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Nebulous Moon {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Nebulous Moon
Nicknames: Neb, Moony, Nebby

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Younger Mare
Species: Bat Pony
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian


~Physical Attributes~



Eye Color: Indigo/Purple

Character Color: Dark Grey

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are very messy and spikey, very unkept. It's kept short though, and is mainly purple. She has large orange highlights with a hint of yellow.

Physique: She's a little shorter than most (not as short as Alizarin Fruits), but is pretty muscular. 

Extra: She wears earrings and wraps around her forelegs.  

Cutie Mark: 


Description: A yellow moon with a black trail behind it. The trail has stars in it.  


Story: Neb was out with a friend, who was very interested in boxing. The small bat pony was immediately interested, and tried it out. Fast forward, she ends up actually being really good and notices how passionate she is about fighting. Sure, all the guard work made her a better athlete, but she just loved boxing. She got her cutie mark not too long after kicking her friend's butt, when she realized this was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. It was a moon and a shadow behind it. The moon is herself, and the shadow is how dark and quick she is at moving. Her dad could never know her actual talent, so she just says she got it after a long, hard workout with him, just to keep him satisfied.




~Outside Information~

Family: Dad (Bat Pony): Dark Sky, Little Sister (Bat Pony): Starry Moon


Occupation: Royal Guard/Boxer

Residence: She lives in a small apartment next to the Canterlot Castle. 



Character Personality: Nebulous Moon is a cocky, confident, flirty gal who loves the anticipation of danger. She's a totally reckless mare, and generally doesn't think before she does something. She's lazy when it comes to her work, and sleeps on the job most of the time. It's something about the night that makes her relaxed, and she just doesn't want to stay awake all night. She's favored though, as her dad was a captain, which is the only reason she got in. Neb takes this for granted, and does whatever she wants. So, she runs a little fight club during the late night to keep herself awake. She doesn't take responsibility for things, and can be deemed rather childish. She'd rather crack jokes than be serious, which causes her to get in a lot of trouble. Neb is one for the ladies, and has a certain charm to her that's different from everypony else. Maybe it's just the way she smiles, with her long fangs, or the way she doesn't care what others think. Who knows, but she's one for some fun. Neb is a total party animal. 


Unique Traits: She's a very fast and agile athlete, who is really good with reaction times. She's great at sports. Neb also has longer fangs than the average bat pony. 


History: Neb was born in a late fall, right before Nightmare Night. She was a fuzzy little baby, who loved all the attention she got from her father. He always wanted a kid to follow in his hoof steps. Her mom though, was a total mystery, as she left right after Neb was born. 

Her father wasn't as heartbroken though, their relationship wasn't always the best. All he focused on was little baby Neb, and how much she was going to be a powerhouse in the guard industry. 

Growing up, Neb was a total tomboy and loved getting down and dirty. She'd always go play sports with all the other little colts, normally in the middle of the night when all the filly and colt bat ponies came together. She was always a favorite to play with, as her confidence was higher than most younglings. She was talented with sports, and quick to react to things, which proved worthy for her talent. 

Throughout school, she was a jock, and she definitely wanted to follow in her dad's hoof steps. The thing was though, she knew she didn't have to work hard to get in. Neb was smart, and knew for a fact she'd get in solely by her father's name. That surely was the case, as right after her dad remarried and had another daughter, Neb was already in training and in the top of her class.

After getting her cutie mark for boxing, though, she began fighting a lot more without her dad knowing. He was busy with her little sister, after all. Then he was busy with yet another divorce. 

It didn't take long for her to join the ranks, and she was a guard, a really lazy, too cocky for her own good, guard. At least her father was happy by this. She keeps herself contained by a secret fight club in a dark seller below the Canterlot Castle.


A little growing up photo for reference: 




Character Summary: Neb is a silly trouble maker, who loves the limelight in the boxing ring, but is lazy in her real job. 

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