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Of Mountain Ponies and Griffin Trails (Attn: Tacobob, Pyro Blaze, and Dubstep)


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Pocket Change smiled as Nensho spoke. The unicorn was happy to simply follow the others along through this new land. Everyplace was going to be a new experience for him, no matter where they went. Normally, he would have planned EVERYTHING to the very second, but this was going to be an trip he would simply let the wind carry him along...Or at least listen to those who knew the land.
Griffonstone was getting better? Was it blown away by one of the fierce windstorms common in the area? Anything would be an improvement over the depressing ruins he had encountered in the past. Maybe the cranky, greedy residents finally figured out that they could get things done if they worked together? Most seemed to be begging for bits so they could move out of the sad little village. Hopefully they would make sure to mind what was left of their history while restoring the former great city. And would they restore the monarchy? After King Guto's death, they seemed to fall upon a scattering of feuding lords to run things. Which was how things quickly went bin-worthy.
"I hope things work out for Griffonstone.", and speaking of ruin....The village they were now cantering about in had seen better days. Unlike the griffon city, it was probably for the best that nature take it all back. Pocket Change had a feeling that anything of historical value was probably snatched up by its original residents and then more so by looters later on.  Still, even in its condition, the young stallion knew he had to be very respectful to both the animal residents and the decaying buildings as well. He would step carefully. It was heartbreaking to see such a place as it quickly faded back into nothing. Once there was probably an active population here. Creatures working. Creatures playing. Families being formed. Work being done, and soon it would all be forgotten, just like its former residents.
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