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Spoiled Rich (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Spoiled Rich

Sex: Female

Age: Adult Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Teal

Coat: Pink

Mane/Tail: Purple, with her cut shoulder-length with a sweep, and her tail going down to her ankles with a long, arcing curl

Physique:  Matronly, maintained by regular spa trips and semi-regular yoga.

Residence:  The Rich Family Mansion in Ponyville

Occupation: Everypony else would say she's Filthy Rich's wife, and even Filthy will from time to time jest about her still being his 'trophy wife' as a husbandly complement to her looks.  She herself would say that she is a Community Figure, a fixture of Ponyville Civic life.  She's certainly never missed the chance to sit on a town board or committee.

Cutie Mark: A Sparkling Diamond Ring.


History:  It will, perhaps, never be known why two unassuming and outwardly pleasant country dairy farmers went and named their own daughter "Spoiled Milk," but all of what followed after will probably be blamed on them by the historians.  Not so much for the name, but raising her to live up to it.  In all fairness, she was the only daughter to an entire family of sons, an especially rare occurrence in Equestria, which provided more than the usual incentives to treat her like a Princess.


Growing up, therefore, she had a fixed idea that she was destined for, nay, already deserved more in her life than what her agrarian roots could realistically provide.  Realistically, though, she knew her best bet out of her parent's home was by marrying a richer pony.  Being in a position to take regular milk baths did wonders for her young complexion, an advantage which she sought to capitalize on.  She wasn't enough of a standout beauty to nab a true Canterlot Noble (though you would be unwise to tell her that to her face), but she could capture and retain the affections of a talented business pony on the make, which she did with Filthy Rich.  As unrefined as the stallion's tastes were, he had a true midas touch with retail, and was more than happy to let Spoiled use the profits to culturally enrich his life.


However, still inwardly feeling that this stroke of fortune was still not enough to satiate her, she did her level best to set up her new family as a kind of local nobility, no easy task to do in a traditionally egalitarian town.  When she gave birth to her daughter, Diamond Tiara, she was strict in raising her to hold herself above those who would style themselves as her social equals.  Spoiled herself might have missed the Marriage Airship to Canterlot, but Diamond had a real shot... provided, of course, that her manners were not corrupted by the lowlifes in the surrounding town.


In the meantime, Spoiled would busy herself by attempting to be as important as possible within her limited area.  The mayoral office was, of course, held by Mayor Mare, but nopony rules alone, and Spoiled would make sure that her voice was heard on every committee, meeting, and board that it could possibly insert itself into.  Hers was not an especially pleasant voice, but backed by enough bits, everything can sound like music.


And that was her life... until a certain somepony just had to waltz and turn the whole town of Ponyville upside-down!  The fact that Spoiled had specifically and repeatedly asked for a Canterlot scholar to staff the Golden Oaks library made it all the more galling when Twilight Sparkle turned out to be one of the few ponies too important (or possibly politically oblivious) to accept patronage.  More irritating than her or her friends, were her friends' little blank-flank sisters.  Totally unacceptable company for her little Diamond Tiara, and yet, through means she has yet to comprehend, the little brats actually managed to befriend her darling daughter and her approved Best Friend!  It was unbelievable...


Feeling her grip on her family's future start to slip hasn't done anything to change her behavior or ambitions, fundamentally.  She's stepped out more, going from a background puller of strings to a mare seeking every opportunity, no matter how public or small the chances of success, to elevate her importance in the now-growing town.  And now there are rumors of the mayor stepping down.


Character Personality:  Not... pleasant.  Spoiled Rich is a mare who was raised wrong, and also raises wrong.  She feels as if she has a right to have a say in whatever goes on, especially within her house, where her will was until recently unquestioned.  She does not take kindly to being contradicted, and tends to believe the worst of ponies.  Her outlook on friendship is quite cynical, to say the least.  A few remedial courses in Twilight's School of Friendship wouldn't do any harm, though it's even odds on whether or not they would even help at this point.


It's not that she doesn't love her family.  She only wants, in her own way, the best for her daughter, all the things she herself could not accomplish or enjoy.  As for Filthy, her husband... well, familiarity can breed a certain kind of affection, as well as contempt.  In any case, she knows darn well that he is and always was the best she could hope for, and, perhaps, in her heart of hearts, suspects that he's more than she deserves.

Character Summary:  Spoiled.  And Rich.  It seems her parents were prophets after all.

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