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Cherry Blossom (Final)


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(Customized on Generalzoi's Game)


Name:  Cherry Blossom

Gender: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Earth Pony


Likes: Flowers, BFF, pink, nature, everypony.


Dislikes: Bullies, stormy weather, violence.

Coat: Pastel Pink

Mane/Tail:  Base tone is a silvery pink with highlights of peach pink. Cherry's mane is like a fluffier version of the Lotus and Aloe, the spa ponies. Her tail is twirled naturally, giving it an elegant touch.

Eye Color: Hot Pink, similar style as Fluttershy's.


Physique: Somewhat taller than average, an average yet fuller body.

Residence: Ponyville, small cottage.

Occupation: Gardener, assists the residents of Ponyville with their gardens and/or houseplants.

Cutie Mark: Light pink Cherry Blossom


History: Cherry Blossom was born in a small isolated cottage in Ponyville, her life was very quiet and normal considering self-reserved she was, which meant she had no friends and grew up as the wallflower. She often helped around the house with her Mother and on special occasions, her Father would take her to his job, which was as a landscaper.


Her mother, Sugar Blossom, works in a small bakery in the heart of Ponyville, her shop is like a simple cafe and has a very cozy feel to it, attracting plenty of ponies. Sugar Blossom is a kind mare, always putting others before herself and never wastes a second on helping her daughter with anything. Cherry Blossom's Father, Grain Sprout, is the stallion who inspired Cherry Blossom to become what she is today, she loved working with her Father on landscapes and didn't hesitate on picking up a similar career when she was older. Grain Sprout is constantly working, making his presence in the cottage very short since landscaping is very time-consuming. 


Cherry received her cutie mark almost instantly after assisting her Father in his duties, her passion for nature and gardening surfaced faster than both she and her parents expected. Her cutie mark is a light pink blossom, matching both her interests/traits and name. It was perfect for the mare and she wouldn't want her cutie mark any other way.


Though, the older Cherry Blossom got, the more of life's responsibilities and struggles began to weigh on her, especially during her High School years. She was often bullied for her simple appearance, having no fluorescent colors or a flashy cutie mark, they even made fun of her common name that wasn't anything very unique. Her classmates were very determined on making her three years of school difficult, the bullying only got worse the longer she tolerated it. Her Mother nor Father ever knew, she never did plan on letting them know either due to their financial issues that were going on at the moment.


Cherry Blossom was already shy and introverted as it is, though, the bullying only silenced her more. 



That is, until a certain short young mare, who Cherry never even knew went to her school had stood up to her. Her savior's name is Flower Eyes, a shy pony who was actually very similar to Cherry when it came to personal traits. They had an instant connection, Cherry being the quieter of the two but none the less they spoke more about actions rather than words. They were given the name "Flower Sisters" for their names and cutie marks (Flower Eyes= Purple buttercup, Cherry Blossom= Pink Blossom).


The incident where her now BFF Flower Eyes had stood up to her completely turned her life right side up, the bullying stopped and she felt happier than ever. The mare needed no other friends but her true, best one, Flower Eyes. They could practically be polar opposite twins, much like Lotus and Aloe. The two mares were practically sisters and do remain BFF's to this day.


Character Summary: 


Overall, Cherry Blossom is very kind-hearted and simple-lived, she is often seen gardening in Ponyville and will not hesitate on spouting a kind "Hello" to passing residents. If not gardening, she will either be at a flower stand buying seeds or a bouquet, or with her BFF, Flower Eyes, trotting around Ponyville.


Her past experiences with bullying have brought her to where she accepts everypony for who they are and what they do, to her, looks don't matter but actions do. None the less, she doesn't mind lending a hoof or some advice for those who she feels needs it.


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