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Hyper Jack [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Hyper Jack

Sex: Male

Age: Teen / Young Adult (Colt)

Species: Earth Pony

Eye color: Jack has two eye colors- left being yellow, right being aquamarine.

Coat: A thin white coat that fades into a light blue towards his hooves and upper back.

Mane/Tail: Jack has a deep blue mane and tail, his mane being streaked yellow and falling down his neck, ending a little above his shoulders. His mane is more choppy than most, shaggy and thick with spiked bangs, one thick bang in particular almost entirely covering his left eye. His tail is left untrimmed and shaggy as well, a slight nuisance at times.

Physique: Jack isn't exactly muscled, being a tad weak on terms of strength. He's a little on the thin side, being slightly smaller than most male ponies his age

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Gamer, Bartender

Cutie Mark: A small controller (specifically an old Atari Joystick), it's cord wrapping around itself once and trailing down his hind leg.

Unique Traits: Hyper Jack isn't 'Hyper' for nothing. He always seems to be on some sort of coffee of sorts when he's around people. Jack also has a reaction time that is far higher than a normal ponies, which is why he excels at adventure and speed run games. Regardless of his hyper nature, Jack always appears to be tired, with small rings under his eyes.

History: Hyper Jack was born up north in a noble family of Equestria. The family considered themselves 'higher' in almost everything, regarding other pony families as 'inferior'. As a result, they isolated themselves from those less fortunate than they were, leaving Jack to a life alone for most of his childhood. I like his parents, however, Jack had other things in mind than continuing with the family business. With no real life friends, he turned to games, buying his own arcade machine and playing for high scores, locking himself away on his room.

As Jack grew older, he became more distant from his family as he realized how they treated others, purposely turning to games just to ignore them. He'd sneak into small towns down South in the middle of the night and meet a couple others with similar hobbies, trade scores and names. Fake names. Eventually, Jack left the house without permission one night, fleeing to that town 'Ponyville' , where everything seemed to lead. With little money that he had taken from his parents, he got to rent an old room in an old bar, with an old stallion willing to let him stay if he payed his rent. Eventually, Jack made a living by working the bar and playing in the  arcade after-hours in contests and for people that gathered around.

Though he wasn't much of a talker behind the bar, Jack was able to make friends with a few of the ponies that watched him play. A few of the closer ponies had similar lifestyles, never getting out and meeting people. Jack got his Cutie Mark when he returned all the generosity and kindness in person at the bar, finally making true friends with loners like him. He still doesn't get out a lot, but he's eager to give you a story and introduce himself if you ever find him working the bar.

Personality: One might be tempted to say that Jack almost has a triple-personality. 
Hyper Jack: Outside of the bar, Hyper Jack is, well, hyper. He's friendly in a very talkative way, sometimes being somewhat clingy to new folk. If not, he's rapid and shy, feeling pressure in groups of more than. . . One. Most of the time, he talks too fast for anyone to really understand what he's saying. Other times, Jack just screams his sentences when he's really excited. Though he usually never leaves the bar, if you do catch him out and about, he's holding a creamy espresso, loaded with sugar. Maybe two. Some days, those are needed. Other times, Jack does slow down when needed, showing surprising warmth to people he hasn't met before (If they don't sneak up on him, or he's expecting them), and be as understanding of them as possible if they're upset. He has the uncanny ability to read a mood.

Tired Jack: At the bar, Jack is more like a young worn colt that's seen more than his years seem to tell. He acts a lot more relaxed around others (seeing as they're usually regulars) and is always there to lend some advice, company, or condolences. He's a friend, and a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough. As long as you don't sneak up on him.

Frazzle Jack: In private, Jack just seems tired. Though he was only caught once, he's appeared exhausted and sort of blank when he isn't playing. Running two occupations back to back are very taxing on him sometimes. He doesn't let that slow him down in public, though. With the reasoning that he should always be there for his fans and others, Jack tends to neglect the little rest time he gets to reach out to others.

Quote(s): "How can I be sad when everything's always so. . . peachy? I say, y'all are peachy!" --Hyper Jack with friends

"Sometimes, I look back and remember leaving my family, throwing in my lot with all of these goofballs, working past midnight, living in a bar. . . I still don't regret a moment of it." --Jack's Diary 


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Hey!  Friendly neighborhood's staff here, let's take a look at your app.


The concept of a gaming nerd among snooty aristocrats is a pretty good one, however, there's one big adjustment that has to be made: Equestria doesn't have an Internet. Arcade machines really are the only kung of video games we know to be in show, so we'll have to set this at a lower tech level. 


Shouldn't be too hard; his parents would probably be able to afford entire arcade machines for him, but he would want to have friends to play with. Leads him to either sneak out or sneak others in.  Then leads to running away as before, then setting up at the bar, etc.

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