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Sioux (Final)


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(Created on Generalzoi's game)




Name:  Sioux (Little Snakes)

Gender: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Earth Pony


Likes: Potion making, tribal studies, isolation, Everfree Forest, Platinum Flash.


Dislikes: Being weak, strangers, a lot of questions, Platinum Flash, fillies.

Coat: Pastel Yellow with brownish-peach stripes (Similar to Zecora's)

Mane/Tail:  Sioux's mane and tail are solid white. A majority of the time, Sioux 's mane covers her unique eyes, it's cut short but long enough to cover her face if styled the correct way. Her tail looks as if it was carelessly chopped off with safety scissors, which it was. When alone, Sioux pushes her mane back with a headband.

Eye Color: Crimson red, glossy (The same shape of Rarity's). Previously grey.


Physique: Average height, a bit thinner than average mares.

Residence: Everfree Forest.

Occupation: Witchcraft, traveling merchant.

Cutie Mark: Sioux's cutie mark resembles tribal markings. It is solid black and has simple designs, a skull in the middle with various small triangular shapes surrounding it.


History: Sioux was born on the outskirts of the Everfree forest, raised by her mother Dakota after the disappearance of her father. Sioux was born blind, explaining why her eyes are so vibrant and glossed over. Her disability never got in the way of her doing daily chores like doing the dishes, laundry, getting around her home, or learning. Considering how far Sioux's home was from the "closest" school, her mother decided to home-school her. Obviously, it wasn't only because of traveling issues but also because she worried Sioux would possibly be bullied for being different. Sioux's mother worked with herbs, she made natural remedies as well as medicine which she sold in Ponyville. Sioux loved to go with her mother into town because she could hear the laughter and talk of others, something she only heard in Ponyville. Rarely would anyone travel so close to the Everfree Forest, so it was extremely quiet in her home. Sioux's only friend was her mother, the forest, and the animals that live within it. 


At a young age, Sioux's mother began to teach Sioux how to brew certain herbs and grind them into grain which she would later boil to become edible medicine or creams for rashes and injuries. One day, Sioux had grabbed the incorrect book, it was one to make a so-called, "Balding Potion". Its contents in braille instructed for Sioux to grab ingredients that were nowhere near the ones she would usually use. This "lotion" earned Sioux her cutie mark, similar to her mothers which instead had a flower rather than a skull. The meaning behind Sioux cutie mark was that the skull represented "Bad Luck", this means that a majority of the potions Sioux intends to make, come out wrong. For example, let's say Sioux is asked to make a love potion, while she may follow the instructions... Somehow the potion becomes a hate potion. Basically, Sioux makes the opposite of what she is supposed.


The balding potion resulted in her mother's business getting a bad review, this made fewer people buy from her and money became tight. While money wasn't a very serious issue in Sioux's family, due to them having their own crops and garden, it would mean they couldn't buy cloth or new jars for herbs. Sioux felt extreme guilt and vowed that she will continue her mothers business and make up for the grave error she made. To Sioux, this was probably an amazing idea... For others, it meant pure bad luck!


Sioux found herself making only bad potions correctly, no matter whether she got the ingredients wrong or not everything turned out bad. Love turned to hate, blossoming turned to withering, it was as if the Gods of magic were mocking her. This made Sioux angry and unfriendly, she became easily annoyed and often tricked others to get what she wanted. Her greed and dirty deeds resulted in a punishment no one saw coming.


One day, Sioux had received a gift from an unknown sponsor, it was labeled "Drink me, for I will cure your bad luck", Sioux expected it was from a friend rather than foe considering it was in braille. Without hesitation, the young mare drank the potion. While she believed it worked, she couldn't see the terrible thing it had done to her. Her eyes turned a scary crimson red, resembling that of an albino snake, her teeth as sharp as broken glass, and the many dark stripes that lined her body were like a Zebra's. It was only when her mother pointed it out, did she realize the potion was nothing but a fraud, a scam to get back at her for her terrible doings. This event only taught Sioux a lesson, not to trick the wrong pony.


Sioux followed her motto "Don't trick the wrong pony" for a while, trying to do good. It didn't work out. People looked at her as if she were a monster, a creature from another world, some even believed she was the offspring of a changeling and pony. The rumors went around quick and soon Sioux was shunned upon for her strange looks, something that crushed her spirit and the last bit of good inside her. Her new motto was "Don't trust anypony" as well as "Friends aren't real, everypony for themselves". Sioux grew cold on the inside but kept her sharp and friendly demeanor on the outside, she continued to trick and do wrong to others as a way to cope with the fact that she was the real monster. She had the personality and heart of a monster as well as the looks.


While Sioux would have loved to only do Witchcraft as an occupation, it didn't pay well... So, she took up the job of becoming a merchant like her mother, although, she also sold a few of her own potions aside from goods such as cloth, fruits, and vegetables. Sioux knew Ponyville wasn't enough to collect the bits she needed, so, she began to travel around Equestria, selling wherever she was allowed. Sioux found that most found her appearance interesting and so she took advantage of their curiosity by making up stories and legends about herself... Which attracted many people. Sioux became known as the merchant dressed as a beast, though, she had other names that didn't quite pique her interest. The money came in quick as ponies began to seek our her merchant stand, wanting to see of the "legend" is true, that there really is a blind pony that has red foggy eyes, sharp teeth, and stripes of a zebra. Her unusual appearance was a tourist attraction, something the mare didn't mind because... She was no longer alone. While Sioux may still trick other ponies and do dirty deeds that most would find horrible, she isn't as evil as she used to be... With the help of her appearance occupation(s), she earned "fans" (More like crazy fillies who made weird stories about her eating ponies and using their remains to brew potions) and even a few friends who hold similar interests as her, it allowed Sioux to see a new side to life... It opened up light in even the darkest part of her heart.



Character Summary: Sioux started off as the quiet, shy, and somewhat friendly type. While she may not have had friends, she still made it through everyday life no matter the hardships of not being able to see brought her. She learned from her mistakes, but only for a short amount of time before returning back to her usual self. Lessons don't have a permanent effect on the young mare. She may act very cheerful and kind when deep down all she wants to do is spread bad luck and allow others to feel the same misfortune as her.


While she would prefer to work full-time on witchcraft, it isn't a could source of income and so she has no choice but to take on her mother's duty and travel around selling goods of many sorts... More specifically the fruits and vegetables she grows in her garden. As well as comfort the obnoxious Platinum Flash, a young stallion who often visits her after they camer across one another in Ponyville, their strange relationship is rather a Friendly-Hate type of thing.




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Hi there!

Ive has a chance to look over this app for you :) 

though it is mostly fine, I’m wondering how this character will fit into the RP world? In WoE we want to make sure all our approved characters are written in a way that makes for continued RPinteraction. This character seems to be such a recluse in not sure how she will be used as an interactive character in WoE. 

She can be used in FFA as is or you can make an adjustment to her to make her a bit more relatable for WoE. 

Let me know what you’ve decided here. 

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