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Super Smash Brothers


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Smash Bros. Pretty darn good stuff :pathfinder:


I wanted to have some sort of formal introduction to Super Smash Brothers as a game franchise and then get into the culture that has sprouted out around it with the competitive scene and all here, but lol, I realized I'm way too lazy to write seriously and y'all are like interwebz cousins anyway so I'mma skip the formalities and just leave this master thread here.


So you like Super Smash Bros 64 / Melee / Project M / Smash 4?


Then what are ya waiting for? Tell the world what you like about anything Smash-related! Tell us your memories! Your best characters! Your favorite content producers! Favorite players! Etc.!


And swap friend codes with me. I'm always itchin to play some Sm4sh on my 3DS :pathfinder:


Oh yeah, you're allowed to like Brawl. That's okay too.

2021 Edit: heckin lol dude

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