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Guten Tag Chaos [Complete]


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Just as Tin had anticipated! Truly the villains evil knew no bounds, and now his tummy paid the ultimate price! Stomach aches were no laughing matter, the colt knew that full well! With his nemisis defeated, and the noble Lord Discord making his appreance, the pegasus removed the cloak with a flourish and stood proudly and heroicly. "You were a clever adversary! But in the end just as in the beginning, good triumphs over evil and the villain recieves his...just desserts."

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And so Tin defeated the great and dastardly villain who dared ruin the peace and sanctity of the city! There was no other who could have stood against such a foe, for it required the skills instilled into a hero since birth, and the mind of a colt who could outsmart the adult! He could yet, one day become a hero that would be praised and whose name was carried across Equestria in parade! But, for now, he was a local hero. Citizens clapped. Some cheered with enthusiasm and others with awkward confusion. At least it was all over now.


Discord floated over to that wild piece of himself, landing on his hind legs over the doubled over mini-him. Evilcord™ looked up, face contorted in pain as he sneered at his other self. "You won't be able to resist the pie yourself. One day they'll turn on you all the same!" His words caused Discord to flinch back.


Keeping his role the chaotic chimera laughed and floated up. With a snap of his claws he sent the other half of himself back from whence it came. Though it was an unruly piece left over from a time that he could not change: it was still part of him. He turned to tin and gave an ever so dramatic bow. The egotistical noodle did love being the center of attention. At this time it was no different. Twirling his cane in claw he would move to slide the walking stick so he held it closer to its base. Making a show of clearing his throat and coughing into his paw: the spirit raised his head.


"And you are greater for it. Ser Tin I knight thee… hero of chaos, the mighty vanquisher of the pie eater!" He tapped the cane on the colt's shoulders before tossing the cane into the air and letting it explode into fireworks! 


And so like any great party it would end in a bang! The mess made during the game was cleaned up, as if it was never there. No evidence remained of the spirit's presence, unless one truly looked. Mice could now be seen, on occasion, playing card and the odd rock would move of its own volition! But, most prominent of all, was the badge of honor left to Tin! It was a pin that was a symbol of honor, an ally of chaos!


It was a great honor, attributed to few ponies! With that the noble Discord would move on to find the next city to impose his presence on and play his games with. He did love the attention, even if a great deal of time ponies did not like him…


Ce la vie…


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