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Rosemarey [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Rosemarey


Sex: Female


Age: Filly


Species: Earth pony


Eye Color: Fire red


Coat: Leaf green


Mane/Tail: Her mane is short and poofy and a deep red in color. Her short red tail is just as soft and fluffy and curls in a small spiral. 


Physique: Average for a filly


Residence: Family home on the edge of Ponyville


Occupation: Student


Cutie Mark: A rose bud, symbolizing her ability to find the beauty in anything


Unique Traits: She has a green hoof for flowers in particular, which she suspects is related to magic.


History: As the fourth of five siblings, Rosemarey struggles to get any attention at home. This was not made any easier by the fact that her father left their family before she was even old enough to speak. However, this isn’t to say her upbringing hasn’t been pleasant. She has always had a loving, if busy, mother in Ginger Snap and her eldest brother, Hawthorn, has been taking an increasingly active role in her upbringing as well. In fact, she has recently started to look up to her brother very much, and he is always willing to indulge her when she wants to help with the gardening or cooking. 


When Rosemarey started school, she had no trouble making friends. Naturally a social filly, she got to know her classmates quickly and often threw out casual compliments that brought smiles to her friends’ faces. One student in the class, however, was cynical enough to refuse her friendship. The filly remarked that Rosemarey’s hollow compliments were nothing more than attempts at shallow popularity. She fired back by saying the filly’s mane was very pretty, which only earned her an eye roll. But she chose to persist and follow through on her compliment, delicately placing a single rose in the filly’s hair. She encouraged her fellow student to wear the rose around for a day and tell her how it went. The next day she got word that the filly got nothing but compliments, not just on the rose but also for the confidence which she started to show over the course of the day because of it. The filly gave a hushed and embarrassed apology, to which Rosemarey smiled as her cutie mark appeared.


Character Personality: Brimming with positive energy, Rosemarey is among the most optimistic ponies in Ponyville. She is extremely sweet and sociable and spends much of her free time beautifying Ponyville- picking up trash, planting flowers, and offering ponies advice on how to bring out the best of their beauty and style. Her advice isn’t always up to a professional standard, but she is still learning. She can also be a bit clumsy but plenty earnest enough to make up for her mistakes. 


Character Summary: Rosemarey is the textbook picture of youth: Lively, energetic and sweet. She firmly believes there is beauty in everything and everypony and is determined to find it. She admires and respects her big brother Hawthorn and tends to hog his attention more than her other siblings. 

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