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You awake to find yourself in Equestria. What do you do?

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(I'm sure this one has been done before, but here it goes) 


You awake from a strange dream to find yourself in a random place in equestria. You seem to be a pony version of yourself. You look around to see that you have nothing at all on you. Picking yourself up off the ground. Looking around it seems you are stuck in the world of Equestria. You realize your going to be here for quite awhile, and need to get your self established to living in this world. What do you do and where do you go?  How are you going to live your life on Equestria? 

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WOAHHHH that'd be pretty crazy! I would check to see if I had a cutie mark and what it was. hopefully I'd be a blank flank and I can go off and like, explore myself and stuff. Find out who I am, as a pony. Do I like running? Do I like going "neighhhhhhhh" Probably not, cuz I don't really do either now, but who knows with the extra legs and different throat noisers maybe that'd change!

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