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OC Art Request


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Short Version: I need an OC drawn as a cover photo for a story I'm working on.


Long Version: Along with being one of the weirdest people around, I am also an amateur author. I write stories on a website- that shall not be named so people don't think I'm trying to promote myself- for the fun of it. I had an idea for a new story, featuring my OC, Twisted Brew, but I need a decent cover photo for it. Hence why I am here. I am not a very good artist and I need help.


Request: I need someone to draw Twisted Brew for me so I can have a decent cover photo. [Reference Image Below]

I will also credit the creator of the photo on the story's main page since I'm not a COMPLETE jerkwad XP


Reference Image: twisted_brew_by_thecreeper003-dcbqr4d.jp


Side Note: He is indeed a Pegasus, he has blue eyes, and- I forgot to incorporate this into the image- typically wears very reflective sunglasses. (He's not edgy, he just has bad eyes... Like me!)


If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time. Now if you'll excuse me, there is an army of squids that need a good punch in their squishy heads!

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What is his hair and tail normally like? Having it upside down makes it kind of difficult to picture properly (unless he gels it and it does indeed look the same). Also, what is he wearing around his neck? Are you just looking for a cover picture or will the artist need to add the title and other text too?


Asking because I'm kind of interested.

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Hair kinda goes back and to the right.

Tail just hangs as it is.

Necklace is a black, Crescent Moon.

Title is not required.

Glad to see someone's at least interested to try it out. Thanks for dropping by to ask about it :P

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I really appreciate it. Thank you!

(And that thanks also comes from about 300 people waiting for it to be posted- and that's just the ones who know about it- I told them they have to wait until I got a decent cover photo)


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The story is coming along nicely. It hasn't been posted yet, but I'm working on each chapter a little bit at a time. I think it'll be funny.

If anyone would like a link to it- when it's posted, that is- feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll send it your way.

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