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Forest of Frosted Ash


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A vast sea of trees... a very accurate description of the Forest that takes up the North and eastern territories of Whitescar. To those who approach this intimidating place would find the name of it confusing, depending on what season one came to see it. Much like all of the lands outside of the serpent's spine, The Whitescar forest is verdant land of such grace that it rivals even that of the forests of Equestria: at least during the warmer season.


During the winter seasons is when it lives up to it's name, just like the rest of the land it rests in. As things grow colder, most of the trees that make up the body of the forest turn various shades of ashen gray. Some of the trunks and leaves shifting between muted, dull blues, purples and greens depending on the breed of flora. Those who know the forest well tend not to travel much outside of their homes on the winter nights as it is easy to become lost and wander off the roads.


The warmer seasons of Whitescar are when the untamed beauty of the forest is on full display. Lush, tall grasses grow. Great canopies of various trees that let rays from the sun shine through the leaves like fleeting rays of warmth. Flowers, roots, and all types of unusual forms of plant life grow all throughout the soil. Despite the verdant growth, farming is far from easy. Harvesting of the forest's namesake trees occurs fairly often by the powerful clan of the region. The Askr Tree is the abundant in this part of Whitescar: A powerful boon that has helped maintain the power of Clan armies and the creation of longboats due to it's unusual property that allows it to disrupt and nullify many types of magic.


Beasts and odd magical beings still roam these woods actively, especially during the night. It is not uncommon to find abandoned settlements set up by those attempting to make a living farther away from the paths showing signs of recent Great troll attacks.


Other threats that stalk this forest do exist, but once the sun sets it is best to stay close to the path and set up a camp … and also make sure that you enlist the aide of the Nisse: a group of magical beings that are said to live all throughout the forest. Not dissimilar to the 'breezies' of equestria (at least in size). These entities from the accounts of those who say they've seen them... are diminutive creatures who wear small hats, are sturdy and quick. Gaining their favor by leaving treats outside your hearth or by your campire will result in their protection for the night for campers, and sometimes even useful items brought to them as well.


The are tails of other species of troll that stalk the forest, ones I at least think I have not run into. A more difficult to find subspecies of them are said to be heard in the forests at any time of day. These trolls are called the Hulder: The secret. Despite the ominous name, it is entirely possible for a polite visitor to have met them and never known it due to the fact they are identical to caribou. Usually they wear thrick clothing that hides their hind quarters as unlike true clansbou of whitescar... they have the tail of a troll. Even if by some miracle a traveler finds one they are not known to be aggressive and are supposedly quite kind and charitable, usually helping some of the settlers farther away from the clan.


Not everything in the forests is settlers and trolls though. There are still old clan sites and battlegrounds that dot this great expanse. ON the few times I asked to go off the trail with my guide he showed me one of the old burial Barrows. Old ruins and large crypts run deep beneath this mounds, some holding treasures, others holding curses. The necromancers who manage to eek out a living in the forest often work their crafts in ancient places like this. The one tomb that we visited had apparently been visited before by one dark sorcerer, but for whatever reason he hadn't returned. At the bottom of the tomb there was a small clearing with trees and a pond, along with a smallish hoard of treasure from ages past. We left it undisturbed.


If you meet a member of the clan that holds a tight grip on this forest: The Askr. They would tell you when in the “Skog av Vintern Aska”, that you must follow these three rules.


1. Bring a guide from their clan along if you plan to explore.


2. If you don't plan to explore, stick to the path.


3. Bring food or learn to forage. if you ignore the first two rules: You'll be there for a while.


Having strayed from the ath once, I was lucky to be found my guide. While I was in the woods on my own, it felt as if things were much larger. I managed to find an opening in the canopy... and it looked as if the forest had grown five times its size. The Askr guide tells me that the forest has a way of messing with travelers. If you're off the path, distance slowly begins to mean nothing. When we arrived at the clan's city... there was mention of other, secret trails that only the clan dares to tread, but out of respect for my guide: I chose not to dwell on them.


Wanderer's Guide to Whitescar
Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon


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