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  1. Bevel was flung through what felt like like a whirlwind of magical energies. She was determined to keep her eyes open and try to whip out a device from her mane and get a few readings, but as not seconds after she charged into the mirror she felt her momentum return and she was sent stumbling forward on what seemed to be solid ground.Surprisingly, she met the ground with only two legs and it felt entirely natural. Bevel stumbled forward further and held out her arms as if steadying herself, The inventor wobbling in place as she got her barings and looked over herself. Her eyes widened as she saw how she was... standing! (though she needed to lean forward a little to get a better look past the strenge swells on her chest. On only two hoov-wait, these weren't hooves. She could feel them so much more acutely than with her her hooves... She had a similar feeling in her foreleg--wait those weren't hooves either! "C'est incroyable!" She gasped in wonder as she wiggled these weird feeler things where her hooves would be, "A full body transfiguration and some sort of advanced Teleportation?! This could be revolutionar-- Oh right. Dunnie and Fire." She couldn't let the spark of inspiration sweep her off her newly acquired feet, not when she still needed to figure out where her friends were. Looking around she saw some creatures with colors very similar to Dunnie and Fire. Bevel would move to approach the pair... only to fall flat on her face as the different way of moving began to feel a bit less intuitive. She pulled herself up and brushed some dirt from her face, "Oof... Not the best way to start an adventure..." The scenery was familiar, yet different... She noticed more of these strangely shaped creatures walking around in the distance, dressed in a lot more clothing than ponies normally wore. They looked a little bit like those ape things that she saw in some of those explorer magazines, but they had so much less hair on them. Maybe that was why they had clothes on?
  2. Second album where I store my Original character art.
  3. Roleplay Type: Name: Sven Snorrison Gender: Masculine Age: Adult Species: Caribou (Reindeer) Eye colour: Bright Blue Coat: Chestnut Brown with spots of cream on the end of tail and underbelly Mane/Tail: N/A Physique: Sturdy and Nimble Residence: A large carriage he pulls Occupation: Merchant of Tomes and former Archer Cutie Mark: N/A but bears a runic mark of his clan lineage Unique Traits: Well practiced and trained Archer Veteran of multiple clan wars Nice singing Voice Impressive eyesight History: Born to the forest bound Askr clan in Whitescar, Sven is the child of a renowned skald and a scholar. From an early age, Sven developed a lot of the written word and would often keep journals of his adventures full of remarks and little poems and songs he might write in his many moments of downtime. As lovely as the forests of Whitescar can be they were still dangerous. Sven was not very strong as a young bull, instead he was more suited to climbing and speaking. Not many things in Whitescar are terribly interested in diplomacy, so, Sven took up the path of archery. Over the years, Sven grew quite the reputation in his clan as a great marksbuck with quite a few stories involving him turn the tide of battles with his prowess... but he cared little for them. Instead he grew increasingly jaded with the many conflicts against the various clans and the war against the rebels. Over time he was tasked with training other Caribou to loose an arrow with the same grace, and he did this well... but his heart was never truly in the fight as it could be with his cousin. With the crowning of the new High-king in Whitescar and the choosing of a chieftain of his clan came a time of calm (at least by his homeland's standards), Sven was able to experience a lull in the need for his services. During this time, he became acquainted with the Vakstyra and Clan Breen. He grew to admire their defense of the roads and efforts to maintain the routes of trade throughout their continent. It inspired him to make the biggest decision of his life. He trained the archers under his command to the best of his and their abilities and requested the chieftain to let him leave to pursue his own interest. The current leader of the Askr clan allowed this, but it drove something of a wedge between them for the foreseeable future. Now, Sven travels the world trying to make a name for himself as a merchant and a skald. He is willing to go anywhere when he smells a deal, or an opportunity to try and make life better for someone. Character Personality: Sven is an overall pleasant and fun-loving caribou despite his reputation in his homeland as a cold and efficient archer. He has a deep love of poetry and the written word and is a fan of bother Equestrian and Neighponese literature. One of his favorite hobbies is translating and examining ancient obscure texts into something to be understood by those in the modern day. Outside of his love of poetry, he shares his kind’s deep love of Ales and cider. While Sven can be very sharp and collected, he can at the same be very stubborn and determined to a fault. If he sets his mind to a task, he will try to see to it’s completion even if it would be best done later. One example would be his insistence on completing a clan trial on it’s set day despite having been going through a very nasty cold. As a friend, Sven tries to keep his circle of friends on the small side so he can still have some time to himself. To his friends he is generally friendly, supportive, and occasionally bouncy and flirtatious (though he will stop the moment he senses discomfort). If a friend of his asks for help, he will usually be one of the first to offer his assistance as soon as possible. Character Summary: A Traveling Merchant whose tired of Caribou Conflict and now just wants a quiet life selling books and going on scholarly pursuits.
  4. Bevel Followed along behind the pair as Dunnie and Fire went down the halls onto the next room. The Fuzzy headed inventor "Ooo"ing and "Ahh" ing as she went. The further they went in, the more Bevel's eyes darted about as if trying to memorize the very architecture. She was only really snapped out of her inspection by confused and concerned words of her and Dunnie's guide. The prench mare poked her head out from behind Dunnie and Fire to get a look at the weird mirror. From fire's tone it didn't seem like this thing was supposed to be here: Spooky. Seemed that this room was going to have to wait as they sought out the princess, Just as Bevel turned away she heard a loud yelp and in a blur of red it looked as Fire was just sucked into the mirror! "Mon Dieu!" Bevel blurted out in shock before moving closer to the mirror and pulling out some strange device from her fuzzy mane, "What on Equestria happened?!" Dunnie was just as shocked as she was it seemed, But Bev's culinary companion was a bit more knowledgeable about this sort of strangeness. The inventor stood in place as instructed, waiting for any word to intervene. Bevel galloped towards Dunnie's outstretched hoof moments before her entire being was pulled into the mirror, "Dunnie!" Bevel held her instrument out for a moment to get what reading she could from the artifact, but nothing she got made sense. She looked around and called out down the empty hall for help, but the only answer was an echo. She hissed out a sigh, puffed out her chest and charged into the mirror, her body swiftly engulfed in the surface like quicksilver.
  5. Bevel was still inspecting the room when Fire called out to her and Dunnie. Disappointing as it was, there wasn't very much there to inspect and if Fire was right, the only time something interesting might happen would be when all six of Equestria's heroes were here. The fluffy maned mare gave a subtle huff and hopped to her hooves, "I'm coming!" She said with a peppy smile. Once she cleared the door, Bevel walked up along with her two friends. All the while she was still looking at the crystalline corridors they traveled through, "So, where are we headed next?"
  6. Bevel let out a little huff as Dunnie chided her. Surely a royal abode like this would be able to stand a bit of energetic movement, but she was right. "I'm sure I could cover it..." Sh ebegan but something in her mind clicked when Dunnie suggested an idea for something to read and copy the text of a tome, "Mon dieu! Why didn't I think of that?!"That was a novel idea! Information could be shared so much more easily in Talonopolis and beyond if text could be copied and moved easier. The peppy prench pony hopped down from the ladder with a bounce in her trot and grinned over at Dunnie, "You really are an inspiration, Mademoiselle Blust!" She gave the pegasus a sidelong hug just before the mare made her way back to Fire. KNowing that the pair needed some time to talk, Bevel levitated her notepad out and jotted down 'scanning machine' as she followed along to the magic table. The room was just as shiny and crystalline as the rest of the structure. The inventor took note of the chairs, they certainly didn't look very comfortable. They needed cushions or something. Scratch that, one of the chairs had a cushion on it! Looked like a whoopie cushion and it was left on the chair with the three balloon mark on the top of it. Bevel was already looking on the other end of the room once Fire and Dunnie took their eyes off her. She didn't get the okay to scan anything so she'd have to settle for a very in depth visual inspection. A hoof went into her mane and came out with a magnifying glass which was quickly put to work as the inventor circled the room and stared at the various crystalline structures.
  7. "What one or many believe is not always true, Your Highness." The fox said with a surprising solemn expression, "I have never extorted peasants, stolen anypony's heart, or caused any infighting. To help with your impressions, I've only gotten gifts of food from peasants in exchange for protecting rice fields, I've enchanted noone to fall in love with me, and I asked that your brother not tell you. So don't bear the prince any ill will." While Yanhua was keeping her calm, inside she was rather annoyed. She'd heard that legend many times around the palace and told to fillies and colts around the capital. It was absolutely maddening to hear her history so butchered and so obviously re-written to suit the crown. "There are many falsehoods in that story. Do you wish to know the truth about the story of my imprisonment, Your Highness? It may not matter as most witnesses have passed away, but I'm sure an enlightened mare like yourself would be at the least bit curious about the other half of the story."
  8. "Hm." Taira perked up as Apple Bloom spoke up behind him, "Oh! Yes. Two bits and a mug." He inhaled swiftly and then exhaled two clouds of minty green smoke. The clouds zipped off to the table with clean mugs, one being taken up and brought right over to the sturdy looking Kirin. In the meantime, the other wisp zipped off to snag a few bits from bag he'd left by his workstation back at the treadmill. Once their tasks had been done the smoke dissipated harmlessly into the open air while Taira placed the bits on the counter, "Thank you, Miss Applebloom!" While the filly got to work, Taira was content to resume his talks with the princess. "Oh? I had hoped I made a good impression on her. I think we both enjoyed the chance to share our experiences over the years." Luna's concern for her subjects made the old spirit smile. No wonder these sisters had ruled for so long! It wasn't often one found monarchs who genuinely cared for their subjects in his experience, all the better that those in Equestria were so long lived. "A bit of a hardheadedness can be a very admirable quality!" Said the eager old yokai, "As for what brought me here... it was equal parts curiosity and contract. I made a wager with the current winner of the running of the leaves and I lost. So, I resolved to work for her and aid her family's farm." Once Applebloom brought the kirin his drink he would give her yet another thanks and then tilt his head as if realizing something that only puzzled him further. He'd come to realize he'd already had one drink of cider today and that was amazing... but now there was a shortage. Getting a second drink somehow felt greedy to him. "Your highness, Did you happen to hear anyone who might be especially desperate for a drink of Cider? I'd already had one today and with it in such short supply, I'd feel guilty if I drank two cups... Have you had any yet?" Taira's ears perked at the sound of his name being spoken, Blueblood had mentioned working on the presses... How fun! He'd been on the treadmill already most of the day. It would be a welcome change of pace!
  9. The walk along the rails was rough. Between biting cold and tired eyes, Fiver was already feeling winded. Thankfully Daze was willing to spare a scarf and hat so she wouldn't freeze. The pegasus took the hat and secured it on her head as best she could, same with the scarf. That scarf was a bit harder to get on. That wind was threatening to rip if from her neck and leave it fluttering in the whiteout beyond the party. As the shadow of the mountain hung over them, a deeper shadow was somewhere a head. It seemed as that the tracks lead to a tunnel. The opening of which was right ahead if they kept on trudging through the snow. "I see a tunnel up ahead. Looks like it goes on quite a ways. We could get some shelter from the wind and cold in there I think!"
  10. thanks to a computer issue, ive lost my history and all the tabs i had open including threads i was up in. The las i can recall is Ice Breaker and will be working on that tonight and tomorrow. if there are any other places i need to post, please link them here. it would be a big help.

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  11. Would it be okay If I said that they find a cave? I'll be working on a post tongiht
  12. A quick look at both Daze and Zelda made it clear that seeking shelter was the better option. Neither of them looked up to trying to look at the wreckage any further. The trio had their luggage, hopefully they all had something to help keep them all warm once they found something to shield them from biting winds. Truth be told, Fiver wasn't dealing terribly well with the cold either. It was times like this she regretted her larger frame and leaner muscle, warmth was going to be harder to hold on to the further this went. At least Golden Daze wore some things better suited to the weather, Fiver only had a coat. Already, she could feel the warmth slowly draining out of her as she trudged along through the snow with her two new friends. A particularly potent shiver broke fiver's proud and lead her to speak up to golden as they walked, "You said you had some extra clothes? D-do you have a scarf or anything?" Making further up the trail along the slowly dissappearing tracks, Fiver had an idea. She stepped over to a bit of dark grey steel poking up from the rising white snow. She carefully bumped her hoof to the side of it, noting the clang that traveled up her foreleg. "If we keep out hooves close to the tracks we should be able to stay on the trail of them for a while... at least until the snow gets too deep." (Sorry this took a while, please tell me if I missed/forgot anything.)
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  14. Thank you so much. It's been a while so I sorta forgot the name. >_< So if Szalhi isn't coming back. I'll get to work writing something up as soon as I can.
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