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[Unofficial Lore] The Goldplume Family


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The Goldplume Family - Wealth of Wealth

Goldplume. A name that bespeaks wealth, power, ambition. As one of the founding families of Talonopolis, it's little wonder that their name is either spoke in reverence or disgust. Many years ago, alongside members of the Razorclaw and Silverbeak families, Claudio Durante Goldplume and his wife Natalia Goldplume née Whitequill, helped to found the now bustling and prosperous city of Talonopolis.


The Goldplume family are an ambitious and idealistic sort. Every moment is a new opportunity to make their fortunes and thus, that of the city, grow. This is why the Goldplumes are often seen as an eccentric family by the other two. While one branch may run a prosperous restaurant chain, another may own a prestigious museum. But whatever it is a Goldplume sets out to do, they will put their utmost into it, determined to succeed in the face of adversity.


On average the Goldplumes are far from what one could call humble, defeat to them isn't failure, only a minor setback that they can turn around. When they succeed in something that others thought folly, they are wont to boast to the naysayers who dared to doubt them. Those bested by a Goldplume aren't likely to forget it anytime soon.


The Crest of the Goldplume Family is an elaborate and jeweled scale. On one side rests a pile of coins, and upon the other a single golden feather that weighs the scale down to tipping. Representative of their love of both wealth and self-worth.


Nestled proudly on the Crest Level of Talonopolis sits the historic Goldplume Counting House. Less of a counting house and more of a castle in its own right, the immaculate building stands as the Goldplume family's ruling roost in the city. The Counting House has been home to many influential members of the Goldplume family, and a small number of unscrupulous sorts as well.

Rather than keeping out the lower class citizens and such out, the Goldplumes allow visitation and are quite happy to show off their wondrous abode to any who might be interested in both seeing how they live and hearing the history of their wonderful family.


~Plumes, Beaks, and Claws: The History of Talonopolis
Ashley 'Ash' Ravencrest

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