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Limelight [Ready]


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((NOTE: This application is meant to be reviewed in tandem with its sister application for Golden Dream. I request that you read both before critiquing either.))


Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Limelight


Sex: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Pegasus


Eye color: Emerald green


Coat: Silvery white


Mane/tail: Her lime green mane is long and flowing, somewhat styled out of admiration for Celestia though obviously not as animated. Her equally long tail is droopy and drags on the ground, but trails beautifully behind her when she takes flight. 


Physique: Tall and slender with poise that frames her as capable and fit.


Residence: Private home attached to a theater in Canterlot she co-owns with her adopted sister, Golden Dream.


Occupation: Co-owner of the New Dawn theater in Canterlot. Oversees costumes, directing, auditions, and occasionally takes the stage as an actress.


Cutie Mark: A spotlight, symbolizing her talent for standing out and drawing attention.


Unique traits: Extremely expressive, which helps with her acting and makes it even easier to get ponies’ attention. Has a naturally beautiful voice and could develop into a great singer, though currently lacks the training.


History: Limelight was born of a wealthy businessmare from Cloudsdale who moved to Canterlot to settle down in style. Her earliest memory is of finding a baby unicorn in a basket on their front porch and galloping to tell her mother. With no way of finding the baby’s parents, the family adopted her and named her Golden Dream. The name didn’t sit well with Limelight, who promptly nicknamed her new sibling Goldie.


As an only filly, Limelight was beyond excited to have a little sister. No matter how much Goldie told her no, the pegasus always begged her to play Alicorn Princesses with her. When finally she relented, the dynamic of their game was obvious: Limelight would play the revered Princess Celestia while Goldie would always play the mysterious Luna. Goldie often pointed out that she should really be the villainous Nightmare Moon, but Limelight insisted that as a princess Luna was probably sweet and caring before being banished. 


When the sisters reached school age, Limelight quickly cemented herself as the pretty and popular pony of the class. She had many adoring fans among her peers due to her almost idol-like energy and style. Still, though, she considered Goldie her best friend and was never apart from her for long. This was precisely why the pegasus simply had to have her sister audition for the school play with her! At her audition, Limelight’s passionate and energized performance landed her the leading role with little contest. She was a little disappointed to find that Goldie had only secured a minor role, but was still excited to appear on stage with her little sister at all.


Limelight was counting down the seconds until the play ever since she first auditioned. To pass the time, she practiced her scenes and made changes to their costumes to stand out as much as possible. Goldie protested the long tassels Limelight wanted to add to the unicorn’s costume, insisting that she wasn’t meant to stand out in this performance. Limelight, however, was having none of that, and eventually as always Goldie relented. On the day of the play, both were looking their best when tragedy struck. In her one scene, Goldie tripped on one of the many tassels in her costume and fell into a prop tower, knocking it over in the process! Feeling guilty for her part in the accident, Limelight quickly moved to draw attention away from her humiliated sister. She dove into action to “save” a fellow pony from the “collapsing” tower, tackling them into center stage just in the nick of time. Her heroic improv caused the audience to erupt in cheers. By the end of the play, everypony had forgotten about Goldie’s mishap and Limelight had earned her cutie mark in being the center of attention!


When several moons later their school hosted another big play, Limelight was disappointed but understanding of her sister’s decision not to audition. Surprising nopony, the flashy pegasus once again landed the leading role of the heroic pony who would face down an evil sorceress. During the climax, Limelight was about to be defeated by a falling lantern launched by the evil sorceress when it was abruptly suspended in midair. With a smirk and wink to her sister in the audience, she brushed aside her mane to reveal a prop horn- her character had secretly been an alicorn all along! Using powerful alicorn magic, she sealed away the evil sorceress in a change of script that did not make the faculty very happy, but which the audience absolutely loved. 


Fast forward to their early adulthood and the two sisters were prepared, though hardly ready, to go their separate ways in pursuit of careers. Suddenly, their mother met them with a proposition: She would purchase a theater for them and, if they could make it thrive, they would be allowed to keep it for themselves, no strings attached. If not, however, their mother would cut her losses and convert the building into something more profitable, like an indoor Buckball court. Eager for the opportunity to work together, the two sisters decided to take the plunge. To this day, the theater is struggling but Limelight insists that one big hit is all they need to turn their business around!


Character personality: Cheerful and outgoing, Limelight is extremely popular but doesn’t have many ponies who she would call friends. She mostly saves her affection and friendship for her adopted sister, Golden Dream, who she absolutely loves to death. Limelight loves attention and with her good looks and charisma, along with a little showboating, tends to get it wherever she goes. She is an optimist to a fault, sometimes getting to the point of being an airhead (such as believing she’s destined to be an alicorn one day despite having no idea how to become one).


Character summary: A flashy and peppy pegasus who is inseparable from her sister, Golden Dream. Always the center of attention and loving every second of it. Co-owns a theater and manages the social side of business. Wishes desperately to become an Alicorn, but frankly has no idea how becoming one even happens (and of course never will actually become one).

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