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Tiny Hoof!


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RP Type: WoE (Medieval Times)

Name: Tiny Hoof

Nickname: Tiny

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn


Eyes: Bright Yellow

Coat: Faded Red

Mane/Tail: Medium Brown with Faded Orange Streaks in a short, choppy style.

Physique: Tiny but slightly thick

Unique Traits: Very small but very strong


Residence: Princess Bluebelle's kingdom

Occupation: Mercenary


Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a round wooden shield.

Sword met sword in an epic battle between Tiny and her sister Thicket, as the two of them competed to see who was the better fighter. Or at least, that's how the pair of fillies were imagining their stick battle looked. They were practicing to one day be knights, just like their father had been. They admired the chivalry and daring that he had told them about, and they dreamed of joining the ranks of the Royal Guards. But for now, their little twigs sufficed.

Until that fateful day that bandits came to their village. Tiny and her mother her hid, while Thicket ran to call upon the knights for help before the bandits could reach their little farm. But when Thicket came back, she came alone. The knights had refused to help, saying they had better things to do than save one small farming village. As Thicket ran to bring back the news, hoping to save her family, three of the bandits fell on her, and captured her. Tiny witnessed this, and grabbed her father's sword and shield off the mantle. Before her mother could stop her, the unicorn rushed out of hiding. She rammed her shield into one bandit, then slashed at another. Before the third could even react, Thicket broke free of his hold and kicked him square in the face. Tiny held them off while Thicket grabbed their mother and little siblings, then the family fled into the woods. As they ran, Tiny's cutie mark appeared on her flank, reflecting her bravery.


History: Tiny's mother was a low-ranking Lady unicorn named Bright Rose, who was meant to marry above her status to improve her father's standings. But when she met her knight, she knew she could never do it. In the end, her father disowned her, and she left to live with her soon-to-be-husband Sword Play and his parents on their farm. They had two fillies before both of his parents died, Thicket and then Tiny. Together, they all worked the farm while their father did his knightly duties. He would always return after his quests, and they would be happy together until the next one. Three more babies were born over the first seven years of Thicket's life (the first six for Tiny), Bramble Thorn, Witch Hazel, and Cranberry Bright. A year after Cranberry was born, Sword Play left for another quest. But this time, he didn't come back.

Bright Rose was lost without him, but she did her best for her children, all of whom missed and idolized their father and his bravery, though none so much as Tiny. The little unicorn wanted nothing more than to follow his footsteps, and she practiced with her sister daily. When she was 14, the bandits came and destroyed their farm and village. They were forced to move to the palace town, were trade was hard to come by. All of them had to find work somewhere except for Hazel and Cranberry, who were simply too small. But all of the odd jobs in town weren't suitable for Tiny either. She couldn't sew like her mother, and no one wanted her to be a bar maid like Thicket, and Bramble was working in a stallion-only guild. But she was determined to help her family.

Finally, Tiny discovered the bounty board. She knew she could fight well enough, and she was willing. So she took up her father's sword and shield once more, and started tracking down small bounties. With each job done, she gained experience and reputation. It wasn't too long before the Fighter's Guild caught wind of her and stole her away to join their ranks. There, they gave her formal training with a sword, shield, hooves, and all manner of weaponry. By the time she was 23, she was one of the top-ranking guild members, and known by name as such. Unfortunately, she never got any bigger, which leads to many a misunderstanding as to who she really is, and ponies not believing her when she tells them.


Personality: Tiny Hoof is a quick-witted, short-tempered, feisty, passionate little unicorn. She seems too small to contain all of the emotions that she has, and so all of them burst out of her at once. She is usually very scowlly, and holds a grudge toward any knight she meets until he or she proves themselves to be worthy of being a knight. It's hard to make her laugh, although she will smile often enough, and she is very blunt to the point of almost seeming rude. Any offense made against her, her friends, or her family is met with a drawn sword and a lot of shouting. She is fiercely loyal, and would lay down her life for those she cares for. She may come across as abrasive at first, but if she likes you, then you will find a loving, caring pony underneath.

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