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Platinum Flash (Final)


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(Created on Generalzoi's game)




Name: Platinum Flash

Gender: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Earth Pony


Likes: Photography, sleeping, traveling, Sioux


Dislikes: Slimy stuff, boats, creepy things

Coat: Platinum Blonde

Mane/Tail: Pastel Yellow with a single highlight of Ice Blue. Platinum's mane is slicked back rather carelessly and his tail is simply neatly curved

Eye Color: Ice Blue


Physique: Below average height for a stallion, slender

Residence: Canterlot (former), Currently holds no permanent home

Occupation: Photographer

Cutie Mark: Bulky dark grey camera with a large circular flash lens


History: Platinum Flash was born into a noble family, well, if you consider a wealthy family a noble... His Father was a grand business stallion of the beautiful and elegant city of Canterlot, his Mother previously being a model but retired at the birth of Platinum and stayed occupationless - There was no need for her to work anyway with all the bits they had saved in bank accounts and safes. Unfortunately, while many ponies of all ages would die for such wealth, he thought it was just an easy way to live and wished to experience the hardships others dealt with. Many believed such thoughts were an act of selfishness, some even going as far as beginning to terrorize him where ever he went just for some silly dream.


Platinum never was the type of colt to enjoy sports, play in the mud, or pick at weird bugs... Not that he could enjoy such activities with friends since he was homeschooled by some fancy teacher his parents hired, another thing he despised. Anyways, he began a long list of different hobbies he would try, starting with painting, then reading, then writing, and even allowing his mother to teach him to knit and sew - Although, none of these piqued his interest. He almost gave up, believing that he'd never find anything of his interest, that is until he came across a strange machine propped on the coffee table in their luxurious living room. It was a plastic and metal box with a large light that flashed whenever he clicked that red button on the top. He could see through the screen on the back, it was almost like a TV but also glasses in a way... Almost immediately, he continued to snap what he learned were called digital pictures and found himself growing in this strange activity. 


Flash didn't immediately get his cutie mark, it took much practice and patience with this new found device, also known as a Camera, to finally master the skills of constant adjustment, button pressing, and understanding this feeling that courses through ponies whenever they find the perfect model or object for their camera's magical powers of capturing the moment you're currently experiencing. It was an aggravating and stressful time in his colt-hood, but as soon as that beautiful, camera cutie mark appeared on his late blank flank - This wave of victory shot through him and encouraged him to take this hobby and make it his destiny, his meaning in life.


Of course, Platinum Flash was only a colt at the time and couldn't travel like he can now, he was ridden to his fancy neighborhood of Canterlot for the time being until he was finally ready to leave home and embark on his life-long journey of becoming a traveling photographer. He had no intention of telling his parents who were both proud of their successful line of ancestors and held every right to expect their son to carry on the legacy for generations to come - Until, one day he simply disappeared, leaving behind a small note telling of his dream and how much he appreciates the life he spent with his parents. While it was a sudden change for his parents and it did take time, a long time, for them to accept their Son's passion and decision, they knew that once he had something in mind there was no stopping him. Platinum still goes back to visit his family because they spent so long caring and raising him, but it's either rare or not for very long since he now holds a job that only pays when he seeks out opportunities. 



Character PersonalityFlash is known to be stubborn and extremely persistent when it comes to snapping perfect shots, even going as far to put himself in danger due to this photographer drive inside him that constantly whispers for him to never miss a chance to picture art. Unlike most, he has no off button and can go hours, sometimes days without sleep - Which usually leads to him becoming very sluggish and even becoming a bit crazy and hyperactive. This brings us to the more bubbly side of Platinum, he is very friendly like most pony-folk and doesn't understand the emotion called "embarrassment", he never feels it, which is why you will catch him doing crazy things at times without running away with a flustered expression.


Unfortunately, like most, Platinum also contains a lot of negative emotions for the sole purpose of not bringing down others, although, he only really expresses it around Sioux due to the fact she doesn't care much about others nor does she use one's secrets against them unless they start something with her. 


Character Personality: Overall, Platinum Flash is like your everyday lone traveler who seeks out for adventure, friendship, and amazing models for him to picture. His bubbly and hyperactive demeanor usually attracts many and leads to great sales of his fine work. Fortunately for him, no one knows of his wealthy background due to his messy way of presenting himself both physically and emotionally. His lack of exhaustion leads to unhealthiness sometimes and he does often rest up for a few days to regain his proper sleeping hours as to not further his suffering from lack of sleep.


Platinum holds his more depressing and negative side deep inside which he only reveals to Sioux, who usually comforts him in her own way which usually sounds rather rude due to her "evil" personality. Platinum finds that while he may have plenty of acquaintances lying around Equestria, he usually only trusts said mare and his parents with personal issues.

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