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Hibiki Ryuto [Ready]


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Name: Hibiki Ryuto ( ヒビキ・リュウト)

Stylized Name: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧HIBIKI★RYUTO✧・゚: *


Sex: Male


Age: Young Adult


Species: Ryuma


Eye Colour: Light Blue (#5ACDE0)


Coat: A snowy white coat, while the uniform scales of his underbelly and snout are Pastel Yellow (#FDFD96). The scattered scales across his flanks are Pastel Yellow(#FDFD96) and Light Blue (#C2E7F7), as are the scales across his wings.


Mane/Tail/Horns: Medium length, fluffy Soft Pink (#F9DBE7) mane. He has an ahoge that sticks up and curls out from his mane to the left hoof side, no matter how much he tries to comb it. His tail tuft is the same colour, while the tail itself matches his coat. His horns are short and spiraled, growing in a backwards curve; the spirals of his horns are a swirl of the soft pink of his mane and the white of his coat.


Physique: Slender and effeminate.


Residence: Polohama


Occupation: Musician and Magitech Expert


Cutie Mark: Two semi-holographic looking eighth notes


Unique Traits:

Techno-logical: Through years of practice and study from a young age, Ryoto has become a wiz at a wide array of magitech, even going so far as to create his own, Vocapon. By combining vocal recording software, illusionary holographics (customised of course!), and a bit of various magic, Ryuto created holographic AI musical sensations, the first of their kind! He also runs the lights and sound systems of his show solo.

Musicalibration: Ryuto is also musically talented pony, both vocally and instrumentally. While his preferred method is using his Vocapons to put on shows and show off what they can do, he can certainly bring the house down himself, if he ever wanted to. His skill in magitech and music theory allow him to blend the two together seamlessly which of course is what lead to his creations.

Idol Hooves: An Idol in his own right, Ryuto is a practiced dancer as well as choreographer, both for his own sake as well as being able to program them into the Vocapon. To help facilitate his flexibility and fitness, Ryuto trained in Aikido and currently is a 2nd Dan. He’s quite a bit stronger than his slender form appears and the martial art — along with meditation and other exercise — has proven helpful in keeping himself centered under the stresses of stardom.


History: Being born in Polohama, Neighpon, you might expect somepony to have an appreciation for the bright lights, the loud music, and the beautiful sight of Idols doing what they do best. And in the case of Hibiki Ryuto, you’d be right! Born in the Amai District of Polohama, known for its eye-popping colours and numerous candy shops, Ryuto was likely expected to follow in the hoofsteps of his father, one of the top confectioners in Neighpon. But the young ryuma — while a lover of candies and sweets of all kinds — had more of a sweet tooth for music. Yes, whenever he and his family traveled into the shopping district of Polohama, the first place that Ryuto would rush to would be one of the many music stories that dotted the streets. When they visited the Watertrough district, he’d beg to go to a karaoke bar. Whenever they went to Tech Town, he’d rush to Theater just to hear what he could from the outside. It was in Tech Town where he and his friends spent most of their free time.


Time spent in the greatest technological center of Neighpon, if not the world, also spurred an interest in magitech in Ryuto. When he wasn’t busy listening to the muffled sound of idols from outside the Tech Town Theater (and occasionally trying to sneak into it), the ryuma would wander the streets past storefronts and exhibition halls, all showing off the latest and greatest inventions that Polohama had to offer. Most of them were well beyond what he could afford on his meager allowance, but now and then he managed to buy a bit here or a bob there and hang onto them until he could figure out what to do with them!...Or what they did at all for that matter. Now and again his parents would find him in his room taking apart the devices he bought, and sometimes he even figured out how to put them back together right!


On one particularly fortunate birthday, Ryuto’s parents managed to get a hold of tickets to the Tech Town Theater for him and his friends, all of whom were elated. The show was just as spectacular as the colt had imagined when standing outside and straining his ears to hear what little bit he could over the roar of the crowd. Even more so, in fact. One thing in particular stuck out to Ryuto that day though. The songstress, during a musical break, conjured up a couple of illusory dancers that moved and pulsed to the beat of the music. It was a fantastic sight to behold, but the singer wasn’t able to do much other than focus on that one spell until it was time to start singing again. Which begged a question for Ryuto, was there a better way?


That night after returning home from the concert and enjoying the rest of his birthday evening, Ryuto sat in his room and studied the books on magitech that he had been given that day or had bought in the past. Illusion magic was often something used with magitech for moving billboards, but most only repeated a set motion, or cycled between two different holograms. Ryuto wondered if there was a way to expand on that? Not just a few more motions or another cycle, but perhaps a whole range of movement? If an illusion made by a magic user could utilize a full range of motion and expression, maybe there was a way to capture that.

The process was time consuming and only seemed to come in waves. Either the duration that the hologram lasted was short but the range was great, or the image was static and lasted a long time. It was as frustrating as anything he had ever had to deal with, but his greatest support through it was his childhood friend Yumeko. While most of his friends would stick around and cheer him on, Yumeko was often the first one to arrive and last one to leave at night. The griffon was one of Ryuto’s biggest supporters for sure. And sometimes one of his biggest helps, as there’s only so much one can do with hooves or breath magic.


Weeks and months of long sometimes sleepless nights of pizza, candy, soda, magic, and only minor explosions in his parents’ garage were eventually met with success! Ryuto was immensely excited and invited all of his friends over for the unveiling. Despite Yumeko having been there while he worked on the project, even he wasn’t certain on what the finished product would look like. Once his friends and family were assembled, Ryuto unveiled what would become his first Vocapon. The hologram, who he had named Remy, looked very similar to the griffon, albeit older in a rather extravagant Idol costume. On the illusion’s arm was a ★1, the star being a way that Ryuto marked his creations, be it drawings or school projects and the one to signify that it was the first of, hopefully, many to come!

Yumeko was of course shocked, but very honored that his friend had modeled his work after him! Ryuto though announced that this wasn’t the finished product, but only step one of his plan. As he had been working on creating a ‘virtual dancer’ so to speak, it got him wondering about a virtual Idol as a whole. On the same night he had figured out the spell matrices and proper mixture of thaumite crystals and metals to facilitate the effect he wanted, it hit him. If he could record a variety of phonetics from someone, the ryuma could fairly easily create a magitech to go along with this one to actually allow the hologram to sing as well as dance! To this end, he wanted to request Yumeko to be the voice of Remy, to which of course he agreed.


For weeks afterwards, Ryuto and Yumeko worked on recording Yumeko over and over at different tones and pitches to cover as many bases as possible. By the third month they were finally ready to show off Remy once again! With a makeshift stage set up in their backyard, Ryuto set up the lights and speakers and sat his devices up. Once the stage was ready and the mood set, the show began! Remy flashed into life, and just as the two had hoped, began singing and dancing like a true Idol! It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than Ryuto could have hoped for. Especially with the appearance of his cutie mark shortly thereafter!


Ryuto and his friends were understandably elated and celebrated long into the night after the concert. The next day, Ryuto sat to work on perfecting the things that needed it and even started planning out the next of his creations, which he had dubbed Vocapon, a portmanteau of vocals and pony, because it sounded cool. He was determined to make the most of both his newly realized talent and his newly created magitech to the fullest!


It wasn’t however until a few years later that Ryuto managed to convince the manager of one of the karaoke bars to let him set up. This little mini concert, while not the greatest success in the world, did spark an interest in the Vocapons. Word travels fast in a big city like Neighpon and before long Ryuto, rather Remy, found a cult following in the hearts of Neighponese youth and lovers of kawaii culture. As time went on and Ryuto’s family of Vocapons grew, so too did their fame! Ryuto went from playing small bars and diners to clubs to larger venues until finally, one glorious day, he and his creations made their Tech Theater debut to a sold out crowd! One of the young ryuma’s proudest moments.


Nowadays, even if Ryuto himself isn’t a household name in Neighpon beyond his most diehard of fans, many of his Vocapons are! Not only have his Vocapons spawned merchandise, but the copies that he’s created for sale (lacking the Star-Numbering system his originals have) have seen a lot of fans creating their own pieces and sharing them at cafes or tech stories. Other magitech creators have approached him either asking permission to make their own or to create Derivatives, characters that are ‘Alternates’ to existing Vocapons out there, to which he agrees easily so long as no one’s copying him exactly or trying to claim that any Derivatives are completely original.


All in all, if you were to ask Ryuto, he would tell you he’s living a wonderful life. Fame may be hard at times, but he has fantastic fans and awesome friends and a loving family that support him which keep it from ever feeling like a job. Never one to rest on his laurels though, Ryuto is all about setting his sights higher and higher for his Vocapons...Perhaps one modeled after the Shogun of Neighpon or the Empress of Long Guo someday?


Character Summary: Hibiki Ryuto is a Neighponese Pop sensation even if somewhat indirectly. As the creator of Vocapons, magic holographic Idols capable of singing and dancing thanks to well programmed magitech, Ryuto live a rather comfortable, but not extravagant life. He’s a friendly sort and always does his best to make time for a fan or a friend.

When he’s not taking time to relax between shows, he can often be found with a stack of sketchbooks trying to sort out the next Vocapon he seeks to make or practicing music of his own. Someday he plans on putting on a show just himself to see how it goes, though he worries that even though he’s a great musician himself, no one would come to see only him, so he continues to put it off.


When approached by someone about Vocapons, be it his own or the someone in question asking how to go about making their own, or if they’re even allowed to do so, he tends to get rather excited. Even today it still makes his day when his friends make others happy. So he’s all too happy to help other spread that joy himself.


Text Colour: (#5ACDE0)


Poison Joke Reaction: Unable to control the tone and pitch of his voice, like a broken synthesizer.

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