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[Age of Heroes] Tobohime, The Princess of Beasts


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Hero Name: Tobohime



Magic Crystal Generation: Capable of create crystal formations using breath magic. Can also generate them on her back, or create sudden formations around her by howling.


Crystal Reflection Gate: Is able to make use of a pocket dimension that she can enter or drag others into by using the reflective surface of her crystals as a gateway. Can only be used if the surface is shiny enough.


Yo-Kaiju Form: When needed, Toboe can return to her Yo-kaiju form. Typically this is done when dealing with giant threats that require a similar degree of force. In this form she is about 60 meters(196 feet) tall when on all fours, and twice this when on her hind legs. Back and legs are encrusted with magical crystals she can generate on her own, and can charge parts of her body with magic to increase her offensive capability. In this form she displays problem solving intelligence but is incapable of speech and is more temperamental when dealing with challenges than in her kirin form.


Equine Form: Thanks to the magical procedure she went through, Tobohime is able to take on the form of a scaled down, Kirin version of herself, with a pony intellect and the ability to speak. She is still obviously not… normal as evidenced by her eyes and how when cut she seems to leak aether into the air rather than bleeding, like she does when in her usual size.

Magical Condition: While in the form of a kirin, She is recognizably tougher than your average pony, and easily much stronger than one.

Aether Sense: Is Able to sense changes in Not only Neighpon, but all of Equus’ magic. Can sniff out potent magical sources and is able to tell when foreign Kaiju are about to attempt an incursion event.


Alias: Toboe, Himeko



Not Long after the event that first Mutated the oldest of Yokai and gave birth to the Yo-Kaiju. One of the stronger yokai who counted the northern range of Neighpon as his pack’s territory took a mate and started a small family. In his Native plain the old Okami kept careful watch over the ponies , despite what their dabbling in deeper magics did to his kin.


One day however another of the Oldest Yo-Kaiju attacked. Destroying the old wolf and stealing his territory. The Wolf’s offspring survived but as they were driven from their home land they were brought to separate islands away from the usurping Yo-kaiju in the mountains.


One of these pups was an ethereal, crystalline one that grew up in an Aether rich environment. With the help of The Neighponese Gov’t this pup was able to grow up and be cared for. The facility built for the creature made with the hopes of paying back a debt to the fallen Okami of the mountains. This Okami was given the nickname of “Tobohime” A reference to her limping gait when she first arrived at the island where the Mother left her in the care of the Neighponese: The pup liking having been injured during the escape of her home territory.


Upon reaching adulthood, Tobohime (or Toboe as some of the staff called her) broke out of the facility’s pen when she sensed an external Kaiju’s Incursion. The Young Okami had taken some damage but managed to successfully defeat the would be-invader before it could devour Neighpon’s Aether. She continued to fight  many other incursions, and even on some occasions had to defend herself against ponykind if she wandered into districts who preferred the giant golem approach… or if those districts sent something after her.


Thanks to her history and curious relationship towards the ponies that she knew caring for her during her development, She was selected by the a branch of the shogunate to go through an experimental procedure. A device that would grant her a vague equine form and consciousness… at the cost of scaling down the immense power she carried inside. While the facility caring for her was against this, the were eventually force to submit. Thankfully, the process worked, giving the beast a chance to communicate and speak with the ponies who up until weeks ago she had to worry about stepping on.


Notable Allies:


The Handler: As his name states, he is an agent of the shogunate. His job is to monitor Toboe’s state and provide her with what she may need, be it food, water, psych evaluations. Has a friendly if professional relationship with her, in possession of a watch that allows him to summon her, or open a portal to bring in her kaiju form in case of emergencies. Is secretly a big fan of her father and mother’s exploits.


Flashmob- Neighpon Division: The community of Flashmob sisters and brothers in Neighpon have proven a loyal and helpful ally. Interactions with them in either form have always been… strange, but usually entertaining. They’ve provided emergency aid to her after the tougher fights in the past.


Mother: Mate of the Old Okami Yo-kaiju, had been raising her daughter and other offspring with the help of the Facility.

Director of the O-Kamui Yo-Kaiju preservation facility: A kindly old pony who has a history with her pack.

The Pack: Tobohime’s siblings are also housed on the facility, only one other has left it and moved into Shinku’s territory to try and take it back, This brother has not been seen since. The rest of the pack seems considerably less interested in fighting for the Neighponese as a whole but are willing to assist their sister when times are dire.


Notable Villains:


Shinku-No-Kabuto: The Massive Bear Yokaiju, currently ruling to northern mountain range and territories of Neighpon. Currently is the strongest living Yokaiju on the islands and has a tense relationship with the equine in his district.


The Four Heirs: Four Yokaiju who have been designated the heirs to their respective territories. One for each cardinal direction they are each set to succeed their fathers or mothers in Neighpon. Currently conflicts have only risen with the Heir to the north, Kowasu:Daughter of Shinku.


The Kintsukuroi: A mysterious group of ponies and yokai who have been seen around the sites of various Yo-kaiju’s demise. Goals currently unknown but they primarily seem to focus on holding rallies in which they speak of the return of those fallen heroes of Yokai-kind.


The Outer Kaiju: The more monstrous and alien giant beasts that regularly emerge from the aether of Neighpon to try and untether the land from its native universe and/or steal the magical energy from the land itself for unknown means.


General Notability:


Despite her relatively short amount of time in the spotlight, Tobohime’s Yo-kaiju form has gotten some support from the larger populace of Neighpon. Due to her parent’s past exploits helping to protect Neighpon it has given her a great deal of goodwill and sympathy from many civilians. She even has a toyline of plushies… although they were made without her consent and it constantly bothers her that she is viewed with more pity than admiration due to her circumstances.


Her appearances in a kirin form has only recently been announced to the public and opinions are split.

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