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Pitaya (FIN.)


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     Created using General Zoi's Pony Creator                                                                                                                                                                          Cutie Mark taken from Vector Stock by incomible



NAME - Pitaya, pitaya is another name for Dragon Fruit.


SEX - Female.


SPECIES - Pegasus.


AGE - Young Mare


EYE COLOR - Fuchsia colored eyes, they have a diamond-like shape and long eyelashes. The color is just a bit darker than her mane.


CHARACTER COLOR - Her coat is a very faint cream color, it can often be mistaken for white because of how light it is.


MANE AND TAIL - Pitaya's mane matches the color palette of an actual dragon fruit, a base of hot-pink with pistachio green highlights, her tail is of the same colors. Both her mane and tail have a very wavy style, it is one of those styles where she can simply comb her mane and be out the door. Her hair is fairly thick, so on hot Summer days she tends to bring it up into loose space buns.


PHYSIQUE - She has an average physique, although a mere few inches shorter than the average mare her age. She makes up for it in fitness and strength due to years of harvesting the prickly fruit. Pitaya holds no distinctive marks on her body. She often wears a magenta colored suit, she finds it to be convenient when traveling, but never really explains why.


RESIDENCE - Pitaya's family is native to the Gallopocus Islands, the volcanic soil aids in the growth of her family's dragon fruit farm which has been around for decades. The fruit is unable to grow outside of tropical climates, therefore the family had no choice but to remain on the gorgeous islands even as tourist attractions took over, making room for Corralwood Corral. The family at first saw it as a mere invasion, but as ponies from all throughout Equestria traveled to seek a vacation, the family used this as means to sell their delicious fruits and rake in much needed profit. Though the family is native to the islands, many of them have moved throughout Equestria to create dragon fruit stands, relatives still inhabiting the populated island would then travel to these small businesses set up throughout Equestria to deliver them a fresh batch of goods to sell. It takes teamwork, but it helps them survive!


OCCUPATION - Considering she comes from a line of farmers,  at a young age she would pick the exotic dragon fruit by hoof, considering they grow on cacti rather than full-fledged trees. The small plantation is within the nearest jungle, the tropical-like setting is most in favor of the fruit. The years of harvesting were fun, but the real action happened when she was old enough to transport the harvested fruits throughout the lands of Equestria. When she reached mare-hood, she wasted no time in hooking herself up to her wagon and making way through the trails to each town and city, delivering ripe dragon fruit to relatives and business partners in exchange for bits.


CUTIE MARK - Her cutie mark consists of two ripe dragon fruit, they are fuchsia in color with pistachio green highlights. One of the dragon fruit are cut open, revealing a white core with black seeds speckled around it.


UNIQUE TRAITS - One thing that stands out most is her advertising, when gaining customers for her exotic fruit, it is best to exaggerate to the best of a pony's ability. Often times juggling the beautiful fruit, telling stories about their origin and her travels to her destination. A pony in roller-skates juggling crazy looking fruit? Most likely Pitaya. Maybe lying that the fruits originate from Dragon Land itself? Business is business! No one ever said a little bit of fibbing when selling fruit is an entirely bad thing. Other than her lovely skills for trade, she is always a pony to be punctual. The only way she is late is if something happened, never in her years will you catch her slacking off, she is always on the move and ready to make some bits. Whether it be flying her wagon over a hill, running her entire journey to make sure her deliveries on time... she is doing it! Do not fret on getting your exotic order late, she may even have them a few minutes early and ready to be devoured.


HISTORY - Pitaya was born on the famous Gallopocus Islands, specifically Thunder Hooves Island, but over the years her parents moved around the Islands to sell their exotic fruits. For generations her family planted and harvested the colorful treats of dragon fruit. Many mistake the fruit to be dragon eggs, or that her family are secretly dragon-pony hybrids because of their business. Though, that is no way true! From the moment she could properly walk and talk, Pitaya was on her hooves ready to pick the prickly fruit. Most of her filly-hood was spent in the jungle picking the exotic luxuries, she never had the proper experience to be around many ponies, simply her cousins and neighboring families. It is rare she met a new face, and even then most of them were mares and stallions, never anyone her age. Did that stop her from being the bubbly pony of the family? No way! From the crack of sunrise to the end of the day she was ready to work, she loved the walks between the her home and the jungle, running along the shore of the sea and dipping her hooves in the cold shore. Many expect such a life of just harvesting to be boring, but Pitaya made the most of it with her cousins; who can pick the most, who had the biggest dragon fruit, racing between the plantation and home to unload their full baskets and soon replenish them with more fruit. 


Most of her family has dragon fruit related cutie marks; smoothies, pastries, twists, tea, water... you name it. They all held very unique marks, differentiating them from one another. Pitaya had gained hers when she knew this business is her destiny, all ponies have their passions and interests, but she felt without a life of dragon fruit she may as well be chopped liver. She was so determined as a filly to keep the business running, even in the toughest times. When no pony could harvest, she was quick to do the job, if the trees were acting a little funny she always sought for an answer. Her grandma often said her heart was nothing more than a dragon fruit sappling, a mixture of bitter and sweet. All in a good way. Her parents claim she is the most passionate dragon fruit family member they have ever been blessed to see, and they always saw the spark in her eyes when the Sun peeked over the horizon. While the cutie mark may not have been as fun as her cousins, no smoothies or cute little cookies, or a colorful tea cup with dragon fruit inside... she was happy to be the one that stood out among them all, and in no way held envy of others for it.


Of course, she could not spend her whole life doing just this. The filly was full of energy, action, adventure... and that meant one thing to her family. She was perfectly fit to be one of their delivery ponies, her task to travel the paths of Equestria and bring home bits. While it may seem like a lot, it is an understatement to say Pitaya accepted the promotion instantly, having forgotten the fact she will be leaving behind her family and friends. It was disheartening at first, but with traveling comes new friends, memories, adventures, and it will make being with her family all the more special! She mastered the ways of making smoothies from her cousin Dragon Frooty, or tea from Zippy Fruit, she made sure to sell their delicious creations on her travels as well. For what fun is selling simple dragon fruit when you can have all sorts of yummy things that come along with it? The smoothies are a big hit in Ponyville, and many people are quick to grab the tea in Manehatten. Despite there being rival families like the Apples and Pears, dragon fruit have their lively colors and exotic background that keeps the sales going and the bits coming. The traveling is also a great way to put rumors to rest and prove their family are simple ponies with no dragon mixed in them!


PERSONALITY - The Dragon Fruit family are best known for their highly friendly and inviting personalities, but when it comes to Pitaya, you are in for a lot of affection. She makes sure to greet every pony possible, tries to lift the spirits of those feeling down, create bonds with ponies that will last a lifetime, and all while doing her job. She does not let her work and personal life collide, but inside let them work in harmony. With friends, it helps to boost her business because they will buy, introduce the fruit to others, and help rake in numerous customers. It may seem as a mean for business, but Pitaya makes friends for the memories and fun of it, the business boost is nothing more than a plus. When getting to know her, ponies find the fact she just about never talks about herself to be mysterious, but to her she finds how others are feeling to be more important than her travels. She even has a mental equation of "Others Emotions > Everything Else", which is a disadvantage if she finds herself in the dumps. Pitaya does not dwell on that though. She is the perfect pony for emotional support and definitely a magnet for others who simply need a shoulder to lean on in a time of need.


SUMMARY - Pitaya is part of the misjudged Dragon Fruit family that lives isolated from most large pony civilizations in order to tend to their mini plantation. Every year ponies from the family are sent out to deliver and advertise their exotic fruits, and Pitaya is one of them. In turn other ponies learn that the Dragon Fruit family are not pony-dragon hybrids, nor are the fruits dragon eggs. Aside from clarification on her family's origin, her friends find her to be the pony that knows how to turn a frown upside down in a time for reassurance and a boost of confidence. While she can be selfless a majority of the time, she knows that by treating others the way she wants to be treated, it will bring her nothing but good fortune in her future.


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