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Golden Dream [Ready]


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((NOTE: This application is meant to be reviewed in tandem with its sister application for Limelight. I request that you read both before critiquing either.))


Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Golden Dream


Sex: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn


Eye color: Blue


Coat: Rich golden brown


Mane/tail: Her mane reaches only to the middle of her neck, where it symmetrically rises to a point on either side of her head. Her tail mimics this curve in the other direction, forming a crescent moon shape. Both mane and tail are violet at the roots with a gradient fade to lavender.


Physique: Tall and slender with an uneasy posture that makes her look delicate.


Residence: Private home attached to a theater in Canterlot she co-owns with her adoptive sister, Limelight.


Occupation: Co-owner of the New Dawn theater in Canterlot. Manages set design and finances. Works as a stagehoof and very occasional playwright. 


Cutie Mark: A marionette control bar, symbolizing her talent for working behind-the-scenes.


Unique traits: A keen eye for detail that picks up on aspects of visual design as well as being very receptive to symbols and deeper meaning in fiction.


History: Golden Dream was born to poor parents in Fillydelphia who longed for their daughter to have more than they could ever provide her. Following this dream, they brought their newborn daughter to the city where unicorns are destined for greatness: Canterlot. Unfamiliar with the city and unwelcomed by the stuck-up ponies of rich blood, they left their daughter on the doorstep of a wealthy family with a note pleading them to raise her to be a great unicorn. Ironically, the note was lost to the wind and the family in question turned out to be one of the few successful pegasus families living in Canterlot.


Golden Dream’s earliest memories are of her hyperactive new older sister, Limelight. The enthusiastic pegasus gave her the nickname Goldie and, despite her insistence that it sounded like an old lady’s name, the name stuck. Though their oil-and-water personalities led to a rocky start for the two, Limelight’s persistence and enthusiasm got through to Goldie and eventually, the two were inseparable. As young fillies, the two would often play Alicorn Princesses, with Limelight pretending to be Celestia while Goldie would play the then-mysterious Princess Luna. 


When the two of them came of age to start going to school, Goldie was hesitant at first to meet her peers. It was only with Limelight’s encouragement that she was able to introduce herself properly on the first day. It is easy to imagine the anxiety she felt, then, when her sister pleaded with her to audition for the school play together. Unable to refuse a request from her dear sister, the poor unicorn obliged. While Limelight landed a leading role rather effortlessly, it was only due to lack of applicants that Goldie even fumbled her way into a background role. Even despite her minor time on stage, Goldie managed to ruin the whole thing. She tripped over her costume and fell into a prop tower, knocking it over. Following this, she quickly ran from the stage and returned later to find that Limelight had earned her cutie mark from that play. Seeing that only drove home the point for Goldie: Her sister was cut out for acting. She wasn’t.


The next play that Limelight was a part of, Goldie sat in the front row of the audience to support her sister. The production was a great success that captivated the audience up until the climax in the final act, where Limelight’s character was set to face off against an evil sorceress. Suddenly, a faulty stage lantern fell from the rafters and nearly landed square on top of Limelight. The audience, including Goldie, gasped in fright but by reflex, Goldie stopped the lantern with levitation magic. The auditorium filled with a stunned silence as ponies tried to locate the source of this magic, when Goldie suddenly had an idea of how to keep the show going. From her bag, she levitated an old prop horn towards Limelight with a wink. The pegasus quickly caught on and dramatically brushed her mane aside, revealing the prop- her character was secretly an alicorn all along! The duo pulled off this new plot so perfectly that much of the audience believed it was in the script from the start, and as an added bonus, for her quick thinking and saving the show while going unnoticed, Goldie earned her cutie mark!


Fast forward to their early adulthood and the two sisters were prepared, though hardly ready, to go their separate ways in pursuit of careers. Suddenly, their mother met them with a proposition: She would purchase a theater for them and, if they could make it thrive, they would be allowed to keep it for themselves, no strings attached. If not, however, their mother would cut her losses and convert the building into something more profitable, like an indoor Buckball court. Eager for the opportunity to work together, the two sisters decided to take the plunge. According to Goldie’s figures, though, the business is now hardly staying afloat and without some major turnaround could be in serious jeopardy to this day. 


Character personality: Goldie is quite shy and if she doesn’t have her sister to support her tends to fail at even things she’s usually good at in front of other ponies. She is much more open around friends if she manages to make them, though, and having her sister around makes her almost outgoing. Usually, however, she prefers any contribution she makes to other ponies’ lives to speak for itself and often not even be attributed to her. She has a deep appreciation for literature and has been known to lose herself in fantasy.


Character summary: A shy and reserved unicorn who becomes much more, though not completely, outgoing when supported by her sister, Limelight. Takes pride in her work even if nopony appreciates that she’s doing it. Co-owns a theater and deals with all the behind-the-scenes work like set design and finances.

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