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[Age of Heroes]Through Space and Time (Closed:PrinceBlueblood)


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Blueblood shuddered at the sudden, welcome warmth that pressed right into his bones.  He had to blink a few times to get all the water out of his eyes; thankfully before it froze.  Now able to take in the view fully,  he actually did try his level best to answer Ossia's question.  He could navigate by the stars, though being in an inland location threw him off a little bit.  The constellations did point towards this being in the North, and their relative position, and the time of day, indicated the Eastern Continent, but that was as far as he could mentally determine before she answered for him.


"Huh, that's certainly something."  Not the most intelligent or pertinent comment he could make, but he was still re-gaining his wits from the cold shock.  "And we are here because...?"  Some valley, apparently, but explanations were going to have to wait, apparently.  For now, he was content enough to follow his guide down the path she blazed through the snow.  The view was still incredible, after all, and not just from the mountain!  


Taking care to choose his footfalls where the alicorn had already punched through the snowy cover, he asked, "I suppose you've been here in other... timelines, that's the correct word?"

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"Yes. To both." Ossia answered before sliding down some small slope.

"I discovered the cave by accident when tracking some crystals for...research purposes." pink mare said.

"Since it was so out of place and far from...anything really...I kept it in mind. I used it since then, in different dimensions, whenever I wanted to hid something or as a hideout. Although in some of them I found out it was less unspoilt then in the others. Discovering mummified remains of Harmonious Path Hermit come to mind." Nerezza recalled, before blasting some rocks that were baring their path, in turn causing small avalanche.

"If we going to take recruits, we will need hideouts. Multiple ones. No offence to your manor, but bringing too many inside it's basement is risky. This cave system can serve well as the first one in Long Guo. After some refurbishing...." Ossia said.

"....Which brings us to yet another goal of this trip besides countermeasures against your aunts and Battlemage - funding for that kind of renovations. You own wealth is more then enough.....but it occurred to me that your wallet taking regular dents will eventually get...suspicious." alicorn pointed out. She didn't had to add to whom.

"Which we will remedy in a simple way. Some substances are rare. So rare that they are worth two hundreds times their weight in gold. But what is sparse in this world, in other may be as common as limestone. We will find some that we can carry, and sell it at black market. At Wingapore or Airbourne. Those places are the thing in this timeline, right?" Ossia asked, her knowledge of this timeline still having some large gaps.



"Ahh there we go. Let me enter first. For all we know, there can be wendigo inside. Haven't slain one of those in a while." she mused while squeezing through the small entrance.


The amaranth light cast y her horn was immediately reflected by hundreds if not thousands of citrine crystals. So numerous the were in fact, that navigating through then resembled a game of Twister.

"Yes I know...." Ossia said while bending and flexing her body around the obstacles. "...But I promise, the cavern beyond this one is much more spacious and...uhhh....less damp then this one."

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