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Silver Armor: Royal Guard [Ready]


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Off Duty by LoveEDovey
@GoldenDaze for the amazing fan art
(Art of Silver Armor, he is seen with his armor 85% of the time)



(Uncolored image of Silver in normal wear)


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Silver Armor
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion (Early Twenties)
Species: Pegasus
Eye Color:  Right Eye: Grey with a scar down the middle || Left: Dull Gold
Coat: White
Mane/Tail: Dark and Light blue
Physique: Built/Fit
Residence:| Born and Raised Canterlot

Occupation: Royal Guard
Cutie Mark: Silver Shield with a sword in the middle


Armor CM by LoveEDovey

Unique Traits: A brown eye patch is worn over the Right side of his face, covering his eye. Under his eyes are bags, he seems to be tired most of the time.

Silver Armor was born into the guards, it was his descanted job from the day he was born. His father, Bronze Armor was an Officer with in the ranks of the Solar Guards. Taking up the family name of Armor. Silver had always looked up towards his father for guidance. At such a young age Silver was always around the Solar guards, standing forever watchful over the lands, his father guiding them along. He was always friendly to the guards on their shifts, attempting to play with them which always failed. Then again, he did get some smiles and laughs out of the few that cracked under his playful nature. His father seemed to enjoy the de-stressing that his young stallion brought when he was allowed to follow him into work. As the years past, and as the little filly grew. He gained his cutie mark while in the Junior Solar Cadet training program.


Much like a typical camp Silver gained his cutie-mark during one of the activities of making cardboard armor. Once he had placed it upon his body the cutie mark appeared his Grey Shield with a sword. As he grew ever older school was something he loathed, though not in a wrong way, it just bored the young stallion. He wished for a calling one where he knew his heart belonged. If you asked any pony who knew him, they would tell you he'd become part of the guard. It was already set in stone that he would become one. Though the part of his life that you never heard of was with his mother. Around his teenager years Silver and his mother became rather close, his mothers name was Harmony Wave.


Silver was a rather awkward child, saying the least he never interacted quiet well on the normal terms. He was happy, content, though somewhat nervous talking to those he didn't know. Harmony always held her child dear and close to her but she knew herself that there had to be some kind of way to open up her growing Stallion. Push after push she took Silver out of the house, out of the little places he loved to hide away and.. to see the world.


During this time, as he went out Silver learned more and more of his mother, of their family, their bond forever growing. - One little trip came up that his Mother had dragged him along, this was to Visit his aunt which was in Roam. During this trip Silver was out of his shell finally, bold and daring while his mother had simply let him be. Never in his life had he ever done something so amazing watching the town the city itself.. but this trip was.. important. For this was the first time Silver had ever felt like himself. Being out on his own. More years past and we lead to Silver's late teens. As he joined up with in the Solar Guard Ranks starting at the enlisted ranks. He went to Solar Guard boot camp, training for months on end with out contact from family, friends, perhaps a lover he once had. It gave the young Stallion time to think and reflect on who he wanted to be, to be the best Stallion he could possibly be. As the months past, Silver grew as a pony. Passing the Solar Guard training. He came to do his job, helping those in need, doing the boring guard posts. Though this was the time he had been himself, finally fitting his task to become a guard. Even as time went on.. things around the kingdom had gotten darker. Nothing bad truly happened, the Discorded issues, the little fights here and there.

The changeling attack was what had affected the young Stallion the most. During the attack on Canterlot Silver was called to arms very quickly that day. Though the shield held, they broke through swarming. Buzzing around. All of the guards did their job, to the best of their abilities. One on One Silver faced a Changeling who had looked like his mother at first, but used this cover as an attack. Not only was Silver confused, but the attack had been effective. The next moment the slash that went across his right eye had blinded him. In the rule of chaos in that little fight, he was pulled back and taken to the medical area. Patched up as soon as possible. Silver was no longer allowed to fight in the Canterlot invasion. After the medical progression and repair the rest of the days seemed to be blurs. Rest. Treatment. Repeat.

Though the changelings have changed, Silver still holds himself very wary of their kind. Others may like them. But he still holds the resentment of what they had done to him and his Kingdom. Yet he still serves with a proud unseen smile as he patrols the areas. But he isn't always at Canterlot. The young Stallion does travel time to time when he can. If you're ever looking for Silver, look for the Guard with the missing right eye.


Character Personality: Silver is a stallion to himself, but bold in his movements. Over all he's rather stone faced. He is somewhat grumpy, but he has a rather soft spot for those who get close to him. The more of his walls are broken down the more open and cheerful the stallion becomes. His duty becomes before all. To be loyal is the biggest trait Silver Armor has. But he has a soft heart when it comes to Romance

Character Summary:  Silver is a loyal Stallion to all that he does, may it be from his job or to his friends. He is rather stubborn when he has his heart set on something, but also gives a rather gruff look to the outside world. Those who are able to get close to the Stallion knows that he is really a rather large dork, but it takes time with the training of the guard and the serious undertones he takes with is job and how he carries himself. Much like his father he is proud to be in the guards. Yet the Stallion will never admit but he is a sucker when it comes to Romance, he often reads Romance novels during his breaks on shift, or in his small little home in Canterlot. Good luck trying to pry that out of him. 

He wishes to keep everyone around him safe, which can take a large tole on his heart and mind. Needing times to recharge and be with friends and family is some of the most important tasking he can do, but that takes time something he doesn't have much of. With the times changing of the new Changeling empire it has taken him a long time to gain the trust to not freak out or go on guard whenever there is one of the Changelings around. Learning to accept will take time for Silver. 


(To be built later: Make it easier for me, Request!)

Lover/Romantic feelings/ Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Known / Neutral / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / = Sanity

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