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[Ready] Shadowed Heart


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Name: Shadowed Heart

Coloquial Name: Shadow, Shadowheart (only by friends)

Sex: Male
Age: Older Colt
Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Dark Green

Character Color: Dark green coat taking after his mother, with dark cherry red hooves taking after his father

Mane/Tail: Dark cherry red short tail with wavy hairs taking after his father

Physique: Shadowed Heart comes off as a little shorter than the average colt, but maybe that has something to do with his shoulders always being hunched and his head never being held high. A permanent scar remains on back of his back right leg, stretching approximately from the joint to a little more than halfway down. He's more of a student than anything else, and his physical fitness suffers as a result.

Residence: Shadowed Heart has the honor of studying at the hoof of Princess Celestia in her royal palace.

Occupation: Shadowed Heart is a full-time student and part time lonely sulker.


Cutie Mark: Shadowed Heart's cutie mark is a shield with three small, diamond-shaped dark green sparkles lying on its edges in three different parts. He received his cutie mark on a long walk with his sister, long enough that it took them out of the deep city of Manehatten. His sister Divine Heart was comforting him after a particularly harsh criticism of his school performance, and as they had hiked through the city and were entering the finer parts of the nature that they rarely saw, Divine Heart didn't notice quickly enough the rock breaking off of the mountain's ridge far above them. Shadowed Heart did, and in a rush of what he later imagined to have been adrenaline, he performed his first shield spell and likely saved the life of his sibling, and cemented a close sibling relationship beyond what their parents had tried to closely facilitate. After saving his sibling he obtained his cute mark and began considering that magic might be a better focus of his time...and a convenient escape.


Unique Traits: He has rarely given occasion for it to show itself, and as such he does not know of it being an actual trait of his yet, but Shadowed Heart has a keen and unusually sharp sense of when those he cares for are in danger, and situations in which he might normally turn in terror on his own, he might find the courage to face it when one needs his protection or simply a companion to face their challenges.


History: Born in Manehatten to two wealthy and prestigious businessowners, Shadowed Heart's future was dimmed by his parents' upbringing and foreshadowed by his naming. What might have been a pleasant colt and a decent friend to many of the young ponies in Manehatten was held back and kept from becoming anything more than a quiet and somewhat bitter colt due to the crushing expectations of his parents and the near-perfect obedience and success of his older sister. While he at least received modicums and reminders of love from his sibling, his parents were unwavering in that he was expected to excel in all his academics, and beyond that, to pursue the same path as his sibling and become the future co-owner of his parents company with his sister.

He has never spoken of his parents to anyone other than Princess Celestia.

He secretly applied, studied, tested, and begged the right ponies effectively enough that he earned a position as a student of Celestia with an impressive use of two forms of magic: protective magic, such as shields and preventing accidents in other ways, and magical illusions--his favorite being conjuring the aspect of his sister and reminiscing in some of the finer moments they had together before he left. His parents were enraged when he revealed his plans so abruptly, and whatever was exchanged between them, it has left him unwilling to utter a word about his parents to anyone.

Now he is studying, to a moderate degree of contentment, the magical arts. He isn't certain where he is going to take it with threats from his father he never wishes to repeat still burned into the back of his mind, but a life as a businesspony turns Shadowed Heart's nose.


Character Personality: If Shadowed Heart had been given the context to be friends with more ponies than just his sister, he might have discovered just how focal helping and protecting others would be to his own personal contentment. As is, he remains a somewhat lonely pony who has been taught that only relying on himself and non pony else is the way to succeed. He is an excellent speaker due to his parents' intensive extra-curriculars that he was placed through, and doesn't match the awkward and avoidant idea one might have of a pony as lonely and quiet as him.  He shrouds personal feelings of failure and a lack of worth with intensive studying and working habits, often deigning to abandon relaxation or recreation for the sake of making himself apply himself to his responsibilities more fiercely in the hopes that it might prove himself to his father...though he doesn't realize he only needs to prove anything to himself.


Character Summary: Shadowed Heart is a colt who lives under the shadow of his sibling and beneath the crushing expectations of his parents--which have combined to obscure the role that friendship needs to play in order for him to really believe in himself and to fulfill the potential of his cutie mark, the ability to defend those he cares for, even when they face horrifying odds together. Though he doesn't know it, an apprenticeship at the hoof of Princess Celestia will likely provide much of the learning about friendship, and having friends, he never had the opportunity to experience before.

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