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If only I could write like that again.


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After re reading my first chapter of Indistinguishable from Magic for the fifth time. I wonder what's preventing me from writing that way. It was my best chapter I ever wrote.

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Here are a few questions to ask yourself :)


Am I forcing myself to write?


Do I enjoy doing this?


Is there anything that I can add?


Is someone or something distracting me or bothering me in a way that prevents me from exposing my true potential?


I've noticed that whenever I am feeling a bit under the weather or I am forcing myself to write something I have no motivation to do, the details and action within the story are blunt, I have constant spelling and grammatical errors as well as lacking in the descriptive unit. This tells me that right now, I am not in the healthiest mood to create something, that being said, I take a break - I as well am a writer and very much love doing such, but I can't always keep up with my passion and sometimes create this lovely hobby into something similar to an obligation.


I've also noticed that being in a negative position and/or atmosphere can really affect your writing, some in good and some in bad ways. Personally, depending on how negative the atmosphere, I sometimes do benefit from it, my writing is full of emotions and grave details that allow my readers to truly feel what my character or even I am feeling. For others, this can really bring down their ability to produce fine literature, sometimes to the point where it's almost illegible or absolutely confusing! That's not bad, they just need to remember their health is important, maybe try taking a break or writing down your feelings to help. Stress also comes from expectations, which leads me to the next question - Are you setting high expectations for yourself? It is great that you have a goal for yourself that revolves around improvement or simply staying in your current position, but if you allow the monster called "Over Achiever" to crash into you, this can lead to disappointment or worse... The last thing we want is for our own expectations to bring us down when all we want to do is simply improve and become the best us!


Let me be honest, right now I am incredibly tired but I know I won't fall asleep for a long time - Which brings me to the fact I have not completed the assignments due tomorrow as well as studying for exams~! It can be stressful and I know many have gone through it, although, the stress instead makes me want to do the opposite - That means, I don't want to study for this darned exam nor do I want to complete these lengthy mathematical assignments that I will probably forget by next year! Stress makes me want to do anything but what I have to. Expectations bring me down when I score lower than I want. And sometimes even the people I surround myself with distract me from both my obligations and passion - Which is why I often fail at things I shouldn't be.


The best thing to remember is that everyone works differently (speed, style, ability, professions, etc)... But we are all just nasty flesh on the inside! So if you need to eat a whole tub of ice cream just to feel better and do what you love, so be it! I encourage you to surround yourself in a comforting and well-known place where you feel calm and happy, maintain a healthy way of living (something we all lack at some point, hehe), and then look back at what you previously wrote, what is it that you like so much about it? Can you incorporate similar word choice or style to writing (comedy, horror, romance, etc)? Finally, be happy with what you create even if it isn't what you expect, I know this is probably the stupidest thing ever because if someone told me to learn from my mistakes and be happy with what I have, I'd probably face fist them with brass knuckles and proceed to scream about how that doesn't help. 


Hopefully, this helps, even if it is probably the cheesiest stuff ever~! I kinda rushed because I should be studying and doing homework but... You see, I procrastinate too much and I am currently distracted so maybe I should just lock myself away but even then, the wall is just oh-so-interesting sometimes :D 


~ Agent Kahoot ~

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