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[AU: Age of Heroes] Dissonance


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Hero Name: (Doctor?) Dissonance




Cartoon Physiology: The powers given to her by the chaotic being known as Discord. A magical ability limited to her own body that allows to to bend, twist, and annoy (but never break) the laws of physics and reality… so long as she remains expressive, bouncy, and cartoony.


While acting as a hero Dissonance’s powers allow her to survive just about anything so long as she remains goofy or playful and doesn’t express any form or subtle emotion. While her powers are active she is capable of defying gravity and walking through the air (so long as she doesn’t realize she is walking on nothing), Can be set on fire only to be covered in ash afterward, Can be crushed by incredibly heavy weights and get back up as a paper thin version of herself or suddenly looking as if she’d become a living accordion. She has also found she can carry a multitude of things in her mane, be inflated like a balloon and move and incredible speeds when overly excited. While all of these powers have proven useful in her recent hero career they are all tied to her mental state and while they allow a form of immunity to death while in her toon state,  She can still be incapacitated or knocked out by overwhelming force, being outsmarted or having to play along with jokes of another more jovial hero in some way or risk becoming entirely vulnerable again.


When she is in her Toon state, it is signaled by her suddenly growing on large sharp tooth, her irises turning red, sclera turning yellow, and her mane shifting to a more… creamy color.

Due to limited social interaction Dissonance is still having… trouble understanding others yet still desires company and companionship. This makes her very susceptible to any villain skilled with mind games or any sort of emotional manipulation.


Magitechnology affinity: Without her powers, Dissonance is still very intelligent and has an inherent knack for anything technological or magi-tech. In her assignments for the daughters’ she was in charge of making gadgets and devices for their operatives as well as monitoring their magi-net presence to do their work. Once she exposed most of the order to the government she was allowed many perks including access to some of the latest tech the outside world had to offer and so she began designing support items for other heroes in addition to starting tinkering with golems!




In the not too distant past a pair of ponies would have a daughter, not long after their birth this daughter would be taken. This filly would go on to have a very strange life, having been taken at random along with several other newborns by the mysterious order known as the Daughters of Discord.


The daughters of Discord as their name implied were a group of ponies who worked to bring themselves closer to the chaotic knowledge and power of the being known as Discord. For a long time their activities were kept in shadow by various strange circumstances and the degree of success that their more senior members had in regards to gaining anything similar to the spirits power had been kept a secret not even the sentinel or the Equestrian government could decipher.


Back to the foalnapped filly though… Her early life consisted of many tests trials and treatments. All of them designed in strange and almost incomprehensibly random tasks that once completed without getting caught seemed to lead to strange chains of events. As this filly rose through the ranks of the organization she would come to learn more and more until her very first mission. A job that once it had been completed through a small country into a terrifying state of anarchy. Having learned so much about the group and with the weight of guilt from her first serious dip into chaos… she took her time during some operations to come into contact with an agent of the EG. Due to a growing talent for magi-technology after gaining her mark she managed to find a way to send hm a series of messages that exposed a majority of the daughters’ safehouses, caches, capabilities and soon the group was brought to the brink of ruin.


It was then that Discord himself came to her.


At first she was horrified but soon that feeling of dread was overtaken by confusion as the spirit gave her a round of applause. Discord had said that while he’d helped out the daughters’ for a great deal of time by granting them a degree of minor chaotic power he had stopped ages ago because the group had become in his own words: Dull. He thanked her for this interesting turn of events and and with a shake of her hoof bestowed onto her a gift. A set of powers that she could use however she saw fit… so long as she followed the rules for their use.




(Deus ex) Machina: Dissonance’s formerly estranged cousin who she re-acquainted with after getting into magitech development… and realizing she was competing with him. Their relationship was rocky at first but now she’d do anything for him and anyone he cares about. Learned her real name from him.


Chaser: One of Dissonance’s attempts to tinker with an old damaged pursuit golem used by the canterlot police department. She repaired and refitted and customized the high tech golem to perfection and one night while she slept, Discord popped in and bestowed the machine with sentience. Currently is treated like something of a daughter or a younger sister by her ‘creator’.


Z.E.L.D.A. : WAs one of the scientists responsible for her friend Zelda’s current state… is working regularly to try and either get her back to normal in some way or return the ability to sense things to the griffin.


The Sunlight SEntinel (sort of): Thanks her valid worries about the remnants of the daughters, The government of Equestria has requested the sentinel to allow her into the academy due to the tight security. Most of the time she tends to randomly pop into classrooms to alleviate some boredom or help out in some way, one of her favorite past-times being a glorified training dummy.



While her betrayal greatly weakened and destabilized the Daughters, She has heard nothing of what happened to the more influential members of the order known as the
“True daughters”. These ponies were already blessed with strange chaos inciting abilities that could wreak havoc almost anywhere they saw fit until it was almost too late to stop them. Even today Dissonance is completely horrified of the idea of them ever getting to her… and even if they don’t she is constantly worried about some random follower coming along to try and get her while she sleeps or in a vulnerable moment.

Discord himself… is someone she both fears and respects, if only for him granting her powers. The fear part comes from his very nature in that she isn’t sure what he might do to liven up her life through some subtle or unsubtle form of mischief.


Notabililty: Isn’t really known very well as a hero, and due to her somewhat discordish appearance while her powers are active she is more than often assumed to be either a villain or some sort of random rogue who pesters heroes.


Her public persona as a tech mogul and developer: Bevel Gear is more widely known thanks to her work with magi-tech projects and assistance to the hero academy.

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