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Cheese Sandwich [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Cheese Sandwich
Sex: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Eye Color: Brilliant Chartreuse Green
Coat Color: Light Orange
Mane/Tail: Cheese's mane and tail hair are both a dark brown. Both are extremely puffy and unkempt, as Cheese believes it makes his image all the more goofy. On his head, the hair is a bit curlier. 
Physique: Cheese's body is rather slender and lanky, making him taller than most other ponies out there.
Residence: Wanderer (though his hometown is Manehatten)
Occupation: "Super Duper Party Pony" (traveling party planner)

Cutie Mark: Cheese Sandwich's cutie mark is, well. . . a cheese sandwich. Grilled, to be exact. It represents his love of cheese and accordions. Cheese received his cutie mark as a direct result of Pinkie Pie, who's attitude and partying skills inspired Cheese to become a "Super Duper Party Pony", just like her.
Unique traits: Cheese sandwich is the self-proclaimed "Super Duper Party Pony". With that in mind, whadaya think he does? The pony travels around Equestria, putting on parties that turn frowns upside down and obliterate any negative feelings whatsoever. He lives for this kind of stuff. As a result, Cheese has taught himself to be a good singer and musician, specifically with accordions. He also carries around a rubber chicken he got from the party where he met Pinkie Pie, which he named Boneless (not the original, which he left with Pinkie after leaving Equestria later on).
History: Cheese Sandwich wasn't always the loud, goofy, extroverted pony he is today. In fact, he used to be quite the opposite: Shy, quiet, and lonely. His family wasn't anything special, really. Just normal ponies living normal lives - And content to keep on living normal lives. Anything spontaneous or random was frowned upon in their household. This left Cheese with not much to work with. As a result of his awkwardness and silence, he was often regarded as an oddball by other young ponies. Those ponies and their families had color to them. They were interesting. Cheese longed to be like them, despite his parents insistence that normalcy was key. This went on for some time as a kid, with Cheese remaining isolated from others.

Eventually, once Cheese was able to, he left Manehattan, unable to connect with others with the constant pressure of his parents on him. For the longest time, the colt wandered, unsure of what to do. He was free to do what he wanted, but he just couldn't. His past had made socializing nearly impossible. He was far too shy to even begin with that, and had no experience in talking to others. So, he remained in his shell for awhile longer. Luckily, things changed for the better within one day, one crazy day. The day Cheese met Pinkie Pie. By chance, the colt had stumbled upon one of her wild parties. Cheese didn't even have time to react to it. He hadn't been called strange, or ignored; Instead, after being pulled in, Cheese had the time of his life, the first true party he'd ever been to. He even spoke with a couple ponies, who, luckily, didn't seem to mind his apparent shyness.

Though Cheese Sandwich didn't directly speak to Pinkie Pie, just meeting her and seeing her doing the thing she loved was enough to inspire Cheese to do the same, earning him his cutie mark. Though Cheese had never originally had a hobby or goal in mind, party planning and humor drew his attention. Taking the rubber chicken he'd gotten from the party (which he named Boneless), Cheese finally started his new career - His career as a Super Duper Party Pony. Not only that, but Cheese also finally learned to dive right in to socializing, getting over his shyness in awe of Pinkie Pie's own extroverted attitude. That is what he does to this day, planning over-the-top birthday bashes, surprise parties, and get-togethers for all, so that they can experience the same happiness he'd felt on the day he finally found a purpose - And an entertaining one, at that!

Personality: Though Cheese Sandwich used to be a shy, quiet one, he's since then grown to be more like Pinkie Pie - If only more of a clown than a hyperactive type. He's loud, outspoken, and more than eager to perform something crazy and hilarious if it'll get everyone smiling. With him, there's never enough of a good thing. Why have some fun, when you can have all the fun? No party is complete if it isn't drastically over-the-top, and everyone is involved. Bad days are nonexistent with Cheese Sandwich around. On the contrary, though, Cheese Sandwich has another side of him, which he usually uses to introduce himself to others. He has a very serious demeanor, wearing a dark cowboy hat and poncho, the only hint at his true persona being his rubber chicken, Boneless, which he carries on his back. He's all-business in this state as he travels from place to place. Once he's there, though, it's true Cheese sandwich time!

Character Summary: Though he may come off as a bit odd to some, Cheese Sandwich is certainly the type of pony you'd want as a friend, almost always cheery and goofy, ready to give someone the party of their lives. It doesn't matter if you're shy, edgy, quiet, or plain mean. Cheese's attitude is contagious: Stick around him too long, and you'll eventually pick up on his partying.

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