running about with no controlling conscious.


With the Shadow!Tin defeated and a crumpled heap on the ground, the trap would collapse into of it, causing the mechanism to reveal something interesting. There looked to be a treasure box, but Tin raced off to face his mortal enemy. Well immortal enemy seemed a bit more accurate in this case. The shadow version of himself would dematerialize and return to the colt's shadow. The teacher was freed so sighed at the mess they were left. Hmm, something odd was in the pile of wood. Whilst they dealt with the mess in the school yard, Evilcord™ had began his plans. With no bigger'cord telling him what to do he could lay out his plans to take over the town.


Discord was bound by the golden lasso and strung upside down in the mine. The little stone golems cackles and danced around him, poking the annoyed spirit with sticks. "You shall not be getting away with this." The larger'cord dictated.


The half sized Evilcord™ cackled, rubbing his paw-claw together. "With you out of the way I only have to worry about the little knight. He may have defeated the dragon, and even if he somehow manages to defeat my puzzle there is no way he will stop the ultimate evil plot©!"

The stony minions cackled and threw up their hands. Scattering out they would collect their weapons, tiny wooden swords and shields, and ran to the front of the mine's entrance.


Evilcord™ jumped onto the minecart full of the taken goods and pointed ahead. The dangling Discord rolled his eyes and resumed gnawing on the rope. With the little army gathered, the stone minions standing little taller than to the knee of an adult pony, the five of them were fierce! Manifesting a megaphone into his claw the evil chaos clone rode into down, two of the three minions pushing the cart.


"Ponies of Hoofenheim, I Evilcord™ will now be taking over all of your operations! You will be paying me weekly tribute, plus tax, as part of an age old agreement! Don't be afraid to sell out neighbors and try a coup, oh I so love sniffing our could. There is nothing that can save you now!" With Discord out of the way he would not be returning to the subconscious of that dreadful snek anytime ever again.


Evilcord™'s plan was simple: take over the town, make them worship him and balme Discord for any and all problems that arise during his rule! The mines kept the spirit trapped that due to that magic lasso that Discord himself could not break!

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Tin knew the mines like the back of his hoof! Okay, perhaps not the back of his hoof. But being that his father was a very passionate jeweler and often went to the mines to hand pick ore and gemstones for his work, there were many times where the cold had accompanied him in the rounds! The miners always left torches along the lefthoof wall going into the mines, so if you follow them on your right you can always find your way out!

Courageously the young colt plodded his way into the mine, unaware that he'd not find his quarry as he had been expecting. Still he pressed on, following any clues that might lead to the whereabouts of his fated foe. Were one here on leisure, the mines really were beautiful, veins of ores and clusters of crystals dotted the various shafts of the mine with the torches making them glisten beautifully. It was this among many reasons why Tin could not allow evil to take root in them! "There's nowhere left to run, fiend!" he hollered into the echoing mine. "I've bested your challenges and now it's time to face justice!" the pegasus slowly made his way deeper, listening carefully in case of an ambush!


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Completing a dungeon was the boon of any adventurer: young or old! Not even senectitude could conquer the eternal spirit of the hero. The sands of time had no place beneath their hooves. So long as the colt marched forward he would not face the despondency that many adults fell back to when they found themselves unable to reach their dreams. Absurd aspirations like having the highest role amongst one's peers or finding solace in achieving what is shy of impossible often led to the defeat that drew forlorn and ragged features upon an aged, and dreamless individual. Heroes soften overreached too, but they had greater heart. Tin could become a great knight and a dutiful warrior, but to do so he couldn't lose the heart that made him young, lest he age and become a shriveled prune that doesn't remember how to laugh.


Sometimes -- Discord was reminded of an old pony like that, who crossed this way and that between his realm. He was not quite mad, but neither had he the lucidity to accept that something was impossible. 


As Tin stepped hoof into the mines the familiarity with its internal structure would guide him. The stony walls glittered with unearthed gems. The gentle dance of the torches created a show of glitter and gleam with every twist. Winds snaked through the intricately carved corridors, dark shadows stretching to meet the tips of one's hooves with every step. For many adventurers such a place would breed caution. The sounds of echoes that reverberated off the ceaseless passages spawned a sense of being surrounded. It was like treading in the belly of a best as walls just seemed to -- breathe. When the young colt would find way to the end of the chamber there he would find the spirit of chaos, or in this case the noble Lord Discord, trapped!


It seems the kind and gentle noblepony had been captured by his most nefarious twin! 




"Go fish." It seemed he had come to occupy himself with a neighboring mine rat who had a set of cards, playing a game with the old spirit. "Oh!" He looked over. "About time. Could you get me down? The blood is starting to rush to my head." He did seem a little red in the face. "Though it seems my ahh evil twin, has gotten the upper hoof on me and has headed into town to well -- use my fortune to conquer it. You're our only hope Tin." Of course little did Tin know this fortune, came in the forum of magic...

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No matter how labyrinthine the mines could be, nothing would dissuade Tin from his goal of doling out well deserved justice...Though if dinner time came around he may just have to put justice on hold. One cannot fight evil on an empty stomach! Though for now he delved deeper into the mines until a familiar, albeit inverted, sight caught his eye. The good Lord Discord! It seemed that the miserable miscreant had captured his 'brother' and tied him up in the mines! The classic villainous misdirection. It was fortunate for Discord that the colt showed up!

"This foul fiend has gone too far." he said, shaking his head as he flew up to get the 'poor distressed noble' down. Also fortunate for the chaos spirit was the Tin was more than dexterous enough that he was able to undo the knot in the lasso with little struggle!...Though if he didn't get back to flying soon after, he'd likely end up landing on his head. "We must make due haste, m'lord! It's likely that the cretin has already started stirring up more trouble as we speak!"

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Once untied the spirit took a sharp dove to the rocky ground. The rat pulled their little, pink paws over their eyes. No sound followed the rumbling Lord of madness. Peeking through the digits the critter would be surprised to see him floating just behind the colt, looking quite dapper. He hadn't need of his little disguise anymore if he wasn't to be part of the game, but he was dragged right back in! There was no way he would let that offending clone turn his perfectly manufactured game into a twisted deception of what his behavior had become. Discord was a proud dungeon Master and there was no way his pieces should run amuck.


He adjusted the bifocals at the end of his snout, top hat being tipped by his grasping, white tail tuft. "I should reward you for your dutiful acts brave knight, but it seems this criminal twin of mine is taking advantage of my patience. While it does me ire to reveal such a secret, I have with me his greatest weakness. It can take an evil as great as his, but this also means my own flesh and magic will be defeated." And that was just terrible 


Discord reached with his white gloves hand to open the lapel of his suit jacket, digging into the inner pockets. The rat cleaned up his cars mess and would waddle away. Pulling out a metal pie tin: the well dressed magician would present the colt with the mistletoe of his relative. Inside the oven safe dish was a cherry pie. This delectable treat would distract him and allow Tin to take the final act. It looked quite delicious and even had caramelized edges along the crust.


"This is dangerous, a last resort young Knight. This cherry pie could shatter his existence to pieces, for it is the only, offending reason why we can be and cannot be at the same time. It is a Chaotic gentlepony's nightmare."


With that cherry pie, Tin could even defeat Discord himself! His duty was clear!


In the middle of town Evilcord™ had the townsfolk gather ceramic pots, frying pans, and all the teacups in town and place it on a pile where his throne of sporks Sat proudly. At the base the imp-sized golems of stone ushered the ponies on the line to place the goods. Many were confused. Was this part of the game? It seemed too real. While they didn't want to participate they were also worried what the spirit may do if he was scorned. They heard stories. He was reformed right? What would they do if he reverted? What would they do if one of their pots cracked?!


"Mwuhaha! Fools! That foalish colt has been defeated. There is nothing to save you now. I, Evilcord™, shall become king of this village and it's riches!" He stood upon his throne, one of the golem imps using a paper fan to have his cape blow miraculously in the wind. 

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Tin shook his head heroically and smiled. "Nay, sir! A good deed done is its own reward. But your words ring true. This fiend's folly has gone on for too long!" the colt listened intently as Discord spoke of this mysterious weakness. Were it a golden blade of truth? A shield made of holy light? A TIME OUT?! It was at this moment that the 'Lord' presented this most powerful artefact that could hope to best the evil that befell the fair town.

It's...it's..."It's a pie?" Tin stared at the confection in confusion. For a brief moment, he wondered if perhaps the good Lord Discord was a few cards short of a full deck. But he seemed to be as serious as anyone could be. So with a nod of confirmation, Tin took the...tin...in hoof. This villain's weakness was a pie...Then again Tin did enjoy a good dessert before dinner on occasion, which certainly wasn't the most noble of things...!! That gave the pegasus an idea. "I know what must needs be done! But I need your aid, m'lord. Can you sneak into the town and convince some ponies to fix up a meal for your evil twin? A nice big dinner." he said with a grin.

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There was often little more frightening than time out. Discord had experienced one for a thousand years and still felt the results of it. It was humiliating and, by far, the most condescending of punishments to be had for having a little fun. While he wholly deserved it for the way he behaved in the past, it had not made it easier for him to accept the underwhelming results of his reformation. He hadn't yet familiarized himself with the greater benefits of more acceptable behavior. While friendship was its own reward and the previous isolation governing his more menacing traits was no more, he had little instructions when it came to where to put it all, all of that chaos. While not used in malicious intent, the hopes a certain solar maiden had for his more beneficial support was not yet fully realized with his studies of friendship sporadically and limitedly supplied by busy ponies who had a difficult time just remembering he was still a work in progress.


Limitations is what he, so far, lacked: a sense of regard for a pony's limitation. 


Tin's confusion was to be expected. Who knew that a cherry pie paradox was perhaps a chaos spirit's greatest weakness, well aside from love and affection. Discord's enemies weren't to be trusted with that opening anytime soon thanks to Tirek's despicable performance in that front. He was a bit more guarded around certain individuals, lest he suffer the souring taste of betrayal and the bitter was of regret. Neither had left him with a lasting appetite he sought to repeat. 


Discord perked his ears, floating back a bit as the foal declared a plan in the works. Oh, he couldn't wait, but a dinner? This was intriguing. He knew he couldn't resist a dinner party so why should his alter ego? "Well I shall get right on that." He grinned. "On your honor ser Tin, this may be your last chance that wrench victory from that menace's paw." In a flash the chaotic Lord was gone!


In town Evilcord™ paraded his victory in spades. Lights, decorations: it was as if the little town of Hoofenheim was holding celebration. Apple strudels were baked in the menace's honor, root beer floats were passed out to those who had braved leaving their homes in the theatrical commotion spurred by the spirit's ill-affirmed clone.


Though it all seemed quite strange. How had the spirit lost control of himself? While the former question was expected of the playful god, so impish in his nature, perhaps there was something else behind it. Mayhaps… it was not so accidental that he removed that part of himself. Perhaps it was a step in his game. Maybe he wanted to face that part of himself and see just what of it that other ponies disliked so. Or that was just over analyzing what was a simple game gone awry, as they did when one was having too much fun!


The ever noble snake snuck into the festivities of the indulgent tyrant.cto think he had been so obnoxious. Not at all mannered. Mayhaps it was good he gave the foal such a weapon. Whatever the plan he would perhaps know how to use it. Shrinking down to a pony sized vessel the bow grey unicorn ambled among the ground. He raised his head, tucking a forehoof against his chest.


"I say we should have a feast in our new leader's honor!" That voice scraped across the crowd in an unpleasant manner. "Come, come that is no way to regard a leader!" The ponies looked to each other and mumbled uneasily. Who had said that?


Evilcord™ perked up at the suggestion. "A feast? Yesss! Brilliant. I am glad I thought of it." The evil, smaller copy, praised himself with a smug grin.


A collective sigh echoed across those participating. Was Tin still playing? Some considered calling his mother to pick him up, but since it wasn't supper yet they supposed a bit longer they could let him play, after all the other foals were beginning to have fun as they were let to be guards or court Hester's, some even crowned royalty for the sake of the game! As long as the little ones were engrossed in it, twas no harm. A large table was set out. Some adult were having fun and treated it like a regular festival. It was a nice break from the usually end of a day after all. Not all were keen on it, but so long as the majority still saw the amusement...


The pony-shaped chimera original Sat watching as they worked together to be part of the game. It was… heartwarming to see the ponies not being so annoyed with him. To see others actually wishing to join the game and accepting it's rules, however bizarre… they were playing with him… The old grey pony was hard to spot in the crowd, so none would witness his smile, as temporary as was his form in question. Galloping off he would revert to his form, in full costume, and await ser Tin.

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This had to have been one of Tin's greatest strokes of brilliance, truly. Sometimes to defeat evil, one must think like evil. And truly no evil would be able to resist dessert before dinner! No good evil that is.

With determination in his heart, Tin gallantly galloped forth back through the mines. It was time to end this villain's evil escapades once and for all. By the time he had made it back into the town, the 'festival' was in full swing. Most of the adults were trudging along just dealing with it, but a lot of the younger citizens and some of the grown ups were having a grand old time! It wasn't every day that the town could just cus loose and break from the regular day-in-day-out. Of course if it were and every day thing, most would be entirely sick of it.

The feast that was to be presented in Evilcord's™ honor was rather spectacular. Soups and stews and breads and all sorts of delectable meals sat across a loooooong table. It was enough to make ponies towns away hungry with the delightful smells that wafted and mingled in the air. Were this any other time, Tin would love to partake. But the only thing on his plate right now was justice with a side of heroism and a chivalry dipping sauce with a tall glass of righteousness. And maybe some ice cream for dessert later.

Before he made his way to where the evil lord reigned, Tin made a detour to the tailor's shop to borrow a cloak. With the cloth wrapped around and over his head, no one would remotely recognize him!...Well most of the townsfolk would, but never would Evilcord™! With the pie in hoof, the colt gently sat it down upon the villain's feasting table. With his voice 'disguised' as an old stallion. Which really would hardly fool anyone, but still. Tin spoke. "Now be sure not to spoil your dinner by eating this pie first...That jus' wouldn't do..." he really hoped this would work...

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Oh how evil did love the smell of victory over his so called oppressors of goodness! Discord himself could not help but watch and ponder the mistakes he had made, the whole mess that could have been avoided. Though nopony knew better than him that the past was something g that could not be changed, altering the future was quite a simple task that he could benefit from. This was how he was? How ponies saw him? While hardly the reach of tomfoolery he had produced not long ago, adding it up certainly made a mess of his number work. He was pretty darn awful! He was quite the unimaginative villain to. What was he thinking with that throne? So garish.


As it were upon Evilcord's™ throne of loot was the ghastly seat of power Discord once used to mark his oppressive position. While he was superior in all ways to ponydom, and it had been ironic to super impose their seat of power in a more gritty perspective to the dainty pair, it was a bit over the top. How he missed his showboating. The parade and pomp were the best part of being a villain! He supposed he could still play that roll as a "good pony". So far it seemed to work. There were more willing participants. And, little did they know it was for a good cause. While the sleepy town had never existed before his being stoned, it did now and no matter how far they were, there came a time they had to face troubles or, at the least, a break from the humdrum of life.


When Tin arrived there was great awe, though... What was doing? Some were glad he was safe, running around with the draconequus. Both seemed they could get the other in trouble. Others seemed to enjoy the little game and cheered him on with hoof claps! Ahhh, but little did they know that Tin was in no way to hold an epic battle to the nurse, for really nasty scraps and bruises… no! This was a game of the mind and Tin looked to seek to counter his opponent -- with kindness? The crowd definitely seemed unsure by the state of affairs. Was Tin congratulating his nemesis? How foreboding! Was the game over, had he lost? Confused murmurs were shared.


Try to any evil doers he couldn't tell a rock from a pony. So this was the village elder?! "Ahhh!" Evilcord™ bellowed. "So you have come to pay homage old pony?! Have you realized there is no defeating me?!" Good because he was running out of ideas on how to defeat Tin that didn't involve voluntary surrender of the town!


The evil, half pint draconequus blinked and looked at the offering. This was… the fabled cherry pie! His eyes lit up as the round, red pupils expanded in awe. He had heard many tales of the great cherry pie and how it carried the secrets of the universe. Atop the crispy crust was the customary cut that allowed it to fully bake, but this mark had a very specific shape. The hole was carved into a π!


He looked to to the old pony, than the pie. "Very well. Back to the revelries!" He cackled.


That was anticlimactic…


Alas the party must go on, but as soon as all the ponies turned there was a loud smacking sound and the crunching of a pie tin. Evilcord™ was stock still, evidence painted on his muzzle in the form of globby, red cherries. He gave a shifty glance and looked across the crowd. He pointed to the imp golems. 

"They did it!" But it was clear something was wrong.


He groaned and held his tummy, collapsing from his throne, rolling along to the base. He shouted out as he seized up. Discord stepped from the gathered ponies, putting a pipe to his muzzle, blowing bubbles from it. "As suspected…" the spirit declared. "No self respecting draconequus can resist pie before dinner…"


Evilcord™ looked up, feeling weak. "What did you do…?" He looked to the old man-Tin, still oblivious.


Discord stared off. "This is why you mustn't eat your sweets before dinner… sweets give you a tummy ache on an empty stomach." Dun dun duuuuuun!


Evilcord™ was finally defeated! Tin -- he was a hero!

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