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A Royal Wedding {and after} -Open-


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Hope smiled as she arrived at the trainstation with the reformed Sombra. Sure he still had quirks from when he was king (like his horn and dark magic), but she was the one who was able to calm him down whenever needed. Guards stopped them from entering until they saw she was a princess and had an invitation. "Excuuuse me, but i thought i was allowed to take a friend with me." She hissed. "We had expected someone other than...THAT" "well i had expected guards to be nice to a princess, but i don't get what i want either, now do i?" She passed through with Sombra, who had growled slightly. "I don't think they're happy to have me." She giggled slightly and he chuckled, knowing what she was going to say. "Well it is kind of logical on one hand...uh hoof. You did kind of enslave a whole empire. But on the other hoof, you're reformed. Or at least calmed down around me. So it shouldn't be a problem right?" "No it shouldn't. Doesn't mean i don't understand them." Just as she was about to say something, she bumped into somepony. "Oof. Excuse me. I was talking to my bf and wasn't paying attention." She smiled.

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