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[Lore] Giraffe


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Giraffes - Friends In High Places


Unyasi is a beautiful country with wide open savannas, lush forests, tall peaks, and wonderfully hospitable natives. Among them are the Giraffes. The Giraffes are the tallest race that I’ve personally had the chance to meet. Standing more than a few feet taller than myself, it’s not surprising that one would have to crane their neck to be able to look a Giraffe in the eye. These long legged and long necked natives range in color from a light tan to near black with most darker color spots across their bodies. Atop their head rest two knobby horns. Their manes, much like Ponies or the Abada that are also native to Unyasi, their manes vary in style, length, and colour. Their necks and legs aren’t the only thing surprisingly long on them either! An adult Giraffe’s tongue on average can reach eighteen to twenty inches long!

Like many of the natives living in Unyasi, a majority of Giraffes live in tribes or herds. A majority of those are nomadic in nature, claiming no one spot of land as their own and are more than happy to share the bounty they harvest with those who share in kind. These tribes vary in size from that of ten to a dozen members, to some nearing the hundreds. The nomadic tribes are, as often expected, lead by a chief decided upon by the other members for the wisdom and leadership. Within a tribe there’s usually one ‘Witch Doctor’. Much like their neighbors, the Zebras and Abadas, many Giraffe tend to dabble in the ‘Natural Magicks’ such as alchemy and potion making. These Witch Doctors make many poultices and tinctures for ailing travelers or tribesmen.


Also like their neighbors, they too earn cutie marks for finding their unique talent. This of course is often greatly celebrated amongst the tribe, often akin to a second birthday for them. The festivities of course are different from tribe to tribe. On average, these festivities are wrote down for posterity and passed on from generation to generation, even from tribe to tribe. The Giraffe are great fans of storytelling, always willing to share a tale for a tale, that way both sides gain knowledge they hadn’t before.


In a land like Unyasi, where there’s such a variety of climate, there’s no way to really quantify any of the races that live here into one small niche. But of the Giraffes I spoke to, they were all a very genial and welcoming group. Traveling through the savanna with a small tribe, it wasn’t uncommon to come across other travelers that would sit and exchange stories with everyone while spending the evening around the campfires. So if you find yourself in Unyasi and see the warm glow of a campfire off in the distance and the sound of friendly chatter and merriment, stay awhile and listen! You might just learn a thing or two.

~Savanna Nights: A Journey Through Unyasi

Ashley ‘Ash’ Ravencrest

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