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[Unoffical Lore] Burhgest


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Burhgest: Alone in the Woods


Everfree is a haven full of magical oddities and  abnormal curiosities that have existed long before the construction of Ponyville. Everfree’s rampant growth across the Heartland of Central Equestria was only recently put in check. And even still that “recent” was about a thousand years ago. From the small and humble Cokatrice to the frightening, magic-born Owlbear: there was never a dull moment in the self sustaining forest. It was once home to a pair of young mares who soon became the leaders of Canterlot, but long before their arrival and since before antiquity: the woods have been home to many horrifying beasts. Passing tribes, one of which has built a permanent settlement on its fringes, knew never to stay long for there was one creature who had a habit of meeting ponies… and their vanishing coming not long after.


The Burhgest, was its name. Its appearance was considered an omen to travellers. Those to spot it while journeying through the Everfree were doomed to never escape its clutches. The only way to prevent a Burhgest from leading you away was to offer it a ride, but in doing so one risked traveling through the most dangerous parts of Everfree. Some say the only way to prevent a Burhgest from following a caravan was to carry a rope of rattling bells, which was why many farmers leading their cows or sheep to new grazing would attach bells to their necks. As the nomadic pony tribes unified and settled into cities and towns on the outskirts of the Everfree sightings of the Burhgest dwindled.


But it did not mean its existence completely vanished from the memory of ponies.


Even today stories of the entity permeates through tales of shadow, faceless visitors that stand upon the wood’s edge, staring into the paths into town, waiting for one foolish pony to offer it a ride in… for the Burhgest could not leave its territory, unless somepony was foolish enough to lead it into town… What does the Burhgest look like? Some say it looks like a shadowy pony who carries an unlit lantern. Others have claimed it take the shape of a gangly, black dog and others have claimed it a pack of black rats. Whatever shape the Burhgest takes one can be assured it is not safe alone in those woods in which we call Everfree.


- Haunted Paths Across Equus, a Pocket Guide



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