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Thunderlane (Ready)


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Name: Thunderlane

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Various shades of amber

Coat Color: Dark grey 

Mane and Tail: Thunder's mane and tail are alternating silver and sky blue. He keeps his mane is a long cut mohawk and his tail cropped right at hock level. Both are smoothed out with gel which helps keep his mane at its lofty height. 

Physique: He is a bit on the chunky side but well muscled. 

Residence: An apartment in Ponyville above a record shoppe and right down the road from the Ponyville Split, his favorite bowling alley. Also has a place in Cloudsdale which he stays on occasion.

Occupation: Works for the weather department daily and has a side job of bowling in the professional league. Also a reserve flier on the Wonderbolts.

Cutie Mark: 


A grey billowing storm cloud rushing forward and trailing out behind. Below this cloud is a jagged three pointed lightening bolt in light yellow


Thunderlane was born to loving parents in a fairly affluent neighborhood in Cloudsdale. His mother stayed home to care for him, his father was a well liked weather pony. Chain Lightening, Thunder's father, specialized in storms. Thunder was named for Chain's favorite part of storm creation, rumbling thunder. His childhood was charmed, having all the niceties a colt could want. He was liked at school and had a good group of friends. He was kind to others and had a good reputation with students and school staff alike. He got good grades, not great, but definitely good. His parents let him in enroll in sports and other after school activities. Overall he was well taken care of and well liked. 


When he got a bit older his school class took a trip to Ponyville for the day. He had spent the entirety of his life in Cloudsdale and had never really experienced anything outside of his community. The reason for the trip was mostly environmentally based. Learning how the weather Cloudsdale created affected the ground bound ponies. During the day they were allowed to pair up and explore Ponyville for lunch. It was during this time that Thunder and his buddy ended up at Ponyville Split, the local bowling alley. For some reason Thunder loved bowling instantly! It could have been the skill required to throw the ball, the satisfaction of seeing all the pins fall down, or possibly the rumbling sound the alley made as ponies played the game. Thunder only got to play a couple tosses before it was time to go.


He was not able to play again for some time as bowling balls and clouds do not mix. He knew he would end up back on the lanes as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The colt's mind was soon occupied with other matters. He was a fast flier. Fast enough that he was taken in for training by the weather ponies sooner than most of his friends. He had a knack for flying quickly into storm clouds, shaping them as needed, and getting out before lightening hit him! In his mind he just viewed the clouds as bowling pins. He would rush at them and knock them all down to the shape he wanted quick as can be! It was during a successful storm cloud shaping that the colt's cutie mark appeared! He knew in his heart it was a combination of his ability with weather and his love for bowling!


Unique Traits: 

Thunder is a skilled flyer. He is fast and very accurate in techniques. This makes him a natural in weather pony storm creation and shaping.


He has an above average knack for bowling. Though he hasn't trained professionally he still attends tournaments in Ponyville, Canterlot, and other cities when he can.



(Continued from the above cutie mark story)


Thunder worked part time at the weather factory in the storm department alongside his father for quite a while. He finished his education and squeezed in as many other activities as he could. Once he had graduated from school he took on working at the weather factory full time. As he continued to work, his skills in accurate and fast flying continued to flourish. 


On one occasion Thunderlane and some other storm specialists were called in to stop a rainstorm from occurring at a Wonderbolts event. After the storm had cleared he was invited to stay for the show! It was incredible! He liked it so much that the stallion decided to try out for a spot of the Wonderbolts reserve list. He made it through basic training, even earning a spot as a lead pony! It was a lot of work but he earned himself a spot on the team! He does not often get called on to preform and when he does, he is usually asked to add the storm elements into the show!


It was around this same time that Thunder decided to ask the weather factory if he could take on a satellite role. From this position he could be called on to help manage storms but not have to be at the factory every day. This leaves him plenty of time for honing his bowling skills. Most days this stallion can be found not far from Ponyville Split. He even purchased an apartment not too far from his beloved bowling alley.


Character Summary:

Thunderlane is a kind pony. Most ponies feel quite comfortable around him. Though he is strong and skilled, he does his best to make others feel cared for and listened to. He keeps himself very busy between storm management, bowling, and part time Wonderbolt performances. This guy is willing to make new friends and always up for a laugh or an adventure!


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