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My series finale Wishlist and the future of MLP


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This is my series finale wishlist. May be updated later or something:


Grogar dies. No way he's getting a redemption. 


No Cozy Glow and Chrysalis "redemption." They've had their chances. Tirek I Will elaborate on later.


Assuming Tirek stays evil, I would like a sort of evil mischief trio squad. 


Council of Harmony. Just go right ahead and say it.


Extended theme at the end. They have it, it's awesome, just do it already.  In fact, you can change it up a little bit, have more than Twilight singing if you want, just don't remix the hell out of it.



As a bonus, I'll take about G5: Next gen MLP. I swear they did so much with the world theh can't just ditch it. Make it in ToonBoom or something, just keep the world. Next Gen is one of my favourite things to come from the fandom. Even id it won't be exactly like Kianamai.

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