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NFL Pick'm Game -- 2017 Season


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Hi NFL fans!


It's that time of year!


Time to begin another year of NFL Pick'm on the NFL Website!


Sign up now to be ready for when the season begins in September!


Be sure to set up an account on the NFL website FIRST before attempting to join the Canterlot Group


If you had an account last season, it should still be good!


Here's the group link:  Canterlot Group Link


Password is found here:





Good Luck!


BTW -- I will NOT be hosting a NFL Elimination Game this season.  If anyone else wants to start one up, feel free.

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Just a reminder, the NFL Season begins on September 7th, so there's still time to register and play the Canterlot group's NFL Pick'm!


Oh, and one prediction early:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be SUCH a COWARD, he will NOT show up in Foxboro for the Patriots/Chiefs game this Thursday.  He'll use some kind of silly excuse to be a no-show because he doesn't want to get BOOED wildly by a stadium full of furious New England fans!


They won't want a repeat of how Roger was BOOED at the last Super Bowl when he gave the Lombardi trophy out.

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