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Long Shot {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Long Shot
Nicknames: Goober, Shot

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Younger Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian


~Physical Attributes~



Eye Color: Lime Green

Character Color: A soft yellow

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are poofy and curly, always tied off into braids. Their colors are orange and light orange. 

Physique: She's very agile and strong. 

Extra: She sometimes wear's her uniform, especially when she's out signing autographs. 

Cutie Mark: 


Description: A soccer ball with a streak of green underneath it, representing her talent for soccer. 


Story: Since her father forced her to play soccer at a young age, Shot always had a passion for it. Her story is simple, in her first big game in elementary school, she shot the winning goal. That was mainly from the motivation she got after the amazing performance that little filly Bellissima Stella sung, both getting their cutie marks on the same day. Shot always remembered Bell, and they do run into each other occasionally, to Bell's dismay. Bell definitely doesn't have a crush on the hyper earth pony..


After the shot, she jumped into the air and her cutie mark appeared. Her main talent is soccer, as her long, strong goals are her specialty. She has a very strong kick. 




~Outside Information~

Family: Dad (Unicorn): Pleased Aesthetic, Dad (Unicorn): Big Shot, Brother (Unicorn): Hard Head 


Occupation: Famous Soccer Player

Residence: In a large house, living in Cantorlot



Character Personality: Loud, cheerful, and optimistic, Long Shot is a very positive pony. She loves to talk, making ponies smile, and is very obnoxious. You'd think a famous pony like her would be more professional with her sport, but no, she's as rambunctious as a new puppy. Shot has been a happy little pony since she was little, and loves to get all her energy out with running around and playing soccer with her biological dad. She absolutely loves attention, and it very touchy with every pony she meets. She wants to be in every pony's face, and doesn't really understand personal space. It's funny, because she's actually very focused on the field. It's when she get's off it when she's a big goofy weirdo. Shot loves every pony she meets, and easily get's lead on. She can't really understand 'fake friends', and falls for most tricks. She's very gullible, but too pure for the world.

Unique Traits: Long Shot has very powerful legs, which can literally kick anything into the air and wherever she wants. She's very fast on her hooves, and very agile. She's also really good at making ponies smile, and has a knack to make them uncomfortable too. 


History: Long Shot was born on a warm Canterlot morning in the hooves of her surrogate. Her biological father, Big Shot, immediately fell in love with his bouncing baby girl. His husband, Pleasing Aesthetic, also loved his new daughter, and the two husbands forever cared deeply about their new baby. Shot's older brother, Hard Head (his biological dad being Aesthetic, but the same surrogate), didn't like her as much, and didn't want a baby sister. From his young age, he didn't really understand that you couldn't choose the gender. 


Long Shot immediately had a knack for kicking things. She'd kick everything she'd see, even her brother. Hard Head never wanted to get along with Shot, and they would always fight over dumb things, and it made Shot feel horrible. She just wanted him to smile all the time. 


It was easy training with her dad with soccer, because Big Shot was a really good coach. He wanted his daughter to live up to his legacy. And she did just that when she was older. On the opposite end, Shot was never close with her other father, as he was a magic teacher and she was a plain 'ol earth pony. The only earth pony in the family, for that matter. She still loved Aesthetic, as he always showed up to her games and cheered her on from the sideline. Hard Head would be there too, but he'd be pouting and throwing a fit.


It didn't take long for Shot to get her cutie mark, as she already knew what she wanted to do. She was always a bouncing little cutie, and was very lovable and kind.


When she got older, she got a lot of scholarships to play soccer in bigger leagues, and she took her home city's team in a heartbeat: The Canterlot Colts. She plays professionally with them, and is very well known for soccer fans all over, since she is, "Big Shot's Legacy".


A little growing up photo for reference: 



Character Summary: Long Shot is a happy, obnoxious, athletic earth pony with a knack for always smiling.

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