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RP Certified?


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I posted a character application the 6th of December, it wasn't approved until the 10th.


I read a few forums that said it would take a day or two and so I have waited, though, it has been way more than a day or two and I noticed many people who have signed up recently are already RP Certified.


I don't know whether there is a delay in approving or if my account just hasn't gotten around to be approved. I was going to ask a moderator but I didn't know which one.


Is there a certain amount of posts that need to be made for me to finally be Certified? Apologies if I seem rather impatient or come off as rude, I am just confused as to how others who have posted applications and signed up long after I am already approved, yet I am not.


(I meant to post this in the Roleplay Q&A, my apologies)

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